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Movie Media Moment: Transformers, The Dark Knight, War, Fido, 30 Days of Knight, I Am Legend, Vantage Point

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Welcome to the Movie Media Moment, the one column that collects some recent news and findings in the world of movie media. You will see trailers, posters, and other assorted pieces that I have found around the net. Some will be relatively new, some will be a bit older, but they will always be interesting.

Trailer: I Am Legend
Well, the trailer for I Am Legend has hit. This will be the third filmed version of the Richard Matheson novella, and the first to actually use its title. The first was the excellent Last Man on Earth, in the 1950’s starring Vincent Price, it truly captured the desolation that Robert Neville survived through. The second was the decent 1970’s Charlton Heston vehicle, Omega Man. It was pretty good, but strayed further from the source material. Now, we have the third version starring Will Smith, and directed by Francis Lawrence who last helmed the Keanu Reeves starrer Constantine. The trailer has left me with mixed feelings, but not without hope.

When I first hit play, I was greeted with shots of crowds running, fighter jets flying, bridges exploding, and the pained look of Will Smith. The first thing that crossed my mind was that ubiquitous Smith line: “Aww hell no!” It just looked wrong. Explosions are cool, but this is a movie about desolation, being alone, and carrying the narrative story on the back of a single person, and I am not sure Smith is that person. Anyway, that gave way to epic desolation as we get Smith’s first voice over introduction, as well as learn that he is not alone.

The second half is much more effective than the first, but I am still wondering if Will Smith is the right man to play Neville. I would have liked to have seen Guy Pearce or Christian Bale in the lead, but Smith will likely open the film stronger. Smith isn’t a bad actor, and it will be interesting to see if he can pull it off, and if Lawrence can surpass what he did in Constantine.

What are your thoughts?

Here is the Quicktime link for the trailer.

Trailer: 30 Days of Night
The first I heard of this came this weekend, just minutes before I saw the teaser, actually. I have to say that I am amped to see this. It is based off of a graphic novel by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith. It is about a gang of bloodthirsty vampires laying siege to a small Alaskan town during the perpetual night which lasts for thirty days. Josh Hartnett, Ben Foster, and Melissa George star for director David Slade, who last helmed the incredible Hard Candy.

The film has a bit of a more Hardcore Underworld look, with the bluish tinge, blended with the icy paraoiac setting of John Carpenter’s The Thing. The trailer begins innocently enough, a woman washng dishes, while her husband reads the paper in another room, but in the blink of an eye, she is being torn out the window and under a building, screaming all the way. The rest of it introduces us to the main players, while giving us a taste of the bloody action that is contained within.

This could prove to be the adrenaline blast that this fall will need. David Slade is stepping up to the plate with a film that is considerably larger in budget and scope than Hard Candy, which was made for less than $1 million. That last film was an incredibly taut thriller that is hard to erase from your mind, one can only hope that he can succeed near that level with this outing.

Here is a link to the trailer at IGN.

Trailer: Vantage Point
This past weekend, the trailer for the new political thriller Vantage Point hit theaters. I saw it leading into Ocean’s 13, and I have to say that the trailer hooked me. It looks like it could be an edge of your seat whodunit, and it has a stacked cast led by Dennis Quaid. At the helm is Pete Travis, making his big screen directorial debut.

Vantage Point concerns itself with the apparent assassination of the US President. A deed done while the Commander in Chief, played by William Hurt, is on a podium in a public place. Now, when the shot rings out, there are a number of people, none who know each other that witness a different piece of the puzzle. Can the puzzle be put together in time before something bigger goes down?

The trailer is slickly edited and really plays up a frantic atmosphere as they try to put the pieces together. They do say that if you think you know what happens, look closer, so this will require some attention.

The cast includes Dennis Quaid, William Hurt, Forrest Whitaker, Matthew Fox, and Sigourney Weaver. Looks like a good cast, we’ll see if the movie pays off.

Here is a link to the trailer at MSNVideo. We just have to wait until February 2008 to see it!

Trailer: Fido
I cannot wait to see this. Yes, I know the trailer has been out for awhile, and many of you have probably already seen the film, and no, it is not new to me. I am just behind the curve on saying anything about it. Frankly, it looks like an absolute blast, with it’s blend of Pleasantville meets Shawn of the Dead. Beyond that look, the cast includes Dylan Baker, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Billy Connolly, looks like fun to me!

The story centers on the world after the quelling of a zombie outbreak. A company called ZomCon has found a way to domesticate the brain craving beasties. The now controlled zombies are used to perform tasks such as mail delivery, lawn mowing, and can be purchased for use around the house. Timmy’s (K’Sun Ray) parents (Baker and Moss) bring one home for their house, and he names him Fido (Connolly). Everything is going swimmingly, until Fido decides to eat the neighbor.

Now doesn’t that sound like an absolute blast? The trailer looks fantastic, and I cannot wait to get a shot at seeing this.

Here is a the Quicktime trailer link.

Poster: War
It wasn’t long ago that the trailer for this action fest hit the web, now a poster is up, and it isn’t the best looking thing in the world, but it gives an idea of what to expect: Jason Statham versus Jet Li.

This is reunites the two stars from The One, when they first paired in the science fiction actioner. This time around the stars have shifted a bit. Li is still a superstar, but Statham’s star has been on the rise. He is poised to really be a big time action star, and his roles in the Transporter series are going a long way towards helping that. He is a good actor and he is impressive in the martial arts fisticuffs on the big screen. It will definitely be interesting to see how well the two pair off in this outing which looks to be wall to wall action supported by the thinnest of stories.

Here is that poster: (the trailer is below)

In Production News: The Dark Knight
Found this interesting little tidbit over at ComingSoon.net, a guy/gal by the name of Zejr sent them a scan from Entertainment Weekly giving us a look at the new Batsuit for Christopher Nolan’s follow-up to Batman Begins. I kind of like it, it is definitely a different look than past styles and it looks to provide improved flexibility, especially in the mask region, with the helmet actually being separate from the cowl, something akin to a motorcycle helmet. Enough of my yammering, take a look…

Poster: Transformers
Hot off the presses and flying to your local cineplexes, the new poster for Transformers has come out. I have to say that it looks pretty darn cool. It is not quite as mysterious as the original teaser poster, but it does look to promise the big explosive action that Michael Bay can do like no other. The trailers look great, and it isn’t a sequel, both factors that could lead to big box office bucks come Independence Day. Well, take a look, what do you think?

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