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Movie Media: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, What Just Happened, Fast & Furious, Hounddog, Appaloosa, Australia

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Welcome back to the Movie Media column, featuring trailers, posters, and clips for upcoming films. Some are nice and fresh and some aren’t. However, they all have something in common: for better or worse, they all caught my attention. If there is a poster or trailer you think I should check out, be sure to let me know.

This week’s movie goodies include posters, trailers, and stills for some feature films and even a couple of behind-the-scenes clips! Hopefully, you enjoy taking a gander!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – Revised Trailer

Sad news for Potter fans came last week when it was announced that the sixth film had been delayed from November 2008 to Summer 2009. I can only assume it was done to help fill blockbuster holes left by the writers’ strike. Anyway, they have issued a new trailer to reflect the date change.

What Just Happened – Trailer

Barry Levinson’s next film looks like it could be fun; if nothing else it certainly has an accomplished cast. It stars Robert DeNiro as a Hollywood agent going through a life crisis that involves his dissolving marriage and his skills at getting work deals done. The trailer looks good, and the cast includes, in addition to DeNiro, Sean Penn, Bruce Willis, John Turturro, Catherine Keener, Stanley Tucci, and Robin Wright Penn.

Fast & Furious – Teaser Trailer

Never did I think that this franchise would hit a fourth entry. They have been fun, no doubt, but hardly what I would call good. This third sequel features the two stars of the original reuniting, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. The duo are back, working together to beat the bad guys. As for the teaser? I have to say that I really liked it, especially the lead-in stunt.

Hounddog – Poster, Trailer

Before I saw this poster, I had forgotten about this movie. My immediate second thought was that of wonder if/when this was going to get a release. Now, it appears it will have a limited release in September. Hounddog garnered some notoriety over the fact that star Dakota Fanning had a rape scene in the film. There is something not many people really want to see, and I have to wonder if that scene makes it intact; something tells me it won’t.

Appaloosa – Poster, Trailer

This fall has a new western coming to the big screen, and it looks pretty darn good. No, I’m not talking about Sukiyaki Western Django, although that does look pretty good. The film in question here is called Appaloosa, based on the Robert Parker novel. The screenplay was co-written by Robert Knott and Ed Harris, who also directs and stars. Harris co-stars with Viggo Mortensen, Renee Zellweger, and Jeremy Irons. It is the story of two friends hired to police a town under the rule of a ruthless rancher. Looks good to me.

Australia – Posters, Trailer

I am looking forward to this movie. Director Baz Luhrman makes some really great looking films that make great use of the big screen. His biggest hit was Moulin Rouge, which I really enjoyed; hopefully Australia will deliver. It is a big, epic, western-style film starring Aussie natives Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Take a look below for a trio of teaser posters and the international trailer.

australia australia_ver2 australia_ver3

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  • My pleasure, tink!

    I am not the biggest proponent of the FnF films, but they are fun distractions, I really like the opening of this trailer.

    Australia looks very promising, I am looking forward to that one.

  • Well now Chris…that’s some mighty tasty viewings to go along with my afernoon coffee.

    Stopped by to see the updated Harry Potter trailer and ended up watching all of them, included FnF (not a fan of that franchise).

    The only movies I’ve seen in a theater over the last few years have been the Harry Potters. This trailer for Luhrman’s Australia had the hub and I deciding that we’ll be making an exception that.

    Thanks for the heads up…