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Movie Review: Blood & Chocolate

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If nothing else, the movie lived up to its title. It provided blood, albeit very little, and it had some chocolate. Outside of that, there was very little to offer. It is a tale of forbidden hairy love, when the goal is never actually achieved.

Through it all, you will probably get the feeling that you have seen it before, about ten years ago to be exact. The movie was An American Werewolf in Paris. It is the story of young man in a foreign land who meets a mysterious girl with a furry secret. There is a secret society of werewolves who are able to shapeshift at will, and our young interloper finds himself caught between love and a hairy place. Sound familiar? Change a few details, add a confectionary treat and Blood & Choclate is born.

The story finds a young woman coming to a crossroads in her life. Young Vivian (Agnes Bruckner) is struggling to come to terms with her dual nature. She wishes to stay in the world of humans, while dealing with the expectations of her pack. You see, she is set to become the new wife… er, mate, to the leader, a tough guy named Gabriel (Oliver Martinez). Then fate steps in with a cruel twist, as Vivian crosses paths with Aidan (Hugh Dancy, looking not unlike Tom Everett Scott). Aidan is an artist, come to exotic Bucharest to study up on the werewolf legends, although a different name is used (it began with an L but wasn't lycan, it was something like loguna, I can't quite remember).

Blood & Chocolate features lots of running with characters bouncing off of walls for no particular reason, a dating montage, plenty of bad European accents, a criminal misuse of a great location, and a cast hired to look pretty rather than act well.

Then there is the transformation. In an apparent effort to get away from the overuse of CGI, the change consists of a swan dive and a flash of light, ending with the appearance of an actual wolf.

You know, werewolf movies can be good. The whole werewolf idea is a great metaphor for the awkwardness of growing up, or any number of things. Take a look at something like Ginger Snaps — there's a wolf movie that works to great effect. Blood & Chocolate is a neutered werewolf flick; subtract the gory violence, ramp up the romance, and subtract the interest, and there you have it.

It has the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, the muted cinematography of Underworld (from the same producers), and a potentially interesting subtext of conflict between the pack leader and our heroine. Man, the end result was just so bland that I really didn't care about any of the characters or their plights.

Bottom line. I have to recommend that this one be skipped. It just is not all that interesting, blandly written, poorly acted, and to top it off, they do something in the film that I wouldn't mind doing to this print. They burn some film for the silver. Sounds like a good idea.

Not Recommended.

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  • Vivienne

    The movie blood and chocolate is NOTHING like the book. The plot has totally changed and whoever chose the cast needed to read the book. First the girl is not an introvert Aden is. Vivian was the one that chased Aden. Her mother was to have survived and be the one after Gabriel. Astrid was the one that did all the murders along with Ralf (an ex of Vivian’s). Gabriel is NOT old. He is old LOOKING. And Aden DID NOT get Vivian in the end, Gabriel did.
    The title came from Vivian comparing kisses from Aden (sweet like chocolate) and Gabriel(delicious like blood). She picked blood because it promised more and he understood her more. That reminds me, Gabriel is not against humans like in the movie. He just avoids intimacy with them because they hurt him in the past.
    Really the book is sooooooo much better than the movie. But if you want o see running, a dating montage, and a lot of jumping. Then this is the movie to see.If you to watc a movie that is simmilar to the book then see something else.

  • I liked the movie. It wasn’t magnificient filmmaking or anything but it was good to see a werewolf movie without a whole lot of blood and more romance. I could of used more of the chocolate part though.

  • Mark

    I really liked the movie. I thought it was much better than Underworld. It did have characters to care about.

    The only thing, I didn’t like,was the ending. It seemed rushed.

    I look forward to reading the book.

  • Justin

    I really liked the movie but I was disappointed to find out that it was nothing liked the book.

  • Rickanne

    This is the best book ever they need to like make a second book so that we can find out what vivian and gabriel are up to so that we can decide if they ought to make a another movie

  • shyanne

    the book is awesome i really liked it. bt the movie should of had the 5 with big musules darked skin and tatoos. not skinny little white guys come on? and adien should not have gotten vivan GABRIEL should have!! and rafe her cousin? COME ON!!

  • Josie

    I did’nt like the movie either… it was cool but the book was hella better! i hope she does make a 2nd book! the 1st was really good

  • Ivy Schaeffer

    The movie screwed everything up. I watched the movie when it came out and thought it was interesting. Then I found out there was a book an bought it. I have read it 3 times and by the end of the first time I realized that movie was complete garbage. AVOID THE MOVIE and instead read the book.