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Movie Review: Flightplan

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Tonight, we went to catch Flightplan. It’s an okay thriller, so long as you don’t think too hard about the plot. Or the actual details.

Jodi Foster plays a woman whose husband has fallen to his death in Berlin. She and her daughter are flying the body home to Long Island NY on a trans-Atlantic flight. Both mom and daughter fall asleep, then Ms. Foster awakens after three hours. The daughter is missing.

From there, the movie follows Foster as she tries to find her daughter without going so completely over the edge that she is immobilized for the duration of the flight. Foster has to try to win over skeptical members of the flight crew, the increasingly on edge passengers (wouldn’t you be a wee bit upset if someone started to act out more and more each time while encased in a tube some thirty thousand feet above the ocean?) all while keeping her wits about her. Foster is up to the challenge and mostly pulls it off.

The cinematography was interesting, if not a touch overwrought. The abundance of reflected imagery made it readily apparent that things are not what they seem, but I found that to be a bit much after a while.

Watch time 52 minutes. If you’ve seen the film and/or want some spoilers, check out the extended comments.

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