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Movie Recap: September 2004

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Part of my ongoing Recaps of the Past series, Here is a look back at what I saw in September of 2004.

This month, in addition to providing one of the year’s worst films, also provided a few pleasant surprises. All while providing the last hurrah for the late summer films trying to catch the kids prior to getting back into their classes.

Best of the Month: Shaun of the Dead
Worst of the Month: The Forgotten

  1. Cellular. Surprisingly effective thriller from the writer of Phone Booth. Could probably be picked apart on close inspection, but it is a great ride. ***
  2. The Forgotten. Julianne Moore makes a valiant effort in a failed film. Plays like a bad episode of the X-Files. *.5
  3. Maria Full of Grace. Impressive, moving film about a young girl who takes a job as a drug mule to give a better life to her unborn child. ***.5
  4. Paparazzi. Meh, not terribly bad, but it could have gone a lot further than it did. It reminded me of a 70’s era revenge flick, only watered down. **
  5. Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Incredibly dumb, but a lot of fun. Not as “good” as the original film, but I really enjoyed the ride it took me on. **.5
  6. Shaun of the Dead. Now here is a great film, a fantastic blend of comedy and horror, takes up the mantle of the Evil Dead and brings it to the everyman. ***.5
  7. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Not everyone cared for this, I liked it a lot. A throwback to the sci-fi serials of the 1950’s. Also a great exercise in new technology. ***
  8. Suspect Zero. A fine performance from Ben Kingsley can’t save this dud of a thriller that falls apart upon any level of inspection. **
  9. Wicker Park. A surprisingly effective film. This was a big surprise at how much I liked it. This is one I would recommend giving a shot prior to writing it off. ***
  10. Wimbledon. A fun light hearted romantic comedy with Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany. ***

That brings September to a close.

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  • eriqo

    i found shaun of the dead to be a very hillarious comedy. i mean what else would you expect from british comedies? they simply the funniest, especially with their accents. also think of how original the movie was-who would have thought of putting zombies in a comedy?

  • eriqo

    how dare ANYONE call resident evil apocalypse dumb?! it was way better than its pre-quel!!

    now about how it ended, does anyone think there will be another sequel??

  • “who would have thought of putting zombies in a comedy?”

    How about Dead Alive (aka Braindead)? There is also Evil Dead, but that may be stretching the zombie definition.

  • eriqo

    well i can’t comment on the movies you’ve just mentioned but when you think about it, isn’t shaun of the dead the best one among them?

    hey wait just a minute! i HAVE watched the Evil Dead and it was no comedy. it was one of those old horrible horrors where everyone dies in the end.

  • Evil Dead had comedy in it, Evil Dead II had a lot more comedy in it. And most died, but not everyone. I also find it to be far from horrible.

    Dead Alive is one of the most over the top bloody movies I’ve ever seen. It was directed by LotR helmer Peter Jackson.

  • eriqo

    dude!! if you found comedy in a movie like Evil Dead then there is something not right. Perhaps we are talking about different movies. the one i’m talkning about was some guys (probably college guys) driving, then they crashed outside a haunted house. They went in and began dying one by one till they ALL died. That movie is still in my top ten list of worst movies ever. I didn’t even consider watching the second one (Evil Dead 2).

    About Dead Alive: if it was directed by P. Jackson then it is definitely worth watching. I really loved LotR, the movies and the 5 books (bet you didn’t know there were 5 books).

  • We’ve got to be talking about different movies. The Evil Dead films i’m talking about were directed by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man) and starred Bruce Campbell.

  • Xoynx

    The comedy in the first ‘Evil Dead’ was much subtler than its sequels–the series became progressively more slapschtick. But yes, the element of humor was definitely there, just as it was in the first two ‘Return of the Living Dead’ movies and in ‘Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things’. But ‘Shaun’ outshines them all–the cast, the direction, the script, the soundtrack–everything.

  • eriqo

    Couldn’t have put it better Xonyx.

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