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Movie Review: Accepted

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If you're like me and watch too much TV, you've seen the commercials. A lot of people might have negative reaction to the trailers. It might seem like Accepted is about a bunch of dumb kids who start a fake school because they are too lazy or dumb to get into a respectable college. But, in reality, Accepted is about so much more.

Bartleby Gaines (Justin Long) is a smart kid who is a mastermind at manipulating people. B applied to eight colleges and got rejected from all of them. He tried to tell his parents, but they were so disappointed with him. So, he fools around on his computer and takes the logo from Harmon University, a respected school in the area. He changes the colors a bit and creates a sister school to Harmon–South Harmon, Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T. for short). He prints out his acceptance letter and shows it to his parents. His friend, Hands (Columbus Short), sees the letter and asks for one. He didn't get into college either. Soon enough, two more of his friends want in on the plan.

B begins to realize for this to work, he needs two things. First, they need a place. When his dad gives him ten grand for "school tuition", he spends it on leasing a broken down mental hospital. Also, the school is going to need his website. He asks his best friend, Sherman (Jonah Hill), a tech geek who got into Harmon, to write on the site "Acceptance is only a click Away." Sherman misunderstands and puts a link on the site. A couple days later, hundreds of kids show up. And B doesn't have the heart to reject them, as they were going the same thing he was.

B then ran into another problem. How the heck was he supposed to run a college? He's never even been to college. So, he lets everyone design their own classes. People had classes where they were skateboarding or staring at girls all day. There was even a course called "Do Nothing 101."

The acting was awesome. All the actors were awesome. They played off each other's reactions and used a lot of facial expressions. When there was a joke, the actors knew how to play it off just right. Special props to Justin Long who is just born to lead.

I laughed so much in that hour and a half. I think I laughed more at that moment than I did in the past year. For example, there's this guy who wanted to learn to blow things up with his mind. At the end of the movie, the dean of Harmon is walking to his car. And, randomly, the car blows up. The pyromaniac turns to B and says, "I told you so."

So the point? Accepted is a great movie not to miss. I should warn you, there are some inappropriate moments, but the message rocks. School doesn't have to be in a formal setting to learn. Sometimes schools can kill your creative side. For example, for a long time I hated writing. That was because I hated being graded on writing in school. If I am not into my topic, what's the point? If my essay was good, but I didn't follow some crappy rule and I failed.

What's the point? Writing is one of those things that shouldn't be judged as good or bad. You can grade math, not writing. It's not black and white. If I failed an essay more often, I'd get turned off from it. That would suck because I'd lose something I really love. S.H.I.T. gave college students a chance to explore their options and figure out what they want to do in life. So, it's different. So what? That's why I loved this movie.

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    I would like to know what scanner B has in his room

  • It’s an HP Scanjet 4670 See-thru Vertical Scanner. Check out the review on CNET.com: Reviewers called it a beautiful piece of art, but lacking in output quality with some streaking on photos. Great for documents.


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