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Movie Media: Christmas Special

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Come one, come all. Come see the holiday treats I have collected. With Christmas just around the bend, the timing could not be better than now to deliver a collection of film trailers for movies that have the holiday at their core. The majority of these films are well worth your time; hopefully they will help you get into the mood for some cheer, or laughs, or maybe a little horror!

The Nightmare Before Christmas – Trailer

Christmas is approaching, and what better way to get ready than to look forward to it while looking back to Halloween? It seems as if it were only yesterday that the kids were putting on scary costumes and Christmas was not even on the edge of their minds. Here is a trailer for a great film that bridges the gap between the two holidays, and if you watch the film you will even get a reference to Thanksgiving.

Gremlins – Trailer

What would Christmas be without a little mischief? This is not what you would call a traditional holiday film, but it does feature the holiday and the central characters are the result of a desire to give a unique gift that no one would expect. This Joe Dante film is a blast that I really need to go back and revisit. Just remember the rules.

Jack Frost – Trailer

Let’s continue to ease into the holiday season with a trailer that is only peripherally related to Christmas, but is close enough. Before Michael Keaton went snowboarding as a snowman in an effort to win over his family, there was another Jack Frost, a serial killer who escapes custody but gets doused with an experimental concoction that combines him with snow on the side of the road. A killer snowman is born and with it a seriously corny and completely entertaining horror movie.

It’s a Wonderful Life – Trailer

Christmas time is all about tradition, the gift giving, the family, the carols, the movies, and more. One of the greatest of holiday cinematic traditions is the Frank Capra classic It’s a Wonderful Life. Believe it or not I only saw this for the first time last year. Can you believe it? It is a wonderful movie that tugs at the heartstrings and helps instill hope in humanity. If you haven’t seen it, do so, and if you have, see it again this holiday season.

Polar Express – Trailer

I like this movie; it is far from perfect, but it is a fine holiday film. The powers that be seem to be intent on making this an annual classic, but I am not sure it has what it takes to fill that role. The book is certainly a classic, but the film is another story. Robert Zemeckis directed the adaptation with Tom Hanks taking a number of roles. It is also notable for its use of performance capture technology. It clearly has a long way to go, but you have to start somewhere, right? The faces are a little creepy, I don’t like the hot chocolate song, and I don’t like the Steven Tyler elf, but the rest, yeah, I can get behind that.

Jingle All the Way – Trailer

Here we are, all getting ready for the Christmas holiday, everyone madly shopping for gifts. Jingle All the Way is a movie that sets aside the spirit of the holiday, happy to linger on the more materialistic side. The film follows Arnold as he attempts to locate a specific action figure for his son (who would go on to become a young Anakin Skywalker), having to compete with all manner of obstacles, including competing father Sinbad. This is not a good movie, but it has a few humorous moments.

Santa’s Slay – Trailer

What would the Christmas season be without somebody giving us an evil Santa? Not a very good one, I tell you what. This movie shows what can happen if you introduce Santa Claus to professional wrestling. Former wrestling champ Bill Goldberg steps out of his wrestling boots and into those of Santa. The result is not a pretty sight. I particularly liked the revelation that Santa is Satan’s son. Ha!

Silent Night, Deadly Night – Trailer

Nothing says Christmas more than a killer Santa. Funny enough, I have never seen this particular holiday horror. I think I am going to have to rectify the situation. Below is a collection of trailers for Silent Night, Deadly Night, trailers that do nothing to truly tell you what the movie is about aside from Santa killing lots of folks. What else do you need?

Scrooged – Trailer

It has been forever since I have seen this one. Watching the trailer is like watching it again for the first time. Are you tired of those old school takes on the Dickens classic? If so, this one is for you. Move the time frame to the present (well, close to the present anyway), insert Bill Murray for Scrooge, and stir well. The result is a very funny take on a Christmas staple.

30 Second BunniesChristmas Vacation

Just in time for the holidays, the mad bunnies re-enact what just may be the greatest of the National Lampoon films, Christmas Vacation. This short takes you right through from the search for the Christmas tree, to the arrival of the family, to the burning of the tree — it is all here. Check it out:

Black Christmas 1974 – Trailer

In 1974 Bob Clark unleashed the controversial and violent Black Christmas to theater screens all over the nation. In the years in between the film has become something of a cult classic, not to mention being one of the first influential slasher films. The movie included Margot Kidder and John Saxon in its cast list. The trailer is a little to the long side, but if you are a horror fan, it is a must see.

Elf – Trailer

The moment I saw this on the big screen I knew that Elf would be a Christmas classic. I know it has only been a few years, but not a year has gone past that I did not watch this Will Ferrell comedy. There is something very sweet and endearing about it, not to mention absolutely hilarious!

Bad Santa – Trailer

Here is the perfect film to double feature with Elf. Watch the Ferrell film with the family, put the kids to bed and watch Bad Santa. Billy Bob Thornton plays a Santa who uses his position as a holiday institution to rip off department stores at Christmas, and is also a foul-mouthed drunk. Very funny and with surprising heart. This is one for the ages.

A Christmas Story – Trailer

When this film released back in 1983 it was an absolute bomb. However, somewhere along the line the tale took a turn and has become a beloved holiday institution and stands as one of my favorite Christmas flicks ever. Funny thing is I understand why it may have done poorly 25 years ago — the trailer is not all that good.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Trailer

Here is a perennial Christmas classic. There is no denying the ability of this movie to induce laughter in anyone. Watching the trailer also makes me wonder just what happened to Chevy Chase’s career. He has sort of disappeared. Anyway, this film is pure inspired mayhem. I remember seeing this in theaters way back in 1989. Hard to believe it is almost 20 years old.

The Muppet Christmas Carol – Trailer

The Muppets are an American institution, whether it be through their show or the numerous movies it is impossible to get away from them no matter how far technology possesses. I have always had a soft spot for their take on the Christmas classic. Here is the video trailer:

Die Hard – Trailer

Can you believe it has been twenty years since Bruce Willis stepped out of Moonlighting and into an action role? Hard to believe this was casting against type. It is the story of John McClane who just wants to reunite with his wife on Christmas Eve, only to walk into a hostage situation as Alan Rickman holds Nakatomi Towers at his mercy.

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