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Movie Review: Evan Almighty

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They’re at it again in Hollywood. Evan Almighty is the latest follow-up to a Jim Carrey vehicle without the funny man; Dumb And Dumberer and Son Of The Mask were already forced upon us in recent years. Both of which proved to be a disaster. So now we have a sequel to Jim’s runaway hit Bruce Almighty…

With Carrey out of the picture, Steve Carell steps into the lead role reprising his  news-reading character Evan Baxter from the first outing. Only Evan has now become a Congressman and after praying to God (Morgan Freeman) that he can live up to his new responsibilities by changing the world, God appears to Evan and tasks him to build an Ark.

Yes it doesn’t really get much more complicated than that. Evan Almighty basically takes what was originally a more mature adult comedy and turns it into a more kiddie-friendly family outing, which naturally results in a lot less laughs.

Steve Carell isn’t on top form but he hardly needs to be. He is pretty much in cruise control throughout the picture, bursting into life every now and then providing a few laugh-out-loud moments. At the end of the day Carell is a lot, lot better than this; see The 40 Year-Old Virgin or Little Miss Sunshine for proof.

Morgan Freeman returns and much like Carell, mostly goes through the motions but is charming and likable. The rest of the supporting cast don’t really offer much including John Goodman, who again is much better than this. However Jonah Hill pops up in a small role and scores laughs every time he’s in frame. Look out for Superbad coming very soon, which should make him a star.

Evan Almighty has become the most expensive comedy ever made with an estimated end cost of nearly 200 Million dollars and despite a strong opening weekend it is now struggling to break even. So once again a sequel is made because of its predecessor's box office takings but fails to take the same kind of money.

Kids will have a good time watching Evan Almighty especially with the animal jokes. Adults though wont really take much notice. However the scenes with the animals helping build the ark will raise a smile to everybody’s face. Also stick around for the fun credits where all the cast and crew join in with Carell’s dance.

Overall Evan Almighty is one for the kids to lap up and adults to occasionally laugh and smile at. Hopefully in the future sequels like this wont so easily be given the green light… ah who am I kidding?

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