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Movie Media: Super Bowl Special

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This year’s game was something, wasn’t it? Sure, it took a little while to get going, but once it did it was a sprint to the finish. Unfortunately, the game did not go my way. Yes, I was rooting for the Cardinals and fortunately I did not have anything vested in the outcome, unlike the Giants win last year!

Now, as is traditional, movie studios begin trotting out teasers for their upcoming summer films. Among movie fans the Super Bowl is more notable for these tastes of things to come than it is for the game itself! This year is no different.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
First up is the Michael Bay-helmed sequel to the 2007 hit film. The brief bits teased in this commercial hint at bigger and darker things to come, not the least of which is Optimus Prime taking a nasty-looking face smash. Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, and Josh Duhamel return.

Race to Witch Mountain
I am not sure if this is a sequel or a remake of the old Disney film Escape to Witch Mountain, but whatever the case may be, it looks like fun. This commercial does not offer much more than the previously released trailer, but I do like the storm trooper bit at the beginning. I like Dwayne Johnson, I just hope he can escape the family film thing. Not that it is a bad thing, but I see bigger things for him.

Monsters Vs. Aliens
I have hopes for this; the trailer makes it look like a lot of fun and the 3D is just icing on the cake. That said, I really wish they didn’t do this 3D commercial stuff. It is nothing like what you see in the theater and only does the new technology a disservice if it becomes associated with this anaglyph junk.

A new Pixar film is always worth getting a little bit excited about. The teaser is very similar to the last preview we got. It opens with a nice animated collage of past Pixar features leading into a little bit of the new one. It gives nothing away, and frankly would seem to be a bit underwhelming. But we know better, right?

Star Trek
JJ Abrams’ take on the the classic series is drawing ever closer. It looks like the series almost as much as it appears unrecognizable. I am really looking forward to this reboot. I have faith in JJ Abrams’ ability to do it justice. I also think Karl Urban looks good as McCoy, surprisingly enough. The teaser gives us a look at Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood), as well as plenty of stuff blowing up. Here’s to hoping it pays off.

Land of the Lost
This looks like it could be fun. I like the opening bit with Matt Lauer, as well as the reference later on. My biggest problem with this spot is that I am very much reminded of Brendan Fraser’s Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D.

Fast and Furious
Is this sequel necessary? Maybe, maybe not. Whatever the answer is, I am sure the movie will be fun. The trailers certainly look like fun. It seems that Vin Diesel is making a run to get back in the spotlight; will this be the movie to do it? Perhaps. He returns with Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster to have another go at it.

Year One
You know, this teaser looks exceptionally dumb. Still, with Jack Black and Michael Cera, I am quite interested in it. After watching the trailer a couple of times, I still have no idea what it is about.

Angels and Demons
Ron Howard and Tom Hanks return in this sequel to The DaVinci Code. It is actually a prequel as the story takes place before the events of the first film. I can only hope this one is better. It looks moderately intriguing.

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    Transformers 2 looks like it’s going to give me another giant headache. And a whole lot of Shia chasing and “No, no, no”s going on.