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Movie Re-makes on Shall We Dance and the Manchurian Candidate

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I caught the Apple Trailer for Shall We Dance with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez….

I’m still wary about any re-make on this amazing Japanese film. Hell, when the narration in the American film said Richard Gere led a boring life, that was a difficult suspension of disbelief, given what I know about Richard Gere characters (ala Chicago, Runaway Bride, Pretty Women, First Knight….) – he’s not boring….

I guess I wouldn’t mind so much if it were a remake of the 1937 Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers flick….most of those dancing films were adorable and meant to be hammed up. Given J.Lo and Gere’s tendancy to do so, especially when it comes to musical numbers….well – I just don’t want to see that happen to Masayuki Suo’s sensitive and sweet film.

My favorite part is right at the beginning, when the accountant is going home and he’s looking up at the dance studio. He sees a beautiful woman teaching another how to dance. You can feel in that moment – his longing for something so beautiful and passionate to touch his dreary existence. Have you ever been on public transporation when the rest of the passengers are going home? The desolation tends to eat you up, even if you had a good day from work. That was from my brief stint working in SF for CNN.

Now here’s a re-make that’s getting me excited…
The Manchurian Candidate – Denzel Washington is playing the Frank Sintra character, Ben Marco, – but in a more psychotic manner…I suppose Sintra could never bring himself to playing anything lese than macho….Meryl Streep looks amazing in the Angela Lansbury role…

Funny thing about the orginal 1962 film Angela Lansbury, who was nomiated for an Oscar for her Mrs. Islein, was younger than the Laurence Harvey, who played Islein’s son, Sgt. Raymond Shaw. The orginal movie was fascinating, especially with the sparse special affects and the Cold War enviroment. It truly went for the juglar when it came to psychological explorations of war veteran’s mind.

I hope this new movie doesn’t get too caught up in the special affects and other updating techniques to lose track of a truly wicked plot on brainwashing….

on Sgt. Raymond Shaw…his commrades can’t help but say that:

“…he’s the kindest, bravest human being i’ve ever known…”

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  • Our Dance members have seen the Sept. previews. The dancing audience is loving the original, but the movie critics seem to be giving mixed reviews.