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Movie Review: A Mother’s Prayer (2009)

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It took me a while to actually pop A Mother’s Prayer into the DVD player and take the time to watch it, but the cover was intriguing enough to motivate me. As captivating a picture it was on the back jacket, of Robin Givens putting her all into a prayer, it took a while before I made it a top priority to watch this film. Now that I have, I wish I would have earlier.

Inspiring, timely, and encouraging are just a few words I can use to describe this story written by Alvin Moore Jr. (who also has a role in it). The story is centered around an identifiable problem — a head-of-the-household father (Johnny Gill) is disconnected from the emotions of his family and the everyday rhythms of family life. A recognizable cast makes it easy to place yourself in their situation only to find a solution by the end. And although most of the prayers in this story are made by the mothers, it is not hard to catch the message that prayer changes things.

This movie, with many recognizable stars (Jermaine Crawford, The Wire; Robin Givens, Tyler Perry’s The Family that Preys; and R&B singer Johnny Gill) has a way of openly dealing with situations that any one of us can recognize in our own lives. The mother (Robin Givens) stands by helpless without prayer, and watches her family fall apart. Amidst a daughter and son wanting to grow up too fast, a husband whose overbearing actions push everyone away, and a diagnosis of a fatal illness, the matriarch of this family turns to the only Entity that can make an impact in this situation.

If you have never believed in prayer before, and need to be lifted up, this is the DVD for you. It is sure to inspire through song, laughter, and its sheer ability to reach out to the viewer.

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