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Movie Media: Dead Air, Hot Rod, The Bourne Ultimatum, Goya’s Ghosts, Into the Wild, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Invasion

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Welcome to the latest edition of Movie Media, where you will find trailers, posters, and stills for upcoming films. Some are nice and fresh, some aren't, you will have to look and make up your own mind. If there is a poster or trailer you think I should check
out, be sure to let me know, and I will see what I can do. This week brings a poster for a new zombie movie, another cartoon adaptation, a period piece, another sci-fi remake, and more.

Poster: Dead Air

Never heard of this movie until I saw the poster, now I cannot wait to see it. It is the story of a radio DJ trying to warn listeners after an explosion releases a viral gas turning everyone into zombies. Howe cool is that? It is being directed by actor turned director Corbin Bernsen, and is set for release winter of this year. It stars Bill Moseley, who had a great turn as Otis in The Devil's Rejects, and yes, that is him featured on the poster. Granted, the poster looks a little dull, but the plot synopsis has me hooked.

Plus, check out the official Dead Air site for some storyboards and a longer synopsis.

Poster, Stills, Trailer, Clips: Hot Rod

There is a ton of stuff floating around for the upcoming Hot Rod release on August 3. I'm not so sure that it's a good thing, because none of it seems all that funny, at least to me. It stars Andy Samberg, of Saturday Night Live fame. He stars as Rod Kimble, an amateur stuntman who has issues with his stepfather. As the story plays out, Kimble has to put on the biggest jump ever to raise money for an operation for his stepfather. So far, the best thing I have seen in relation to the movie is co-star Isla Fisher, though I am not sure it will be enough to get me in a theater for it. Anyway, here are the poster, some stills, trailer, and some YouTube clips promoting the picture:


Trailer (Quicktime stream):

YouTube clips:

If for some reason you need more Hot Rod, visit the official site, or their MySpace page, or the Rod Kimble fansite.

Trailer: The Bourne Ultimatum
No sooner did I see the poster for the third Bourne film that the teaser trailer has arrived. I cannot wait for this. The first two films are excellent action/thrillers with Matt Damon emerging as an action star with strong acting ability, and both films rely heavily on practical effects rather than CG. It looks as if The Bourne Ultimatum will not be any different. The teaser doesn't have a lot of footage in, but it is enough to get me excited. See for yourself:

Here is the Quicktime link, or:

Poster, Stills, Trailer: Goya's Ghosts

Milos Forman's latest film is preparing to arrive on theater screens on July 20. Goya's Ghosts will be Forman's first film since 1999's Man on the Moon starring Jim Carrey. This time Forman has turned his eye on Spanish artist Francisco Goya. The film is set during the end of the Spanish Inquisition and the dawn of Napoleon's invasion, while focusing on the controversial work of Goya, and Brother Lomenzo, a man who becomes infatuated with Ines, a subject of Goya's work who is accused of heresy. The trailer looks good, and the cast includes Javier Bardem, Natalie Portman, Stellan Skarsgard, and Randy Quaid. Below are the poster, some stills, and the trailer:


Trailer (Quicktime link):

Poster, Trailer: Into the Wild

Into the Wild is the story of a young man who gives up everything he has, donates his accumulated savings, and hikes to Alaska. This movie is the tale of his trip and the people he meets that will forever change his life. It looks like it could be good, but I am not sold yet. It is based on a best selling novel by Jon Krakauer, the screenplay was written by Sean Penn, who also directs. The cast includes Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden, Vince Vaughn, William Hurt, Jena Malone, Kristen Stewart, and Catherine Keener. Below are the trailer and poster for the movie, which is due out September 21.

Trailer (download stream):

Poster: Alvin and the Chipmunks

Coming to theaters everywhere this Christmas, it is those inimitable chipmunks that plagued the dreams of many children of the 80's. I don't know about you, but when I was but a wee little guy, I enjoyed my share of the Chipmunks, even owning a couple of the LPs, how could anyone forget the classic Urban Chipmunk? Anyway, they are turning it into a live action movie, and the poster has arrived. It is nothing particularly special, but it does show the trio with a more modern attitude, which is probably not a good thing. I do think they got the casting right, Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) seems right for the role of David Seville, and they have the original voices with Ross Bagdasarian Jr. as Alvin and Simon, and Janice Karman as Theodore (she also costarred in the grindhouse classic Switchblade Sisters). Anyway, here it is:

Poster, Trailer: The Invasion

This summer is bringing with it another version of the classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers tale. This time it has been given a modern day veneer, complete with a space shuttle playing a part. Simply titled The Invasion, director Oliver Hirschbeigl's (Downfall, Das Experiment) version stars Nicole Kidman and James Bond… sorry, Daniel Craig. The trailer looks good, the poster looks mind numbingly dull. Kidman isn't a guarantee, but I have enjoyed Craig's recent work and Hirschbeigl has proven his strength as a director. I am looking forward to seeing if this pays off. Here are the poster and trailer:

Trailer (or Quicktime link):

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