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Motley’s crew have not made up

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We all knew that the forthcoming Crue tour woulld be an bizarre saga. Hard News reports that members have not patched up their differences merely buried them for the tour.

MOTLEY CRUE frontman VINCE NEIL and drummer TOMMY LEE will head off on the group’s reunion tour as enemies later this month – because neither one wants to forgive and forget. The rock act split largely because of the feuds between Lee and Neil, and the singer admits their relationship is still hindered by the very negative feelings they have about each other. He tells men’s magazine Blender, “I don’t like Tommy and Tommy doesn’t like me. Tommy doesn’t care to resolve things. I don’t care. I have no feelings about it either way. “You go to work and there’s a guy in the office you don’t like. You still do your job, huh? “The secret is to think of the EAGLES. They toured forever and they f**king hated each other.” Meanwhile, Lee insists he isn’t going to let his temper get the better of him backstage on the upcoming tour – because he has learned to control it. He says, “My anger management classes have taught me there’s always a way out. I don’t like to make too much of a big deal about this because it sounds gay, but if I feel angry, I like to go for a walk and look at trees.” To ease possible tensions on the volatile tour, each group member will hit the road on his own tour bus.

Is anyone willing to bet whether or not they will complete the tour or not? This one has about as much chance of going off without a hitch as the last Guns N’ Roses tour. We shall see if they make it to the UK & Europe.

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  • torrie

    yea i love tommy lee goes to college!!

  • alle

    i love tommy lee xxxxxxxxooooooooo

  • Bailey

    Tommy Lee is my idle and my hero i love everything about him hes so awesome!

  • I thought they split because Vince Neil was a drunk and Tommy Lee’s an egomaniac.

  • …well its already rumoured that Mick Mars will only appear for parts of the show due to his ongoing injuries. I seriously doubt they will last until the UK dates in June. Being on the road will bring it all to a head again…