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Movie Media: Watchmen, The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Star Trek, Twilight, Nights in Rodanthe, Scooby Doo and the Goblin King, I’m a Marvel… I’m a PC, Batman & Robin

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Welcome back to the Movie Media column, featuring trailers, posters, and clips for upcoming films. Some are nice and fresh and some aren’t. However, they all have something in common: for better or worse, they all caught my attention. If there is a poster or trailer you think I should check out, be sure to let me know.

This week’s movie goodies include posters, trailers, and stills for some feature films and DVDs. Hopefully, you enjoy taking a gander!

Watchmen – Stills

In addition to the great looking trailer, a few stills have filtered out from Zack Snyder’s forthcoming film. These look good too.

WMD-31539r_cc WMD-20279_cc WMD-14608_cc WFC-00023 WFC-00006

The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe – DVD Art, Stills, Widget

Back in the 1980’s Joel Schumacher (yes, the same guy who singlehandedly took the Batman franchise down in the 1990’s) delivered a vampire film about teens and outsiders that has stood the test of time and is as entertaining today as it was back when it was on the big screen. Now we have a direct to video sequel that I cannot say looks great, but would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested. The DVD is set to arrive on July 29th and does feature at least one returning face: the infamous Corey Feldman. See below for the cover art, stills, and a widget.


LB2-00044 LB2-00089 LB2-00096 LB2-00034 LB2-00034 LB2-00147 LB2-00160 LB2-00168 LB2-00266 LB2-00667 LB2-00277 LB2-00707 LB2-00854 LB2-00857 LB2-00957 LB2-01229 LB2-01358 LB2-01239 LB2-01514 LB2-01989 LB2-02070 LB2-02112 LB2-02217 LB2-02324

A Nightmare on Elm Street – Classic Trailer

A remake is in the works with Wesley Strick (Cape Fear, Doom, The Saint) handling the script duties. Upon hearing this news I thought it would be nice to take a look back at the trailer for Wes Craven’s classic film. I must say that it still holds my attention these many years later. I was also surprised at how much of Freddy they show. I did not recall that. I am sure that for the remake’s trailer Freddy will be held back to minimum exposure.

Star Trek – Posters

Are you ready for the new Star Trek movie? I am. Although it is not coming until next May, a few interlocking posters have escaped from Paramount:

Twilight – Clips

Twilight is not coming to theater screens until December, but the promotional clips are already beginning to make the rounds. The story reminds me of The Lost Boys, only less involving and more polished. Will it be good? I hope so, I’d like to like it, but the clips have not been all that promising yet.

Nights in Rodanthe – Trailer

Nights in Rodanthe is an upcoming romantic drama starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Gere is a workaholic doctor who focused on his work more than his family, thus pushing away his son, played by James Franco. During a trip to visit his estranged son, he meets the unhappily married Diane Lane at an inn, where sparks fly. I’ve never been much of a Gere fan, but I do like Lane.

Scooby Doo and the Goblin King – Trailer

When I was a kid, growing up in the ’80s, I loved the various Scooby Doo series. They were fun, mysterious, and flat out entertained me. Those old episodes (I know they are older than the ’80s but that is when I saw them) still hold great nostalgia appeal. The more recent series and movies just have not grabbed me, even for the nostalgia factor (although, I did like the live action movies). That said, this straight to DVD release of Scooby Doo and the Goblin King doesn’t look half bad.

Hi, I’m a Marvel… I’m a DC: Batman and Iron Man #4

I know this is listed as the fourth, but it is the first I have seen and found it to be hilarious.

Batman & Robin – All About Ice

This clip is funny. It is a compilation of all of Arnold’s references to “ice”, “freeze”, and “cold” condensed to thirty seconds. The movie is awful, but this is funny.

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