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Movie Review: Abduction

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I have always been warned to enjoy the life I have now because I never know when it will be turned upside down.  But what would I do if that actually happened? Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) knows exactly how this feels.

Abduction is a film based on lying and deception. But the emotions presented in the movie are real. Even though finding out that your parents are not your biological parents and your real dad is a CIA agent is pretty rare, the story brings real feelings to the audience Whether losing his parents, feeling different than everyone else, or falling in love with his best friend, I can put myself in Nathan Harper’s shoes throughout the film.

Nathan is a rebellious teen who has always felt different than his family and friends. He has felt separated, and his feelings proved true because it turns out his whole life is a lie.

When Nathan is assigned a school project with partner Karen Lowell (Lily Collins), he finds on the Internet a missing child’s poster that resembles himself. Quickly, he is facing millions of unanswered questions.

All too soon, trained assassins are after him and the parents who raised him.  Nathan winds up on the run from someone and can’t trust anyone, except Karen.

Abduction is directed by John Singleton, and  written by Shawn Christensen. The movie was released out September 23 of this year and didn’t make a big splash with most critics. However, I never agree with the critics.

The movie is very simple, but sometimes a simple movie is fun and all one needs. The plot here is the best part of this whole film — throughout the movie questions are brought up and answered only to have more questions arise. This results in a movie full of suspense and the accompanying action is both exciting and believable. The movie produces a good mixture of action, romance, and emotions.

The acting in the movie is good but there is room for improvement. Lautner’s emotional acting sometimes feels real, but at times cheesy, and he didn’t take his shirt off as much as a teen audience would hope. Collins is a newer actress who plays her role naturally and humorously.

Other great actors include in the film include Alfred Molina, Maria Bello, Jason Isaacs, Michael Nyqvist, Sigourney Weaver, and hilarious Denzel Whitaker.  Each of these members of the supporting cast play their character well enough for me to feel connected to their world.

The enjoyment of the film does not lie in the fighting and sex scenes. Throughout the whole movie I sat shaking in my seat, riveted to the screen. I always had the same question in my head, “What’s going to happen next?”

I recommend seeing this movie on a night out, it is a great action-packed film.

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