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Mothers: Don’t Let Your Daughters Grow Up To Marry Muslims

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Quotes from here:

The Vatican warned Catholic women on Friday to think hard before marrying a Muslim and urged Muslims to show more respect for human rights, gender equality and democracy.

Calling women “the least protected member of the Muslim family,” it spoke of the “bitter experience” western Catholics had with Muslim husbands, especially if they married outside the Islamic world and later moved to his country of origin.

…When a Catholic woman and Muslim man wanted to marry, it said, “bitter experience teaches us that a particularly careful and in-depth preparation is called for.”

It said one possible problem was with Muslim in-laws and advised future mothers that they must insist on Church policy that children born of a mixed marriage be baptized and brought up as Catholics.

…Pope John Paul has broken ground in dialogue with Muslims and even prayed in a mosque in Damascus. He won plaudits in the Muslim world for his strong opposition to the Iraq war.

But Vatican officials and leading Catholic prelates have expressed increasingly critical views about the spread of Islam and the challenge this poses for Catholicism.

The Vatican’s top theologian, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, said earlier this week the West “no longer loves itself” and so was unable to respond to the challenge of Islam, which was growing because it expressed “greater spiritual energy.”

The migration document also discouraged churches from letting non-Christians use their places of worship.

This issue arose last month when Muslims in Spain asked to be able to pray in Cordoba cathedral, which was once a mosque. A senior Vatican official said this would be “problematic.”

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  • Please keep publishing more, RJ, because the best treatment for fascists is exposure and transparency.

    By their horns and hooves will you know them.

    I’m sure we’ll all be treated to photos and an announcement of your patching-in ceremony as one of Satan’s CockSuckers.

  • Don’t kill the messenger, Canuck.

    I’m just reporting the news. I’m not even Catholic…

  • Then why are you carrying water for a theocratic despot of a dictatorial state? Or are you an enemy agent spreading propaganda in aid of a foreign power?

    Those are crimes in the States, just like the FBI agents who sold out for Chinese nookie and Russian loot. At least they got nookie and loot, all you probably got was a fondling by some boozed up priest.

    Not that, given adult consent, there’s anything wrong with that. If alcoholic Papist functionaries turn your crank, well, pass the Toilet Duck!

  • And since you’re just a news passer (is that like a gas passer) when do we see the news releases from your friends in the Aryan Nations, the Moonies, Lyndon LaRouche, the Church of Scientology, PETA, and the cell in Apartment 3B?

    Just posting shit, and hiding behind a fascist agenda isn’t passing news, it is being a participant with an agenda, one of the Knights In Satan’s Service. But without out the tongue or tunes.

  • The Catholics pronounce something. I report it. And I am attacked.

    Nice. Is there something in the water up in Canuckistan?

  • mike

    This is as hypocritical as a lecture from the United States on human rights.

  • Sandra Smallson

    I could not agree more:) Then again, I am Catholic:)

    Again, some of you need to calm yourselves and stop with the revolution already. Bloody nora! With an open mind, take information as you see it. There is nothing wrong in what was said above. I would not marry a Muslim for a variety of reasons, lots of them identified in this article posted by RJ. Simple. If you think the Catholic Church is being hypocritical by giving this advice(though how you reason that is a mystery) then it is up to you.

    It is simply advice. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. The Vatican did not say you will not be allowed into the church if your husband is in a turban(which is the next thing some of you will start saying they said:). They are giving advice that is valuable to not only catholics but non-muslims the world over. Simple matter. Nothing to bring down the Church about.

    It seems people will never be happy unless they have a religion, Church or Government to blame for all the world’s problems. Why don’t you start by taking a look at the person in the mirror?! Make the change from there and if we all do that then the world might be a better place. Instead of accusing the Catholic Church and the Government and organised religion for all that is wrong in your life and the world.

    🙂 I suddenly feel the need to listen to MJ’s Man In The Mirror:)

  • mike

    “I suddenly feel the need to listen to MJ’s Man In The Mirror”

    Given MJ’s molestation history, that would be a very appropriate thing for a Catholic to do.

  • Sandra Smallson

    ..and I suspect you’ve applauded yourself for thinking that one up? I pity you. Really, I do. I don’t know if I should laugh at you or cry for you. Poor sod.

  • “There is nothing wrong in what was said above”
    except that when RJ says “Quotes from here” it means “cut and pasted from here”
    no personal view is offered. it’s just a cut-and-paste job. That’s not blogging – i could go and do that every day with numerous websites, but it wouldn’t make me either intelligent or talented, it’d just mean i can cut and paste (CTRL-c/CTRL-v, anyone?)

  • Sandra Smallson

    Jadester, I wasn’t commenting on your post. I understand your complaint. I was responding to Jimbo and lil’ Mikey.

  • I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “Jadester, I wasn’t commenting on your post”, because this isn’t my post. I realise you were responding to a couple of commenters, but i thought you were referring, in saying there’s nothing wrong with what’s said above, to the entire post.
    I apologise, i think i got some wires crossed yet again (i *must* remember to leave the site alone when i’ve had a bit to drink…lol)

  • Sandra Smallson

    Okay, I am confused too. I thought you thought:), I was commenting on your comment about cutting and pasting. Therefore, I wrote the comment above, that you do not understand, to let you know I understood your comment/post but I was responding to the comments of Jimbo and Lil’ Mikey.

    I hope that helps.

  • Tolga

    First of all i wonder how many of you visited Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus northern side, or lets say any Muslim country. Most of you is being the tool for Propagandha. Now talk ot human rights. Who can say what USA is doing right in iraq? why dont pope say nothing about it? IS he supporting it?

    Though shall not kill!!

    Well 8) i just feel bad about these people who pass the info here for beleiving in it. And i feel sad for pope himself. No disrespect intended for any catholic beleivers.

    USA exacution is still legal.. but you see people killed in saudi arabia on tv and feel pity for that country. when did you feel bad about people getting killed by american court?
    open your eyes..

    “They asked Budha if he was a god..
    He said NO.
    They asked budha if he was a prophet..
    He said NO.
    They asked him what he was .
    He said “I AM AWARE”
    …of himself and all around him…


    Well, I have lived in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia and now Iraq. All these countries are predominantly Muslim, so I have a bit of background to comment from.

    I would suggest that any woman considering marrying an Arab Muslim, first look at the country he comes from.
    Egypt, Tunisia, and even Iraq allow women to dress as they will, though they tend to wear modest, and rather fashionable, clothing in these countries. No Cut offs and tank tops on the streets, but that is not a big deal, more importantly they allow women to choose between wearing the veil and robe, though social/family influence plays a big role in that decision. Women are allowed to travel unescorted, and to work there as well.
    Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain are a mix as well, but hopefully they will lean towards tolerance and equality as they become more open. I know women in Bahrain and Kuwait can work and own businesses. One of the most surprising experiences happened in Kuwait, where after months in Saudi Arabia, a women dressed entirely in black talked to me while I was in her store. This would never happen in Saudi Arabia. Younger Gulf Arab woman’s fashion ran the gamut from Western clothes to fully veiled, again, social or family pressure plays apart. Women can and do work here as well, I had several female professors in the UAE, and they brought in professional women, such as one of the highest ranking officials of the Jebel Ali Free Port. Women don’t have quite the freedom they have in the west, but the conditionsare better than you might think, it would depend on the family a Western woman was marrying into.

    The Family is the ultimate reference, the seat of power in many Gulf Arab states, for all the good and bad that inherent to that.

    All of these countries stand in stark contrast to Saudi Arabia where benighted is a proper word to describe the social aspects in this country. Women are non-entities there, you see them but they may as well be ghosts, set apart from most of the males of the family, not allowed to interact or travel freely, unles her husband is strong enough to support her in the face of custom and social pressure. Legally, they have almost no protection, they can be divorced in a moment, and the Saudi government will see that the father gets custody. Our own State Dept does not endorse western females marrying Saudi natives.

    This is not to say that all Saudi females are hopelessly oppressed, I can’t answer whether that is true, because I was never allowed to talk to one. A Saudi colleague of mine told me that even if we had known each other for years, if I were to come to his house, I would not meet the woman of his household. So, a sociable western female might not like being so restricted, either.

    IF there are any Muslim-Arab females who can enlighten me as to their perspective, I’d love to read their views here. I’d also like to hear from Muslim Indonesian women, to know ift heir experiences are similar as well.

  • paula

    I married a arab twenty years ago, i have had two sons to him , i have been treated like dirt beatings second wifes you name it and he is not from the gulf he is from north africa, it has taken me years to get away from this muslim man they have no respect for women and beleive me mine was a western educated man untill we went to live in uae he changed, i feel so guilty to my two sons that i have left them with this legacy my older son wants to change his name and get away from islam. please all women listen think twice three times before you get involved with muslims……… they can not tell the truth to save there lives. they are preshistoric.

  • RJ,

    I have no love for the Catholic church, but it seems that the pope’s actions are two-fold. He si trying to keep his female parishioners happy within the folds of the church and he is trying to compete with Moslems without getting shot.

    As for how Moslem men treat their wives, I would pay close attention to the good sergeant above and to Paula, and then read over what Tolga has to say.

    But RJ, what has me curious is how you got away with just quoting an article.


  • the point of the article then is to create a rift between catholics-the pope on one hand and muslims on the other.

    simple aint it, RJ?

    otoh, in principe islam does not require conversion to islam for marriage with jews or christians. you may practice what you believe. call it tolerance if you will, but examples are rarer every day.

    as for discrimination on gender or race or religion that needs to be slapped back as much in muslim countries as in wife-battered race-afflicted US and europe !

    nicely biased article.


  • Nadia

    i am a muslim and i completely disagree that women are supressed and are the least protected member in a family. This is all a media propaganda. Before you start saying things please read the quran and then read the bible and then tell me which one gives more right to a woman. A western woman uptil the last century was not allowed to have a share in property the right which was given to a woman 1400 yrs back in the quran. The right to choose a partner. The status of a woman is stated in the quran where God says that oh you cant even repay your mother for what she goes through when she gives birth. So the right of the mother over the child is far above the fathers.I can keep on going. Please dont degrade Islam. If one perticular indvidual is bad to his wife does not mean that you criminalize the whole socity. How many christians beat there wives and are bad to them does not mean that every christian is bad.

  • asbean

    grow up ,,,theres no god,no allah,no satan,no father christmas,,tails mothers and fathers told thier children ,so they would be good,,
    you would have to be very very weak minded or mentaly ill,,or living a very shelterd life,
    to believe that some supernaturall bein created the world and everyone on it,,
    and the only way you can get into heaven is to blow yourself up and kill as many nonebelivers as possible,,or sodamise little boys,
    i cant believe how backward some people are we can not grow up if we still beleive in father xmas and we can not progress ,
    religion ..for me is a cloak that truely evil people hide behind..

  • Islam

    although, this wont stop the fact that Muslim men are better husbands and fathers than non-Muslims, the number of western women who marry Muslim men are increasing because they discover that the Muslim = best husband and father ever
    you can try this.

  • Why do you think believing in mysticism makes Muslim men better husbands and fathers?

  • BettieW

    I would like to add my voice of experience: Muslim men are not a good choice for a husband. Other religions offer a much better chance for a good marriage. I’ve tried Muslim and non-Muslim. Non-Muslim wins by a landslide, sorry…my moderate Christian husband is so good that I would not trade him for 10,000 Muslim men! And, ladies, don’t believe Islamic deception: as a Muslima or as a Muslim man’s wife, you are likely to be treated as a slave or an animal. First comes the charm (to throw you off guard) and after you marry, then comes the harsh Islamofascist reality. Don’t trust even the most “Westernized” Muslim. They will turn on you in a heartbeat.

  • mary

    what hypocrisy of the catholic church, that themselves treat women like second class citizens