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Movie Review: Cursed

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This movie is cursed, or it has to be to have the proven talent involved and have it turn out the way it does. Also, for some reason I thought it was a vampire movie, turns out it is actually a werewolf film! And, much like Alone in the Dark, I should have known better than to actually go and see it.

Directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson, this should have turned out much better. Both of these creators have proven themselves in the past. I have heard rumors that this was a troubled production having portions of it reshot and reedited over the past three years. Apparently practice doesn’t always make perfect.

The plot is relatively simple, a brother and sister become infected with a curse, the curse of the werewolf. The characters go through the motions of not believing, with gradual realization before the realization comes over them and they have no idea what to do, and who can they trust, and who is out to get them. Anyone who has watched horror films will recognize the formula that is playing out, thus increasing the predictability and decreasing any possibility of real suspense.

The dialogue is horrendous, it is trying so hard to be insightful and hip that it completely misses the mark. Nobody talks or acts like the people in that inhabit this bizarre movie world. Every so often the story grinds to a halt for the explanation of a new rule or some such nonsense, before another inevitable jump scare, or chase.

I guess I should mention what I liked about the movie. There was a shot early on of the city, it appeared to be shot from up on a hill, and the lights were in the shape of a five pointed star, nice touch. I liked the small part that Michael Rosenbaum played, there is something about his delivery that I have grown to like from his role on “Smallville” that plays well here too. And there is, of course, Christina Ricci, who is adorable even when delivering bad dialog.

Bottomline. This is a poor film on all counts. Lazy directing and writing must have been the order of the day. I expect a lot more from Craven.

Not Recommended.

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  • RJ

    “And there is, of course, Christina Ricci, who is adorable even when delivering bad dialog.”

    Yeah, she’s a cute lil’ thing…