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Movie Media: The Pink Panther 2, Up, 2012, Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Day the Earth Stood Still, 30 Second Bunnies, Dance Flick

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Welcome back to the Movie Media column, featuring trailers, posters, and clips for upcoming films. Some are nice and fresh and some aren’t. However, they all have something in common: for better or worse, they all caught my attention. If there is a poster or trailer you think I should check out, be sure to let me know.

This week’s movie goodies include posters, trailers, and stills for some feature films and even a couple of behind-the-scenes clips! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy taking a gander!

The Pink Panther 2 – Trailer

Seriously? Did they not learn the last time around that this is not the right time for new Clouseau adventures? I guess not. As right for the role as Steve Martin seems, the movie was just not funny. Now we are getting a sequel which looks like more of the same. Maybe it will be different, maybe this will actually be funny. I am not holding my breath.

Up – Trailer

A new Pixar release is always something to celebrate. The past two years have brought us Ratatouille and WALL-E, a couple of surefire classics that will be remembered for years to come. Yes, it will be hard to keep their streak going, but there is always hope. Their next film is called Up and takes you on an adventure with an old man who doesn’t even leave his house. The trailer does not excite me all that much, but I am sure this will be a blast.

2012 – Trailer

If you thought that The Day After Tomorrow showed some severe weather, I wonder what 2012 has in store for us. Apparently, the year 2012 has some sort of great significance for many religions and cultures around the world. The movie tells the story of the coming of the end of the world and peoples’ struggles to survive. The trailer truly is a teaser, not showing much, but showing enough to make it seem interesting. Surprisingly, both of these films were directed by Roland Emmerich.

Repo! The Genetic Opera – Clip

Yes, the film failed to arrive in that many theaters, but many got to see it at the various roadshow stops, which is a good thing. More are sure to see it on DVD. Until that is released, we will have to be satisfied with the soundtrack release and the clips found around the web. Below is the clip for the song “Zydrate Anatomy,” which may be one of my favorite songs from the work. The clip is a blast.

The Day the Earth Stood Still – International Trailer

Well, the remake countless science fiction fans are dreading is nearing. The new international trailer gives us some new footage and a good deal more of Gort. I admit to being a little hesitant about this, but I am also intrigued by it. Curious to see how they changed the relevance and how it holds up on its own.

30 Second Bunnies – Bond Medley

In honor of last week’s opening of Quantum of Solace, here is a special episode of the Bunnies, where they re-enact a bunch of classic Bond sequences. Watch for moments from From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker, The World is Not Enough, Casino Royale and others. It is actually pretty funny.

Dance Flick – Trailer

Oh dear. Please say it isn’t so. This movie looks terrible and I haven’t even gotten halfway through the trailer. I can only imagine what 90 minutes of this will be like. Keenan Ivory Wayans is picking up where the Disaster Movie crew left off. This is the story of a rich white girl and her dancing misadventures upon moving to the inner city. All right, I watched the rest and I stand by my assessment that this will be awful.

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  • Kline turned down playing Clouseau. I saw him talk about it somewhere and here’s an interview which makes it even odder for him to be in the movies

  • I always thought that they’d got the casting the wrong way round with the Pink Panther remake. Wouldn’t it have worked so much better with Kevin Kline as Clouseau and Steve Martin as Dreyfus?

  • Jordan Richardson

    Dance Flick? DanceFlick? WTF?