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Movie Comments: Dinosaur

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This is something new for me, it’s not a movie or DVD review, more just some random things I was thinking about while watching the movie. I may start doing this from time to time, it won’t be a full-fledged review, or even a mini-review like the Quick Views.

I was rewatching Disney’s Dinosaur yesterday, and I got to thinking about the dinosaurs in it and what I thought when I first saw the trailers. I remember the trailer, a wonderful piece, almost a film in it’s own right, following an egg on a journey after being snatched from it’s nest. The movie opens with a longer version of this sequence. It is the best thing about the movie. It is presented with no dialogue. It is accompanied by music and the noises of the forest and the other dinosaurs. The egg is carried by various dinosaurs, it drifts down a river, passing by momentarily distracted creatures, float through a herd of other dinosaurs lapping at the water, scooped up by a pterodactyl and eventually comes to rest in part of the world that was alien to his kind. Then the magic is disrupted, we hear an onscreen character speak English.

The opening sequence is magical. It sets up the era so well, for the rest of the movie, I couldn’t help but wonder how much better the film would have been had it been silent, or rather, not have the characters speaking anything other than their growls or whatnot. I loved how that opening just does so much with so little, taking us through a tour of a world gone by. The different species living together. I don’t know, I just feel the source was betrayed to market to children.

I can’t really fault them for that as it is a children’s film, and an enjoyable one at that. That opening is so great, I can’t help but wander into the what if’s. Journey of the egg would make a great short subject. I think this could have been told silently, but that would have betrayed the interests of Disney. I still enjoyed the movie. Just watch that segment, and tell me it’s not great.

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  • I couldn’t agree more. I thought Disney was attempting something incredible and the Dinosaurs wouldn’t talk. I was so pumped for this one.

    I’m not so sure kids could understand it without talking. If they don’t get it, they don’t buy toys. I still LOOKS spectacular and the asteroids sequence is great (sound amazing on the DVD), but other than that, stick with Jurassic Park.

  • Yeah, I remember that trailer just floored me. I wish I had a decent sound setup to take advantage of, one day perhaps.

    There’s still Walking with Dinosaurs which is decent.

    In addition to Jurassic park, don’t forget Carnosaur! 😉

  • The entire “Walking With” series is great. It really is what “Dinosaur” should have been, minus the educational stuff.

  • Am I the only one who found Disney’s “Dinosaur” to be a major rip-off of Don Bluth’s “The Land Before Time”? I mean, I know that there’s only a few ways to do a dinosaur film, but there just seemed to be far too many parallels.