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Mostly Autumn is Mostly brilliant

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The Next Chapter (DVD)
At the Grand Opera House
Mostly Autumn

(Classic Rock Legends)

Never have I heard two live recordings of the same band that sound so different. Either the mix, the sound, or the recordings on DVD are complete shite, for it makes the band look like a truly appalling bunch of no-hoppers that can barely hold a tune, much less produce a decent bunch of music. This type of release embodies folk-rock at its worst. The non-musical stuff on the DVD is twee in extremis and nothing you want to see more than once. In short, steer clear of TNC. On the other hand, the CD of AtGOH is an extremely appealing collection of classic prog-rock. It is a delight to listen to from start to finish, including the fact it is an SACD release. Mostly Autumn sound like a mixture of ole’ Genesis, Jethro Tull, and Pink Floyd, with female vocals added for a bit of spark. They even dare to cover ‘Confortably Numb’ and are quite successful in the endeavor. This live CD clearly shows why MA have been receiving their share of hype. The performance is enhanced by a string quartet and a choir. The recording is also available on a DVD. Recently I heard a sampler of their new CD, entitled Passengers (which I hope to review soon), and can say that the quality of the material continues to excel. This live disc includes the title track to the new album as well as the Tull-esque ‘Caught in the Fold.’ Just please avoid TNC; you will truly get the wrong impression. This is a great band with great potential and one that comes very close to deserving the hype.

TNC (DVD): 1/5
AtGOH (CD): 5/5

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