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Movie Media: Stone Devil Hill, You Kill Me, The Simpsons, 3:10 to Yuma, The Dark is Rising, The Bourne Ultimatum, Captivity, Talk to Me

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Welcome to the latest edition of Movie Media, where you will find trailers and posters that caught my eye during the week. Some are new, some aren't, you will have to look and make up your own mind. If there is a poster or trailer you think I should check out, be sure to let me know, and I will see what I can do. This week has trailers for a new western, a new trailer for an upcoming feature, a friend's music video, and a couple of posters.

Trailer: You Kill Me

I know this came out in limited release last weekend, but it is only now that I got to take a peek at the trailer. It looks like it is going to be a blast. It is the story of an alcoholic hit man in Buffalo, whose family sends him off to San Francisco to get into AA and straighten himself up. While there, he finds old habits die hard while working in a mortuary, finding a sponsor, and love in the face of the relative of a deceased. Ben Kingsley stars, along with Tea Leoni and Luke Wilson. Take a look:

Check it at the Quicktime site, or:

Music Video: Stone Devil Hill's "Neverchange"

A number of years ago, I met and became fast friends with a guy named Steve. The reason I met him was I happened to congratulate him on a good show, he was playing bass for a band called 8×10. We talked music for awhile, and found we had much in common. Well, a couple years later, 8×10 is no more and a new band has arisen from its ashes, a better band, with a load of new songs. This new band is called Stone Devil Hill, and while their music is not forging any new ground, it is solid hard rock. They recently made an appearance on a local cable access show, performing a set of new music; here is the video to one of those tracks. It is a YouTube video, so it is heavily compressed, but it does give you a good idea of their music.

Also, be sure to check them out on MySpace.

Trailer: The Simpsons

As mediocre as the show has been for years, with few moments of inspired lunacy, each trailer looks better and better. This third incarnation is the best yet, and I am actually looking forward to checking this out on the big screen. From Bart's french fry to Spider-Pig, from the threatened destruction of Springfield to fishing with bug zappers, this looks like it could be fun.

Trailer: Captivity

This movie sparked some controversy earlier this year when After Dark decided to put up some billboards around LA that did not receive approval from the MPAA, and wound up receiving some complaints about them. Anyway, they survived that free publicity/PR snafu and the film is mere weeks away from release. The trailer is out, and actually doesn't look half bad, so long as you like films in the vein of Saw and Hostel. It is the story of a young woman (Elisha Cuthbert) who is kidnapped and tortured. It looks different in that the trailer shows a strong focus on a singular victim, more so than in the other films. Anyway, take a look:

Here is a link to the Quicktime version.

Trailer: Talk to Me

This movie looks very good, Don Cheadle is always dependable and I have been really liking Chiwetel Ejiofor's work, particularly Serenity and Children of Men. Talk To Me is the story of Petey Greene (Cheadle), an ex-con who gets an on-air job on talk radio in the late 1960's. The trailer looks great, and now Focus Features has posted a few clips and a behind the scenes featurette for the film. I am looking forward to this one.

See the new clips and another trailer at the Focus Features site.

Trailer: 3:10 to Yuma

This fall we have a new western heading our way, and guess what? It's a remake. It doesn't seem like any genre is safe these days. Anyway, the trailer is making the rounds, and it looks very good. It looks to deliver the period goods, and comes complete with an impressive cast, led by Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. Others include Peter Fonda, Alan Tudyk, Ben Foster, and Gretchen Mol. James Mangold is in the director's chair, previously helming Walk the Line and Identity. The trailer looks impressive, see for yourself.

Here is the trailer at IGN, or:

3:10 To Yuma – Trailer

Poster: The Dark is Rising

I have not seen a single frame of this movie, but the poster looks pretty cool, though I am getting a bit of an Eragon vibe from it. I checked the description of it, and it does not instill a lot of confidence, as it sounds so generic. It is about a boy who is found to be the last of a group of immortal(?) warriors who fight the dark. The cast doesn't look all that bad, including Ian McShane and Christopher Eccleston. Take a look:

Poster: The Bourne Ultimatum

A few years ago Matt Damon proved that he could be an action star with the impressive Bourne Identity; a couple years later the ante was upped with the excellent Bourne Supremacy. Now we can see if he can make it three for three with The Bourne Ultimatum. I think Damon makes a good action star, and I am eagerly looking forward to this. The poster looks pretty good too, nothing original, but the film could prove to have some hardcore action.

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