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Movie Review: Film Geek

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Film Geek is an uneven little film about a film obsessed video store clerk trying to attract the attention of a woman. It’s a simple premise, hinging entirely on whether or not you buy into the lead character Scotty (Melik Malkasian). He’s creepy, odd, and far more than a geek.

If there’s any personal experience involved here, your enjoyment of Film Geek will rise quite a bit. Those who toiled away at a video store will feel eerily at home even when Scotty goes above and beyond to help guests. Director James Westby captures the feel perfectly during the character’s workload, until he is unceremoniously fired in what becomes the funniest moment in the film.

Any typical romances and date sequences in the movie are standard fare. The difference is with Scotty, and how he interacts with those around him. Cute Tyler Gannon plays his main affection, coming to accept him despite his amazingly shortsighted life that has no focus other than film.

This is where Film Geek becomes tough to understand. As a character study, Scotty is at times far too obsessive. With a rapid running time barely reaching past the hour mark, the audience would benefit from learning something about his upbringing. When it comes to lacking any common sense in terms of social skills, it’s almost too unbelievable as presented.

Sequences of Scotty literally stalking his would be girlfriend, clueless that he’s doing anything wrong (even after being fired from his dream job at the video store for what is essentially the same reason), feel awkward. Likewise, multiple masturbation sequences are completely out of place and feel more like weakly attempted shock value or filler. Either way, they fall flat.

However, there is enough to like about Scotty to overcome his stranger quirks. His film knowledge is priceless on screen, firing off movie connections in hilarious fashion. Later scenes showing him trying out his new employment work wonderfully, still trying to inject his love of film on anyone who looks at him.

Film Geek is worth tracking down for two reasons:

A. You are the title.

B. You’ve been oppressed as a video store employee, even though you knew more about movies than your co-workers.

It’s too short as an in-depth character study, and anyone else will struggle to find a connection to Scotty and his experiences. It’s an odd one, but pulls out as a mild winner.

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