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Most Appalling in 2003

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Most Appalling of 2003

After getting an idea from Eric Olsen, I was thinking…
There are many choices for most appalling person, place or event of 2003. Coming in at the wire, there?s the warning from FBI to beware of people bearing almanacs. This has to be one of the most pointless warnings in the history of warnings. Next they’ll be issuing warnings about people wearing glasses, which could be used to read almanacs which could be used to plan terrorism. I shudder to think of the tree-frog-like brain in the middle manager at the FBI who thought this was a good warning. I would submit the colour coordinated threat levels as the worst event, but it wasn’t event this year.

Then there’s the Valerie Plame affair. Bob Novak reported on her being a CIA agent – oops but that’s against the rules! Especially when the administration person(s) who leaked it to Novak was shopping the story around, hoping to throw dirt on her husband, who was opposed to Bush’s Iraq policies. Yesterday’s act of treason is today’s political reality, I suppose.

Bill O’Reilly’s idiocy was highlighted when Fox News tried to sue Al Franken over his book, “Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them”. Bill is all for free speech for he, not for thee…His overwhelming hypocrisy is all the more funny when you realize that’s what the book is about. Well, he did help boost sales, so I’m sure Al thanks him…

I know you think the movie ‘Gigli’ was bad, but I think you have to give the worst film crown to ‘From Justin to Kelley’ the film with two hopefully-with-short-lived careers from ‘American Idol’. A nod to many people I met who thought “The Real Cancun’ demonstrated just what doesn’t work on films despite working on TV.

Michael Jackson….nah, too easy.

The murder of Zahra Kazemi in Iran, where she was working more or less as a journalist, and the lack of Iranian investigation was particularly galling. She was beaten, taken into custody, died, and was swiftly buried. When someone talks to me of emerging democracy in Iran, I wonder what Zahra’s opinion on the matter would be.

Humanitarian concerns were not the primary motivation Bush used to get support for the war in Iraq. In fact some of his reasons seemed to have turned out to be based on very little in the way of facts. I supported the war because I thought a dictator needed to be taken out of there, but that’s not the reason Bush gave. Why is this a problem? I’m thinking of the other muderous thugs out there that need to be gotten rid of. Ultimately I can’t find the Bush administrations actions to be appalling in this instance, so this is not going to win the award. I’m not sure there’s support in the administration for democracy, especially their recent critique of the fledgling democracy in Tawain, at the behest of China. Just checking guys, but we’re FOR democracy, right? That one gets them a nod for an appalling sentiment.

Speaking of lesser thugs, Robert Mugabe and his visit to France, warmly greeted by Chirac was pretty appalling. Not just because Mugabe has gone from a defender of freedoms to an oppressor, but that the leader of a democracy coddled him. Can’t forget France not doing much to stand by the US, who at last count, have saved them two to three times this past century. Give the nod to Chirac here for keeping vipers close to his breast – we all know how well those types of things pan out.

But the winner will be something beyond merely appalling and truly horrifying, if not all that surprising. Lifted from LGF, this site on mass graves in Iraq shows something so horrible it can’t help but be the worst event of the year. Even though many of the murders occurred over his long reign, Saddam’s victims should not be forgotten.

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  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Jerry, glad I could be of idea assistance!

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  • Very unoriginal. Rote Right Wing.

  • I’m not quite sure how Politics: The Democrats are appalling. Back home the job of the opposition party is to oppose. We’re already down to a two party state, it’s still preferable to the many one party states out there.

    I’m not sure if “rote right wing” is for me, but I’ve been banned from birthday parties for being “too liberal”, so it’s certainly an ironic appelation.