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After World War II a new type of traveler accommodation called motels emerged in a specific architectural style of long or L-shaped building of a series of rooms located near a highway or interstate exit, the motel was a unique style of accommodation. Coupled with the emerging highway system the motel industry grew rapidly. The buildings were conveniently located; but unlike large scale hotels the rooms were inexpensive and furnished in a minimal, basic style. The style continued to be distinctive and often novel in design but usually the room area maintained the “I”, “L” or “U” shape with an office attached. Travelers entered their motel room directly without going through a central lobby area.

Motel blogs will point out some of the historic, distinctive or quirky locations especially those along American byways and scenic roads. Progressive Insurance Company hosts a blog of the kitschiest motels in the country with some interesting photos that harken back to the Route 66 days of Americana.

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