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Movie Media+: Avenged Sevenfold, Family Guy, The Spirit, Michael Clayton, Dragon Wars, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, One Missed Call, Sleuth, Religulous, There Will Be Blood

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Welcome to the Movie Media column – trailers, posters, and clips for upcoming films, along with some CD art and a TV spoof poster. Some are nice and fresh, some aren’t. However, they all have something in common – they caught my attention. If there is a

poster or trailer you think I should check out, be sure to let me know, and I will see what I can do.

This week kicks off with something a little different, the cover art for the upcoming Avenged Sevenfold album was released, as was a poster promo for the season premiere of Family Guy. Also this week we have media for a British royalty sequel, a new comic adaptation, a law thriller, a new Japanese remake, and a comedic jab at organized religion. All that and more!

Avenged Sevenfold – Album Art, Webisodes

Avenged Sevenfold is hard at work on their fourth album, and their fist since their explosive major label debut, City of Evil. I am anxiously awaiting the release of this self-titled album, as I fell in love with their last release. The cover art has come out and it is very simple. It features a white background and their skull with bat wings logo, with the parental advisory logo in the lower left. They are also posting studio clip webisodes chronicling the album. So, for a glimpse of the new album, see below.

Family Guy: Blue Harvest – Poster

Family Guy will be kicking off its new season with an hour-long spoof of Star Wars. To go along with the movie theme, there has been a poster created to promote it. I have to say that it is pretty cool looking. It perfectly apes the look of the original Star Wars poster. It even uses the working title that was used: Blue Harvest. Take a look:

The Spirit – Poster

It won’t be coming to theaters until 2009, but there is already a poster out for The Spirit. It is a comic adaptation that will be the directorial debut for screenwriter Frank Miller (creator of 300 and Sin City). I know that he was credited as director on Sin City with Robert Rodriguez, but that was more Rodriguez’s doing than anything else. They already have some of the cast in place, including Gabriel Macht (Because I Said So) in the title role, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Eva Mendes.

Michael Clayton – Poster, Trailer

I think George Clooney’s performance as evidenced in the trailer looks like it could be good. My problem is that, also going by the trailer, I have no idea why I should care. Clooney plays the title character, a lawyer who most take over an important case against a big corporation when one of his associates apparently has a breakdown. Again, not sure why I should care. The film was written and directed by Tony Gilroy, making his directorial debut. He has previously worked on all three of the Bourne films. Joining Clooney in the cast are Tilda Swinton, Tom Wilkinson, and Sydney Pollack.

Dragon Wars – Stills

In production seemingly for years, Dragon Wars is poised to arrive on the big screen. It is a Korean production with American actors and is set in Los Angeles. Yeah, I thought that was a little strange too. Anyway, I posted the domestic and Korean trailer as well as the poster a few weeks back. This time I have some stills for you to check out in preparation for the September 14 release date. I have to say that I am not particularly impressed, but I think this is going to be fun. Notice I did not say good. All I want from this is some fun.

D-War_0701_72dpi D-War_2584_72dpi dwar-altar1.0010_72dpi DSCN0016_72dpi dwar-captain3.0001_72dpi D-War_0018_72dpi

D-Wars-ethan2.0001_72dpi D_war_still.00035_72dpi D-Wars-eden_serra2.0003_300dpi D-Wars-still_00037_300dpi D-Wars-Snapshot26_300dpi D-Wars-Snapshot47_300dpi

D-Wars-Snapshot39_300dpi D-Wars-Snapshot46_300dpi D-Wars-Snapshot49_300dpi D-Wars-still_00036_300dpi D_war_still.00030_300dpi

Elizabeth: The Golden Age – Poster, Stills, Trailer

A historical epic sequel? There’s something you don’t see every day. Elizabeth was nominated for seven Academy Awards back in 1998. Now, nine years later the stars have come back to reprise their roles in Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Cate Blanchett returns in the title role and Geoffrey Rush as Sir Francis Walsingham. Joining the leading pair is Clive Owen as Sir Walter Raleigh. From the synopsis: The Elizabeth: The Golden Age trailer tells the thrilling tale of an era… the story of one woman’s crusade to control love, crush enemies and secure her position as a beloved icon of the western world. The movie is slated to open October 12th.

One Missed Call – Trailer

Another Japanese import. In 2003 prolific director Takashi Miike brought the creepy tale of One Missed Call to the big screen. Now, French director Eric Valette makes his English language debut with the remake of said film. The tale is supernatural by nature and thriller by execution. A series of people receive calls on their cell phones which reveal their final moments. The cast includes Ed Burns, Shannyn Sossaman, Azura Skye, Ray Wise, and Margaret Cho. The trailer doesn’t seem all that special, and it has the honor of being one of the first releases in 2008. That isn’t a good sign of quality.

Sleuth – Poster, Trailer

Saw the trailer for this a week or so back and was intrigued by a film that reminded me of another film. No, not the original Sleuth from 1972. I sensed elements of Fracture and A Perfect Murder. Something else too, but I cannot quite put my finger on it. In any case, the film looks very interesting. It looks to be built on performances from its leads, Michael Caine and Jude Law, and the strength of the script by Harold Pinter. Kenneth Branagh directs the remake which is slated for release in October.

Religulous – Poster, Still

Political comedian Bill Maher teams up with director Larry Charles (Borat) to deliver a comedic documentary centering on religion. Religion is a favorite topic of Maher’s, who invites us with the following statement: “Join me in the final battle between intelligence and stupidity that will decide the future of humanity. Coming soon to a house of false idols near you.” Meanwhile, Charles says in the same statement: “The funny will be scary, the scary wildly funny. The crazy will seem sane and the sane absolutely and undeniably crazy. All lines are blurred. All bets are off. We will get inside, on top of, behind, and in front of religion.” Being a man of faith, I am not sure how I will react to it, but I will say it will likely be interesting… Now, take a look at Maher on toast:

There Will be Blood – Poster, Trailer

The latest from writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights, Punch Drunk Love) is ramping up its promotions with the release of a poster and a trailer. The film looks interesting. It centers on a conflict between a would be oil baron and a spiritual rancher family who refuses to sell their land. Daniel Day Lewis stars as the baron. The trailer is good, it drew me in and made me excited to see it. It is due to open in limited release in December.

That’s all for this week, stay tuned!

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