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Movie Review: Flawless

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A new release into theatres this week, Flawless is a movie that stars Demi Moore and Michael Caine. Set in 1960 London, this film directed by Michael Radford follows a fictional heist on London Diamond Company. Moore plays Laura Quinn, a manager on staff with the male dominated company. As the lone woman, she is looked over time and again for promotion within the company. No matter her experience or qualifications, it is clear to everyone but herself that she will never go any further in the company. That is until she finds out, she may be on her way out of the company if the people in charge have anything to say about it. She continues to work while trying to secure other employment, but the company has put a black mark on her otherwise perfect record. A mark that won't allow anyone else touch her.

She thinks all is lost until a proposal is made to her by another on the staff at London Diamond, an aging and near-retirement janitor who works the night shift. She sees the man every morning as she comes in and every night as she leaves when he comes to clean his office. The man, Mr. Hobbs, wants to steal diamonds from London Diamond, and he needs her help to do it. She is not too enthusiastic about helping at first, but he works at her until she finally gives in. The plans is to only steal enough diamonds to fill a small thermos that he carries in with him to work each day. That amount might never be detected, and the two of them would be able to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. They devise a plan and it is put into motion. One problem though. Mr. Hobbs planned to steal more. He wanted it all. This sets chaos into motion, and we are left sitting there watching the rest of the movie to figure out what will happen next.

The movie has a slow and steady pace to it, which might seem boring to some. Events unfold as needed, and what captures your attention in this film are the characters. This movie is one of Demi Moore's best. Her role as a woman on edge and looking for more is ideal for her. Caine has always been a favorite of mine as well, and he is quite sneaky in this film. Viewers might also catch an uncredited glimpse of actress Natalie Dormer, best known for her role as Anne in The Tudors. She plays a reporter here interviewing Ms. Quinn about the events surrounding her employment with London Diamond.

The surprising end to this story is one that will please most, and it was one that I didn't see coming. I found myself thoroughly intrigued by this film which showed the beginnings of women coming into their own while struggling to survive in a world dominated by men. A must-see movie for those interested in a film with good character development or fans of a good heist movie.

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