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MoveOn.org launches “The Daily Mis-Lead” at misleader.org

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MoveOn.org, increasingly one of the most important political organizations in the U.S., has launched a new website at misleader.org and a daily email service:

The President says things that are misleading or just plain wrong every day, but most of these statements are never challenged. That’s why we’re launching Misleader.org, a new website and free daily email service for journalists and the general public to track George Bush’s false statements.

“To launch the site, we’ve taken out a full page ad in the New York Times titled “Mis-State of the Union.” The ad reveals how the President misled the nation in his State of the Union speech — not just on Iraq, but on the economy, the environment, and other important issues.

An update on George W. Bush’s lies every day? Gee, ya think they’ll have enough material?

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  • “MoveOn.org, increasingly one of the most important political organizations in the U.S…”

    By opening this post with an assertion sufficiently misleading to constitute a lie, you have flushed this juvenile fib patrol’s last piece of credibility down the toilet.

  • Eric Olsen

    Chris, you do not mince words, and that isa fine thing.

  • Andrew

    There’s no way of stating it better than just done by Mr. Arabia. Also, wasn’t this Moveon activity done by Slate or Salon in the recent past with less than thrilling results?

  • pete

    question:when will the midia ask gw how 87B isn,t a tax increase??? or will they give bill benett a Billion or two and send him to vegas to fold it 87 times???

  • Salon tried this and let it fold after a while for lack of material and interest. I expect they’ll need to expand it far beyond the original parameters to keep it going, but moveon has some experience with that.

    Remember, this was an organization specifically founded to protest the impeachment of President Clinton. Having failed at that, one might expect that they would, well, “move on.” Instead of moving on, though, they realized that they had a dynamite liberal mailing list, so they’ve kept going.

    Only now their pursuit of liberal causes has made their name somewhat amusing. While the rest of the country is often quite willing to “move on,” these guys want to dwell on the same things for as long as possible.

    I guess it shows the danger in picking a too-specific name, as well as exemplifying mission creep.

  • Eric Olsen

    While they failed to prevent the impeachment, they did at least participate in the acquittal. Thus emboldened they refuse to go away.

  • maggie

    if anyone has time, please read a relevent article in this weeks 11/25/03 Economist. It mentions the dangers of pushing/ranting heavy anti-Bush views in order to win swing voters.

    Article specifically mentions the Far-Right’s adverts before the re-election of Clinton. Their extremist views alienated voters.

    I fear the same for the Dems. I wish Bush would not be elected again. But I also fear that MoveOn does more harm than good.


  • Eric Olsen

    Excellent point, only Bush himself will lead me to not vote for him – overstated attacks force many in the middle to defend him.

  • “By opening this post with an assertion sufficiently misleading to constitute a lie, you have flushed this juvenile fib patrol’s last piece of credibility down the toilet.”


  • Joe

    From the article: “Lauded as the Christian Coalition of the left…” Yep, that sounds about right.

  • Typical. It only took our pal 75 days to respond! He falsely implies that I just made that statement, when he could have started a new post on Moveon based on the Salon article and Moveon’s recent exploits. While he took the time to use today’s news to rebut my opinion of 75 days ago, I suspect we will wait in vain for him to correct his countless silly predictions. I am honored as always by his attention, but what’s next? Wait for a rainy day and reprint my description of sunny weather from a different day?

    Not that Mr. Flemming cares, but: I believe that at the time I made the statement, it was accurate. Based on recent developments, I would add: Moveon has gained strength, though I would still disagree that it is one of the most influential political organizations–let the left win the WH or a side of Congress, and maybe I’d feel differently, but hopefully I won’t have to find out.

    Interesting that Mr. Flemming is celebrating an infusion of funds from Soros, a currency speculator whose moves (on?) and manipulations have wrought havoc all over the world (for his own self-enrichment) and may have even affected people who Flemming does not hate. Is this the grassroots progressive model, hop in bed with Soros? I guess the “social justice” propaganda is for sale. (cue ENRON!)

    What a heartless activist.

  • It’s a curious thing that we’re hearing about billionares and Hollywood types again and again recently as the driving forces of left-wing funding. Soros and Spielberg-types apparently constitute legitimate grassroots activism, as opposed to small donations from a million NRA members. Those obviously constitute special interests buying elections.

    Thank God the Democrats got that campaign finance reform through to stop them damned wily rich right-wingers.