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Motley Crue live at Red Rocks

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OK, last night I was at the Crue here at Red Rocks. I know you have a lot of questions, and frankly you should. Your first question might be, what is the parking lot like? Was it 30-year-old dropouts with pimp mustaches doing donuts in their bitchin’ Cameros? Not really. Were breasts flashed? aplenty! Did they play _____? Yes. With the exception of guitarist Mick Mars, the band looked terrific… and sounded ever better.

Don’t get me wrong, Mick sounded great and just tore it up. However, Mick appears near death because of serious spine and back muscle and hip issues. He can’t really stand or walk well, it was sad to see. Nonetheless, his guitar playing was spot on! The set was obviously heavy on hits, and the band has a lot. They played for two hours, along with both strippers and midgets randomly thrown in to match up with the ‘Carnival of Sins‘ premise. Also, there was a shitload of pyrotechnics which complimented everything very well. It was madness, and it was very loud madness. You know that stupid saying “If it’s too loud, you’re too old’? Guess what, I’m too old then. Before openers Sum 41 finished (who sucked, by the way. They were a poor man’s Green Day) I had jammed Kleenex into my ears as a makeshift earplug.

My favorite part of the show was the first set, it was all comprised of the first two albums. This was cool for me, because I lost interest in the band just after Theatre of Pain. The band seemed to be more about glam than music… so I drifted to harder tastes and got into Metallica (who is on the same career trajectory if you ask me).

The point being, last night’s show was $75 well spent at a concert… and I don’t utter that often. I recommend the show, even if you are a casual fan. We had so much fun. Getting drunk with buddies, seeing a great rock show, and lookin’ at boobies all night long… all while being at Red Rocks. I can’t imagine a summer evening better spent.

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  • At least you covered the important bits: pyrotechnics and strippers! 🙂

  • even better, am going to see Maiden tomorrow night too. Just scored free tickets, so stay tuned.

  • Lono,

    I moved this to Advance.net, a place affiliated with about 10 newspapers around the country.

    One such site is here.

    Also please let your contact know, if you had one, that this article, is published at one more place. That helps to show they get two?, three? for the “price” of one.

    Thank you.
    Temple Stark

  • Temple,

    Thanks! I am flattered beyond words. One tiny wish, for publishing could we use my real name – Kevin Lang?

    there it is, I said it! The truth and the mystery of the fabled Lono are now revealed.

  • Russ

    i am seeing crue on their final show in perth western australia on dec 10th can’t wiat.

    does tommy have the flying drumkit or anything…plz say yes!!!! what was his solo like??

  • Jewels

    As a closet Crue fan…Rock – on!

  • evan

    The 15 year wait to see motley in oz is nearly over fantastic!

  • stephanie

    i just came home from the atlanta crue show… about 45 minutes into the show, vince went down and after a lengthy intermission, tommy, nikki, and mick came out to let the fans know that the show would not continue and vince had torn ligaments or something to that effect and was on his way to the hospital… there were a few in the crowd cursing and bitching, but most took it well and left without any problems… hopefully everything will work out and we’ll get to see the crue here in atlanta again soon…

  • Why not use your real name in the first place?

    Personally I’m surprised these guys are still alive after all the drugs and booze they’ve consumed.

  • I knew a guy who dressed up like them and his dad kicked him out for being gay.

  • I’m just glad they’re still alive and to me Sixx is still an idol

  • tcf_cruefan

    Saw them in Little Rock last Friday night. They rocked. I’ve been a Crue fan since the mid-80’s. Never left em. The only disappointments were that there were NO new songs at all. No.. If I Die Tomorrow or Sick Love Song. I like them both. They closed with Anarchy. The only song that they remade that I hate. Oh well, they were still great.

  • tiana

    question for motley crue fans–anyone at the show last night in Casper, Wyoming? Have you seen a recent show? Anybody in Denver go to the show last night or the show here in August? Fox 31 news in denver would LOVE to talk to you on the air about the pyrotechnics accident. Fans if you have not heard, don’t be worried he will be fine we hear. Please call me at 303.566.7600 in Denver! Tiana

  • Personal attacks not allowed! I guess the whole world is tired of Tommy Lee!

  • jake sturge

    I just got back from seeing crue and i tell you if you see them it will be the best concert u ever attended

  • All,

    I have to point out an awesome irony. I stopped in to check on my little babies (articles) and there is an embedded google ad on top of my piece. It is for law enforcement. Considering Vince Neil gets arrested quarterly now (and killed someone while drive drunk)… I just thought that was kinda funny.