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Movie Review: Corpse Bride

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Last night was Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. This was a great film, particularly in light of my personal life at this time (I’m getting hitched and stuff in a few months). So the idea of a wedding going humorously awry is quite appealing to me, given all the headaches of getting this thing planned.

Filmed in a fashion similar to The Nightmare Before Christmas, the movie is shot in stop motion animation. The somewhat jerky movements give the overall feel an otherworldly tinge to it. However, I think the plot and story of Corpse Bride were more fully developed than Nightmare. Nightmare was clever and had a neat idea, but it could have and should have been more fleshed out than it was. Corpse Bride, on the other hand, possesses a robust story, allowing the side sections to be more inventive.

I’d highly recommend this one for anyone looking for a good romp. No watch time.

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