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Most Common Searches?

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I need help. I once heard that the two most common searches on the internet were God and Sex. Then I heard it was Jobs and Politics. But now it has become a mystery. It makes sense that we would worry first about survival (Jobs and Politics), then about fun and reproduction (Sex) and finally about the meaning of our lives (God). But is there some way to find out definitively? Looking at the entries that get the most responses here, clearly God and Bush Bashing rock the site. But that may well be because we are pursuing the other two in other areas. Can someone help me figure this out?

Once we know this, the implications are of course enormous. Is the internet really a vast dream of infantile wish fulfillment interspersed with raw id impulses and arbitrary images? Is the internet the true representation of some Jungian collective unconscious or perhaps our group consciousness? Does the internet reflect who we are as individuals or more interesting is it determining who we are? I think of the old image of a pomegranate that so often appears in medieval art. Each seed is the morsel of flesh and bone, red and white, that together as a whole creates the fruit, itself red and white. Please help if you can.

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About carmine

  • Jesus Was a Dead Jew On a Stick

    i see the internet as a way for free porn and a means to download free music. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Carmine

    Jesus Jew on a Stick,
    So your sense is porn is #1 Music #2 and in light of your tag God #3?

  • Jesus Was A Dead Jew On A Stick

    God is irrelevant to me as of now. I would put the music over porn. I spend more time DLing music than spending watching porn.

  • Perhaps the percentages are skewed by the possibility (and desireability) of doing something in real life, as opposed to online.

    Also, although past posts at Blogcritics on breasts (348 comments) and other female parts (an evocative 69 comments) have garnered attention, blatant porn is not part of the Blogcritics oeuvre.

    For pursuit of virtual “romance”, you might want to check out the teen-band threads. Pretty Ricky and B5 reviews garner hundreds of comments from deluded searchers who obviously found us in a search, and seem to think they’re talking directly to their idols.

  • Jesus Was A Dead Jew On A Stick

    why would i wanna post some shit on a Pretty Ricky blog? pfft.

  • My comment was in response to Carmine’s question, “But that may well be because we are pursuing the other two in other areas. Can someone help me figure this out?”

  • Jesus Was A Dead Jew On A Stick

    being an apathetic person as I am, I ask, “who cares?”

  • carmine

    Thanks Pat.

  • Baronius

    Yahoo reports its top searches of 2004 as:

    1 – American Idol
    2 – Paris Hilton
    3 – Jessica Simpson
    4 – Britney Spears
    5 – Harry Potter

    and the number one search on AOL was “horoscopes”. Please join me in weeping for the future.

  • I suspect Yahoo is self-censoring keywords, thereby eliminating exactly what Carmine is seeking. I know I’ve read that Google ignores certain keywords in their reporting, mostly sexual.

  • derke

    You have to put into play that if 1,000 people search “bird vets”, another 1,000 search “aviary veterinarians”, and 1,001 search “dogs”, dogs would be the most popular search even though 2 of the same thing combined make about twice as mcuh. That’s why you can’t trust what baronius says; those things are inaccurate when you are looking for general topics.

  • haughki

    take a look here for an apparently un-censored list from ~2006.

  • Capucheeno

    this link hasthe most common searches and they’re fairly accurate I’ve checked around you can do the same.