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Movie Media: Baghead, Largo Winch, Hamlet 2, The Incredible Hulk, Stuck, Terra, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Accidental Husband

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Welcome back to the Movie Media column featuring trailers, posters, and clips for upcoming films. Some are nice and fresh and some aren’t. However, they all have something in common: for better or worse, they all caught my attention. If there is a poster or trailer you think I should check out, be sure to let me know.

This week’s movie goodies include posters, stills, and trailers for a few upcoming summer hits, indie flicks, a sequel for Shakespeare, an upcoming sci-fi flick, and more!

Baghead – Poster, Stills, Trailer

“What is the scariest thing you can think of?”

“Well, I had a dream about a man with a sack over his head.”

There is the seed from which this movie springs. It is the story of a group of friends who go to a family member’s cabin in the woods to write a screenplay together. It is a thriller and a comedy all rolled into one, and it looks really good. It strikes me as actually being an original idea. I am looking forward to checking it out.

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Largo Winch – Poster, Trailer

Ever heard of Largo Winch? Me neither. Apparently, it is a film coming out next December in France and it is based on a graphic novel. Prior to this, the Largo character had been the subject of a pair of mini-series on German television. On top of that, there seems to be at least some English in the French film, indicating an eye towards the international (read: American) market. From my limited research, Largo is the illegitimate son of an industrialist who did not do everything by the book. When things go down, Largo is put in charge. Now, Largo is trying to put things right, finding plenty of trouble along the way. Funny thing, when I see the poster, I picture the anime character Lupin III.

Hamlet 2 – Poster

Last week I posted some stills and the trailer for Hamlet 2. Hot on its heels I have the poster. The movie looks pretty funny, although I cannot say I think all that much of this poster. Fortunately, the trailer looks good.

The Incredible Hulk – Stills, Trailer

I have to say that I am looking forward to this new take on the Hulk. I enjoyed the Ang Lee Hulk from a few years back. Save for the weird ending, the movie was a well written and executed science fiction film that had the misfortune of being marketed as a big action flick. However, that movie did not go over well and we are set to get this redux, The Incredible Hulk. Edward Norton stars as Banner with Tim Roth as his opposition, the Abomination. Joining them are William Hurt and Liv Tyler. Transporter’s Louis Leterrier is at the helm. Below I have a bunch of stills and the recently released second trailer.

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Stuck – Poster, Trailer

You can’t make stuff like this up. Do you remember the story about that woman who hit a guy who got stuck in her windshield, and she drove home and put the car away? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, that is the basis for this movie starring Mena Suvari and Stephen Rea. It looks pretty good to me, although this copy of the trailer looks kind of dark. The poster is pretty cool, trading on the tabloid style cover. Stuart Gordon (From Beyond) is at the helm.

Terra – Poster

This is a pretty snazzy looking poster that is a definite tease. Anyone know what it is about? No, I haven’t done any research on it. The poster really catches the eye. It also looks like it has an interesting cast, including: Evan Rachel Wood, Brian Cox, James Garner, Chris Evans, Danny Glover, Amanda Peet, David Cross, Dennis Quaid, and Luke Wilson. With all those names, I wonder if this is an animated flick?

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – Poster, Stills

Are you ready for the next entry in the The Mummy series? I cannot say I am terribly excited for it, but I did enjoy the first two films, and even the Scorpion King spin-off. This new outing transplants our hero, still played by Brendan Fraser, to the Orient where he will face off with an Asian mummy played by none other than Jet Li. Interesting choice. I have not seen any footage, but I like those two leads and have no doubt that it will not be a good film, but will certainly be a fun one. Joining Fraser and Li are Maria Bello (replacing Rachel Weisz), Luke Ford, and Michelle Yeoh. Rob Cohen is directing, and that does not instill a lot of confidence, as his track record includes the likes of Stealth and The Skulls. The screenplay was delivered by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, most famous for Smallville. Take a look at the teaser:

(L to R) Alex O Connell (LUKE FORD) is joined by his parents, Rick (BRENDAN FRASER) and Evelyn (MARIA BELLO) BRENDAN FRASER returns as explorer Rick O Connell in The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor photo2 BRENDAN FRASER returns as explorer Rick O Connell in The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor ISABELLA LEONG as the mysterious tomb guardian Li Alex OConnell (LUKE FORD) disturbs resting Terra Cotta Warriors JET LI as the vicious Han Emperor rides among his Terra Cotta Warriors Explorer Rick OConnell (BRENDAN FRASER) and his son, Alex (LUKE FORD) MICHELLE YEOH as Sorceress Zi Yuan MARIA BELLO as explorer Evelyn OConnell JET LI as the vicious Han Emperor JET LI as the vicious Han Emperor_2 Driving down the street

The Accidental Husband – Posters, Trailer

As romantic comedies go, there have not been many surprises to be had in recent entries. It is all about how the story is told, how the cliches are used, how the performers are used, you know, the things needed to make a good movie. The Accidental Husband does not look awful, but I cannot say it is going to great either. I like the cast, with Uma Thurman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, so I will be willing to give it a shot. It can’t be worse than Made of Honor, can it?

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