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Movie News Bites: The Dark Knight, Roger Ebert, Friday the 13th, Diesel and xXx, Beverly Hills Ninja 2

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As I always try to look for some new way to expand my offerings, I have decided to keep an eye out across the world of entertainment news and try my hand at news reporting/commentary on a story here or there that catches my eye. Obviously, I cannot cover everything nor will I be able to cover most of it, or much of it at all. What I will do is catch whatever I can as I can and hope that it delivers something new to you.

The Dark Knight Re-Release Plans

Even with the film still in the top ten at the box office, there are talks inside Warner Brothers that the film will be re-released to theaters come January. This is being reported at ComingSoon.net.

Normally I would not find this to be all that odd, for it is not unheard of for films to be re-released shortly after its primary release, or even years later. What I cannot recall is a time when re-release talks were known prior to the movie being out of the theater for the first time.

Perhaps this new release will push the film towards the magical total that Titanic achieved, although I doubt it. It seems unlikely, especially with the DVD and Blu-ray releases slated for sometime in December, most likely to cash in on the holiday shopping season. I suspect this will be a big seller and will encourage many to make the jump to Blu-ray.

Anyway, this re-release is slated to coincide with the Oscar season. Hopefully this will get consideration in a number of categories, as it is easily one of, if not the best film of the year. I could see potential nominations for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Score, Best Supporting Actor, among others. Can't you?

Roger Ebert and Lou Lumenick Altercation at the TFF

Catchy headline, no? Slash Film is reporting that Lou Lumenick attacked fellow critic Roger Ebert during a screening of Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire at the Toronto Film Festival. It makes me wonder what was going through Lumenick's head when it happened.

Here's how it went down: People heard a voice yell "Don't touch me!" The exclamation repeated a few minutes later followed by the man standing up the darkened theater and thwacking the man behind him with a festival binder, hard enough that the resultant noise was heard throughout the theater. The striker was revealed to be NY Post critic Lumenick, while the strikee was Ebert.

I have to admit to being a bit stunned and dismayed at this news. It turns out that Mr. Ebert was having a little trouble seeing the screen, and since his vocal ability is severely diminished due to his cancer surgeries, he tapped Lumenick on the shoulder to get him to shift a little. That seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. What is not so reasonable is for someone to start yelling and smack someone with a binder over a shoulder tap.

What Lumenick did is completely unacceptable in any situation. I mean, seriously, he could not ask what the tap was for? He couldn't turn around to find out what was the matter? And you seriously could not recognize Roger Ebert in a theater? Even when the lights are down, you can still see. What a completely over the top reaction! Perhaps the next time someone taps me on the shoulder I will turn and smack whoever it is with whatever I have at hand and see what happens… or maybe not – I am sure logic and sensibility will come into play before I do anything so stupid.

I can only hope that Lumenick offered some sort of apology for his insane action.

Uncut Friday the 13th?

As all fans of the series know, the Friday the 13th films have always had a tough time with the ratings board. I believe that all of the films have had cuts made in order to achieve the desired rating. Now that we are well into the DVD era, it would seem logical that the uncut versions of these films would be released, but we have had no such luck. Until now, according to Bloody-Disgusting.

friday13th0307Lexington KY, recently played host to Scare Fest. Fridaythe13thfilms.com was in attendance, as were representatives from Paramount, the owner of the Friday films, save for the last couple, which are in New Line's hands. This led to an interesting quote: "A representative of Paramount stated that the upcoming release of FRIDAY THE 13TH on DVD would be fully restored and uncut, including the extended sequences! Extended cuts already exist in Japan and a few other countries. But this will be the first time this footage has ever been released on DVD and restored."

This is good news, indeed. Extended cuts have been around for awhile, such as the mentioned Japanese cut, but they have never had an American release. It had been thought that extended cuts would be included in the From Crystal Lake to Manhattan box set a few years back, but that obviously never happened. Now with news of an extended cut of the original, could we be getting extended cuts of any of the other films? One would hope.

With the release of a Friday the 13th coming early next year, this release has to be seen as a marketing ploy to help advertise the film. Be that as it may, I am not going to argue with it.

xXx and Vin Diesel, Together Again

ComingSoon.net is reporting that Vin Diesel and Rob Cohen will be teaming up again for a XXX sequel. The two did the first one together six years ago. Is it too little too late? Can they save the franchise which took a deep quality dive, comparatively speaking, when they did the sequel with Ice Cube? What about the fact they made a sequel short that had Diesel's Xander Cage getting killed? All I can say is: "Movie magic."

My gut tells me that Diesel is trying to do anything he can to get back in the good graces of Hollywood brass following a string of box office disappointments. Either that, or he is running out of money and offers. What better way to re-establish yourself than by revisiting the franchises that made you famous. First it was Fast and Furious, coming next year, now XXX, not to mention rumors of more Riddick films.

I must admit that I enjoyed the first film. It was nothing great by any stretch, but it was an enjoyable action flick that had a suitably goofy premise. Plus, it had Asia Argento, and that is generally not a bad thing.

Of course, any hopes for a good film are tempered by Rob Cohen's involvement. He did, after all, give us the latest entry in the Mummy series, which, as we all know by now, is not a good film.

Oh, well, one can hope this will be fun.

Beverly Hills Ninja 2, Yes Really.

Way back in 1997 Chris Farley co-starred with Chris Rock, Robin Shou, and Nicollette Sheridan in a goofy comedy called Beverly Hills Ninja. It was a moderately funny slapstick centered on a fat ninja in, where else, Beverly Hills. Now, more than a decade later Coming Soon is reporting that a sequel is being prepped. What?

You know, this is not a movie that I think anyone is clamoring for. I mean, the original was successful, but not extraordinarily so. Not to mention that Farley died in 1997 of a drug overdose. That means this is going to be a sequel without the original lead, and according to the report none of the original cast members.

This time around we get David Hasselhoff, Lucas Grabeel of High School Musical fame, and Li Chiling. Sounds like a winner to me! I wonder in what universe Hasselhoff is deemed a suitable replacement for Farley?

The movie, despite having direct-to-DVD written all over it, does have something notable going for it. It will be the first Hollywood feature to shoot in South Korea. 70% of the film is slated to shoot there, with the remainder finished off in the States, Beverly Hills I would assume.

Well, can't say I am holding out hope for this project.

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