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MoveOn.org uses Terri Schiavo for Politics

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MoveOn.org just posted a new ad on their website attacking George Bush. In continuing their long run of stupid advertisements, this latest one uses the Terri Schiavo case to belittle any of Bush’s judicial nominees. It states that Bush may pick “an extremist” who will restrict people’s rights, and intervene where he or she shouldn’t.

Well, they could not stop after she died, could they? They just had to exploit her death, and manipulate the feelings of the viewers to get them to go against the President. That is sick and disgusting! Should anyone remind them about how they consistently violate peoples right to live? How they violate the unborn child’s right to live through their support of abortion? Or even in the Schiavo case: insisting she had the right to die, instead of allowing her the right to live.

By Abelardo Gonzalez

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  • BTW, I watched the ad. It’s pretty innocuous. If I were moveon.org I wouldn’t waste money running it. And I bet they don’t actually ever broadcast it. It’s just not strong enough to make much impact.


  • >>insisting she had the right to die, instead of allowing her the right to live.<< Since she had already exercised her right to die, only god really had the right to keep her alive, and when they removed the life support they put it in his hands and he chose to make her body as dead as her mind. The spirit presumably went where it was supposed to. You know, there are some religious folks who would argue that keeping the body alive imprisoned her soul and kept it from going to heaven where it belonged. Dave

  • Poliitcs is crude. I just watched the ad. C’mon now – this is much less crude than most national level political advertising.

  • Nissa…your baseline postulate is untenable, and has no basis in Reality

    the entire Schiavo case was about the rights of the husband in dealing with his wife’s condition based upon Florida Law

    this was ruled on, by many different judges, most of whom are “conservative”, on multiple occasions an dalways found in accordance to the Laws of the state of Florida which has jurisprudence over the case

    you don’t like it?..that’s your Right…you want it changed?…get your elected Representatives to change the Law

    nice try at rabble rousing…but you will get more traction utilizing Facts rather than hateful hyperbole nd false analogies

    nuff said?


  • Nissa, Mrs. Schiavo wasn’t merely disabled – she was no longer a person on this earth. In effect a living corpse.

    And as I and many other believe – worse than dead.

    Talking about killing the disabled is another point entirely and disgusting to any rational person.

  • Somebody tell me how, 60 years after the defeat of Hitler, it’s possible for anyone, even MoveOn.org, to stand up in public in favor of reviving Hitler’s Aktion T-4 by killing disabled people (and Terri wasn’t the only one).

    Next are they going to come out in favor of genocide— or ‘helping the Jews with their end-of-life issues’?

  • Nice try at equivalency but, in this case, a certain handful of stupid Republicans have clearly gone waaaaay over the top – and under a rock – in serving, well, their base I guess (even though their base revolted at being revolted at the grandstanding). Further than any other dolt. Speaking of dolts, Howard Dean did tactlessly say Democrats were going to use the case in the future, but it was more the way he said it IIRC which was dumb: “We are going to use Terri Schiavo …”

    It is very much an issue the waste of time and money and intellect toward trying to make the Schiavo case a “Your privacy is ours” cause.

    And no one in MoveOn is elected to be a Congressional representative like Sen. Frist, Gov. Bush and Rep. Delay – among others.

  • I cant believe I forgot the link!


  • Considering that both Republicans and Democrats on the hill and president Bush already turned the Schiavo situation into a ridiculous circus of political opprotunism, moveon.org is just showing that they’re equally morally bankrupt, which isn’t exactly news. I’m surprised they didn’t climb on the bandwagon sooner.


  • Raumjunge

    And a few weeks ago, Gov. Jeb Bush was not at all using the overused Terry Schiavo case for political reasons by calling for an investigation into the moments after Schiavo’s collapse. Jeb Bush wanted to find some way to fault Michael Schiavo in her condition and subsequent death. Destroying Schiavo’s credibility was a blatantly desperate tactic by another Bush who has backed himself to a corner to escape reality.

  • JR

    ApathyOnline: Well, they could not stop after she died, could they? They just had to exploit her death, and manipulate the feelings of the viewers…

    Well, look who’s talking.

    And you even added dishonesty to hypocrisy with this line: “and now we even know that Terri felt the pains that come with being starved to death”.

    That’s quite a credibility gap you’re opening up there.

  • that should turn off bold

  • I really have no problem with move-on using this. I don’t think it will help them. All parties of interest should and will use past events to shape current opinion and policy. 911 attack is in the same boat. So is WWII, the Civil War, and the Crusades.

  • Yeah, I can’t seem to find one either.

    Also, I apologize for bolding the thread. I hate that.

  • copper

    There is no ad at Moveon.org about this. Could it be they’ve taken it down already? If anyone can find a direct link, please post it. Let’s hope these internet nazis have come to their senses.

  • Well, they could not stop after she died, could they? They just had to exploit her death, and manipulate the feelings of the viewers to get them to go against the President.

    Woah, for a minute there I thought I was reading about the current administration’s constant use of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to manipulate voter sympathies. Remember this, Abelardo?