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Movie Review: Despicable Me

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Universal Pictures produced yet another great animated film this summer. Despicable Me was a summer hit that all families could enjoy.

The movie, stars Steve Carell as the main character, Gru, who starts off as the villain but turns out to be the opposite. What goes through the mind of a villain who wants to take over the world? Gru constantly brainstorms ideas about how to be the world’s best villain. Whether that means having the most powerful laser beam or the newest aircraft, he wants to be superior to all other villains.

Another villain, Vector (Jason Segel), tries to one-up Gru on every occasion. He’s the son of the Mr. Perkins, the bank director for all villains, but consequently doesn’t ever have very good ideas. When he hears that Gru is going to steal the Great Pyramids, he does it first. No one quite understands how he accomplishes these tasks because he seems to lack common sense.

Gru begins a war for the world’s greatest villain and decides to steal the moon. Gru’s minions, small, yellow creatures, work diligently in making these weapons of mass destruction. A laser is created so that he can steal the moon, but the weapon is stolen by Vector.

Gru needs a way to get it back and notices Girl Scouts selling cookies. He immediately adopts three little girls, Margo, Edith, and Agnes to use as a distraction for Vector. He soon realizes that he enjoys having the girls around for more than just objects to work out his evil plans.

This movie was one of my favorite of last summer. The animation was terrific. Universal Pictures continues to improve its animated movies each time. I enjoyed the storyline because it had good moral value added in. Rarely do animated movies have a very deep, underlying theme, but this one did. The characters were believable and the movie as a whole would be one that I would go see again.

The one thing that I didn’t quite enjoy about the movie was that I saw it in 3D. It’s offered in both forms, but I figured I’d try the 3D version. If I went to go see it again I would stick with 2D because there was a lot going on in the film.

My eyes were extremely uncomfortable adjusting back to reality once I left the theatre. The effects were good, I’m just not a fan of 3D.

Despicable Me isn’t just another animated movie, but one that will keep you laughing through the entire thing. It’s for all ages and the humor can be understood by anyone. This movie was so enjoyable that I’m anxiously awaiting to add it to my DVD collection.

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