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Mouse Testicle Cells Similar To Human Fetuses

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The fruit of your loins might just be an end to the suffering of millions worldwide.

According to German scientists, cells from mice testes “closely mimic” embryonic stem cells, i.e. they can transform into almost any type of body tissue.

All stem cells – whether embryonic or not – possess three characteristics: “they are capable of dividing and renewing themselves for long periods; they are unspecialized; and they can give rise to specialized cell types.” The problem, however, is to keep the stem cells unspecialized in laboratory conditions until they are needed. Thus far, embryonic stem cells are the only ones that scientists have been able to stabilize as required. That process took 20 years to master. The discovery of the mice testes, therefore, is significant.

Of course, in case the lab results can be duplicated in humans, many people will be happy for more than purely scientific reasons. In case you missed it, a lot of people have been very unhappy about the “embryonic” in embryonic stem cells. To find cures for diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are of course noble goals, but the fact that those cures might come from the yet unrealized corpses of future generations of humans was too much to swallow for some people.

Some people who vote. And others who just pray – loudly.

And so the news that we don’t have to wait for the sperm to make its way into an egg for science to advance is no doubt very good news. Now, we can go directly to the source and hope that there is not much difference between man and mouse.

It is too early to know what the proponents of Intelligent Design are thinking but it is possible that in the interests of scientific achievement they will take the stance that when the Designer was Designing us all, He knew we might have need of mice to point us in the right path.

Only time, or An Entity not quite God but suspiciously like Him, can tell.

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  • Hooray!. There is finally a reason for mice in the design of the universe. For so long I thought they merely were here as part of a complex ecological system that had evolved over millenium.

    I can hardly wait for a new heart made from mice testicles.

    There is, with this comforting article, a link to a strange notion from Kansas called “Intelligent” design (or ID for short).

    Positive evidence of design in living systems consists of the semantic, meaningful or functional nature of biological information, the lack of any known law that can explain the sequence of symbols that carry the “messages,” and statistical and experimental evidence that tends to rule out chance as a plausible explanation. Other evidence challenges the adequacy of natural or material causes to explain both the origin and diversity of life.

    A whole paragraph that says nothing coherent. Mouse testicles!

  • BB

    Years ago as a federal inmate I volunteered for a medical experimental program because I would serve less time. Was given an injection and informed it was from a rodent. Not being the brightes bulb in the chandelier and knowing I would have less time as a federal inmate it all sounded good to me. That was 30yrs ago and yes Im a free man except for one thing beside my love for cheese and seed. Maybe you have seen me on the Morey Povich show as I came out with the wheel barrel. My weight at that time was 145lbs, however I needed the wheel barrel to carry my 350lb balls. Now you know why I use the name BB. Big Balls.

  • Howarddratch – Mouse testicles! its the last word in any argument.

    B”Big Balls”B – sadly i missed the show, but that thank you for the mental picture. It gives new meaning to “BB gun”.

  • BB


    Thank you for your concern. Was given a free mobility scooter with a front basket with attached hydraulic system loader. Much better then the wheel barrel since the B weight is up to 490lbs. Always the promblem when out in public. Especially the local market. Cant belive the looks I get. People are just insecure maybe. I keep them covered so not to offend. Recently at my favorite food outlet an eldery lady thought I had some kids in the basket under my cover. She tossed off the blanket I use and fainted. By the time the medical people arrived she was dead. I feel so bad and now Im being sued. Would like to smack the lawyer with a giant ball but I cant stand up very will. DU. Life goes on I guess.

    freak power.