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Movie Media: I Am Legend, Bee Movie, John Rambo, The Golden Compass, Kung-Fu Panda, Persepolis, Nightmare Man

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Welcome to the Movie Media column – trailers, posters, and clips for upcoming films. Some are nice and fresh, some aren’t. However, they all have something in common — they caught my attention, for better or worse. If there is a poster or trailer you think I should check out, be sure to let me know, and I will see what I can do.

This week’s movie goodies include media for a returning icon of action, an adaptation of a Richard Matheson novel, a Freddy-inspired horror flick, an animated tale of bees, and more!

I Am Legend – Poster

The final poster has come out for this apocalyptic adaptation. It is easily a step up from the teaser poster from a few months back, but still seems a little dull. As I look at it, I wish that the title was a little more prominent and Will Smith’s name a little less prominent. I understand that this is sold as a Smith vehicle, but still. Anyway, I like the repetition of his radio broadcast in small letters down the middle, that is a nice touch. I am still a little worried how this will turn out, but am anxious to see how successful it could be.

Bee Movie – Poster, Trailer

Jerry Seinfeld is coming to the big screen in animated form. The early trailers were brilliant, as Jerry and other cast members attempt to make a live action bee movie — weird and absolutely fantastic. The actual animation may not be Pixar level, but it is looking like a lot of fun. Below are the trailers and the latest poster. Hopefully the film will pay off.

John Rambo – Trailer

Shortly after Rocky Balboa was announced (or maybe before, I don’t quite remember) news also came out that Sly was going to be resurrecting the Rambo character. In a bit of synchronicity, it would follow the same convention of naming the film after the primary character; in this case it is John Rambo. An online tease of a trailer has been floating around for some time now; those of you who haven’t seen it should check it out. I thought it was funny at first too, but this teaser looks really good, nice and bloody. Recently, a rumor came out that the title was going to be changed to Rambo: To Hell and Back, but according to Stallone it was just a rumor. Anyway, check out this teaser:

John Rambo – Trailer – Red Band

Posted May 19, 2007

The next chapter finds Rambo recruited by a group of Christian human rights missionaries to protect them against pirates, during a humanitarian aid deliver to the persecuted Karen people of Burma. After some of the missionaries are taken prisoner by sadistic Burmese soldiers, Rambo gets a second impossible job: to assemble a team of mercenaries to rescue the surviving relief workers.

The Golden Compass – Posters, Trailer

Following the box office failures of Eragon, Stardust (which I loved), and The Seeker: The Dark is Rising, will New Line be able to score with The Golden Compass? They sure hope so — the $150 million dollar film is expected to make at least that much when it opens. High hopes. The trailer looks very good; if the film is nearly as good they may have a shot at reaching that goal. This is based on the first book of the His Dark Materials cycle. It was directed by Chris Weitz, who was behind About a Boy. He is stepping into a new realm here and the trailer looks like he may be showing some new tricks. The cast includes Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Eva Green, and battle polar bears. The latest posters also look pretty good.

Kung-Fu Panda – Poster

It’s animated, it’s pandas, it’s an all-star voice cast. How can you go wrong? It was some time ago that this project was announced and in 2008 it will see the light of day. It is a standard story, a zero to hero sort of tale. Will it be any good? I have no idea. All I know is that I am looking forward to seeing it. It is being produced by Dreamworks Animation and is directed by Mark Osborne and John Stevenson. The voice cast includes Jackie Chan, Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu, Ian McShane, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Michael Clarke Duncan, David Cross, Dan Fogler, and James Hong. Wow! What a cast! Anyway, the teaser poster is here, standard stuff.

Persepolis – Poster, Trailer

Not sure what it’s about, but the poster and trailer look pretty cool. I like the black and white animation style. The trailer is in French, a language I do not understand, but there is an Iron Maiden reference and that is something I understand. Anyway, take a look, see if you think it looks as cool as I do.

Nightmare Man – Poster, Trailer

Last year, After Dark Pictures unveiled the first “Eight Films to Die For” marathon. That fest yielded the excellent The Abandoned. Will this year have anything of that quality? I don’t know. As a matter of fact, this is the first film from this year’s collection that I have found (not that I have been looking all that hard). Anyway, it seems to be based on a similar idea to A Nightmare on Elm Street. The trailer doesn’t look all that great, but hey, it is nice to see some of these low budget horror flicks get some exposure.

That’s all for this week!

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  • Kevin

    I really like the I am Legend poster. I don’t know how I feel about the movie itself but the poster is pretty eerie. I also think that the trailer is probably in the top 10 of best trailers of all time on my list. The tough part about this is whether the movie lives up to the trailer.
    Interestingly enough, and I can’t take credit for this revelation, but there has been a site that seemed unrelated but is actually apart of the marketing for the movie. According to http://www.filmplug.com/blog/, the site http://www.godstilllovesus.org and all the media that was released on youtube, etc is tied to I am Legend. So the poster, trailers and overall campaign is really interesting I just hope the movie is as good.