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Most Agree, Obama is Heading the Country in the Wrong Direction

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While liberal pundits and media types this week had their hissy fit over Rand Paul's spot-on comments about how a portion of the Civil rights Act of 1964 is unconstitutional and un-American, those of us who really care about the future of the United States took notice of how the current administration is destroying it.

Now, before you say this is just another rant by a fire breathing libertarian bent on desecrating the good name of the president, read on. In a recent Rasmussen poll, 67 percent of Americans agree with me that the nation is on the wrong track. Only 28 percent think things are hunky dory. Of course, the president?s approval rating continues to languish below fifty percent. Even with his success in passing nationalized health care, he just can't seem to enjoy the support of a majority of Americans.

So, what specifically is wrong with the direction of the country? For one thing, the government just reported that it passed the $13 trillion debt mark. Now, many will say, so what? We have had higher debt-to-GDP ratios in our nation's history and our economy is big enough to weather the storm. That could be the attitude of the president as well, since in just 16 months in office he is responsible for nearly $2.4 trillion of that total. It is true that just after World War II our debt-to-GDP ratio was higher (120 percent) than it is now, but honestly, our national debt is much higher than the $13 trillion that Uncle Scam reports. We have to take into account the future unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare. When those future commitments are added in, the current ratio is off the chart at 435 percent. Even if we only consider the bogus government debt number of $13 trillion, when Bernanke and his counterfeiters at the Fed eventually raise interest rates significantly to combat the hyper-inflation caused by their fraudulent acts, the interest alone on the debt will bust the federal treasury. Foreign lenders will disappear and the French Revolution will look like a walk in the park compared to what will happen on American streets.

After President Obama is done making most Americans dependent on Washington, the austerity measures that will have to be enacted will cause serious civil unrest from coast to coast. This week,  USA Today reported that in the first three months of this year, pay from private business decreased to its smallest share of personal income in U.S. history.  So much for economic recovery.. Meanwhile, during the same period, government programs such as Social Security, unemployment insurance, and food stamps rose to record highs. I understand that we have just experienced the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and these numbers should not be unexpected, but according to the administration, we have been in a recovery for some time now, so I would think the number of folks on welfare should be decreasing, not still increasing.

The reason they are increasing is because the Obama Administration has a goal to build the welfare state like we have never seen it before. Remember when Bill Clinton proclaimed, "We've ended welfare as we know it?" That was a lie, but at least his reforms put time limits and other restrictions on receiving welfare. Since the legislation was passed in 1996, welfare caseloads have decreased by 70 percent, child-poverty rates have dropped, and teen pregnancies are down. Folks from across the political spectrum agree that Clinton's reforms have helped the poor get on their feet in a humane manner.

While the restrictions are still in place, starting with his so-called $862 billion stimulus package last year Obama has changed the way states receive welfare subsidies from Washington. The Feds now pay states 80 percent of the cost for each new family added to the welfare rolls. No longer do states have an incentive to drive welfare recipients into the job market. To prove further that Obama wants a permanent underclass in America, his budget projections show that he intends to spend $10.3 trillion on welfare for the 10 year period FY 2009 to FY 2018. The question that has to be asked is: why is Obama so bent on destroying successful welfare reform and putting so many more folks on the public dole at a time when our treasury is so busted? Perhaps this question and why it is that he wants to grant citizenship to illegal aliens have the same answer — to make the Democratic party the dominant party in American politics for a long time to come. In any event, when the collapse comes all those on government benefits will have to find sustenance elsewhere. Recent events in Greece are a preview of what could be coming to America.

Gargantuan debt and an expanding welfare state are just two reasons a large majority of Americans believe the country under Obama is on the wrong track. There are also the matters of illegal immigrants and expanded wars in the Middle East. If only the liberal pundits and media would focus on the events that are destroying America instead of a gotcha interview with a Republican nominee for the Senate. Then again, maybe that was the liberal establishment's ploy all a long, to distract the rest of us from reality?

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  • Have Americans ever been happy about the way the country is going?

    We can be quite the whiny bunch…

  • zingzing

    uh huh. you make those claims. and 16 months isn’t a really long time when you’re digging out of a hole this large. and the stock market has been on an upward swing for the past year. the economy is slowly getting better. tell that to an unemployed person and they’ll laugh, but things are turning around, at least for the moment (year).

    still, “most” don’t “agree” on anything like what you say. your headline is a misleading lie. it DOES matter if his name is on there if you’re going to quote a poll that doesn’t ask the question that you seem to suggest. you’re just making shit up.

    (also, i’d like to see a quote saying that if the “stimulus passed unemployment would not go past 8 percent.” i think you’ll find that’s not quite what he said. if you’re going to quote and criticize claims, at least get those claims right.)

    you quoted a poll that doesn’t exist, and even the poll you misquoted is obviously a right-wing, bloated piece of crap that’s a whopping 12% over the average. i’m giving you 16 months to fix it, or else i’ll devastate your children and grandchildren. i’ll need addresses.

  • It doesn’t matter if his name is in there or not – he is the president. Whatever happened to Harry Truman’s “The buck stops here”. Besides he has had 16 months to fix the economy. Remember he and Biden both said that if his stimulus passed unemployment would not go past 8 percent. So, if they are going to make claims then criticisms of those claims are justified. And in addition, now he is expanding the welfare state through socialized medicine, and other gimmicks that have never worked and my kids and grandkids will be devastated by the enormous debt it brings.

  • zingzing

    #10, look at the last sentence of my first paragraph. you’ll find your answer there. still, rasmussen represents the biggest outlier in every poll that rcp includes them in. funny, eh?

    #11, we’re in a fucking recession. of course they do. of course we are. until we right our economy, what else do you expect? it’s an obvious truth.

    but still, you want to stick the word “obama” in there, when that’s not part of the poll. there just isn’t a poll (at least on rcp, and i can’t find one on rasmussen either) that asks if obama is leading the country in the wrong direction.

    also, you may want to look where the “direction of the country” poll was when obama took over. deserved or not, there’s a positive swing, although it’s going downhill again.

  • Either way, a significant majority of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

  • Did you ever think that maybe the other polls are liberal?

  • zingzing

    well, that’s a 12% shift, which is within the frame i suggested it would be. and we’re in a recession, so i don’t think that number is implausible. and that polls about the u.s., not obama in particular. you’re putting words into that poll’s mouth. according to rcp, obama’s got a positive approval v disapproval rating with fox and rasmussen obviously going to be skewing to the right. maybe the others are just as obviously going to skew to the left, but still.

    my POINT, however, was that rasmussen is always, always significantly to the right. 12% is a pretty large number in polls of this sort, so i don’t know how anyone can quote a rasmussen poll without the slightest critical thought. if there’s a scientific method behind a rasmussen poll, it’s severely fucked up.

    how do you explain that 12% shift?

  • zingzing,
    If you go to realclearpolitics most polls mentioned say 55% and up believe the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction. I guess that is probably liberal enough for you, as if polls that are done scientifically are still tainted with conservative bias.

  • zingzing

    that’s right archie… repeat the same slogan you’ve been repeating for two years and nothing more…

  • Baronius,

    “They’ll sign something else and the liabilities will disappear.”

    The future liabilities are actually promises to real flesh and blood people. You are right, long before that time the funny money gimmicks and frauds of the Fed and Congress will be over. We will no longer have credit or the ability to print money out of thin air to pay our bills and thus it will get ugly. As Obama rebuilds the socialist-welfare state it will be eventually very hard when the well runs dry and all those recipients are cut off.

    Future liabilities do matter – they are deferred debt, but debt none the less. Instead of working to solve the problem now, Obama is digging us deeper into a hole.

  • Baronius

    Kenn, why count unfunded liabilities against the debt? It’s unrealistic. A government in 2030 that’s $59 trillion in debt due to Medicare isn’t going to go another $1 trillion into debt. They didn’t swear a blood oath to pay off entitlements, they just signed some legislation. They’ll sign something else and the liabilities will disappear.

    Anyway, the two ways debt affects us are through interest payments and our ability to borrow more. We’re already bumping up against our practical credit limit, the point where other governments and investors start to politely but firmly turn down our debt. And we’re never going to have to pay interest on the $60 trillion of Medicare debt, because we’re never going to *have* $60 trillion of Medicare debt. So what’s the point of talking about unfunded liabilities?

  • Arch Conservative

    That’s right zing……….everyones loves Obama…..

    Hope and change………

    yes we can………..

    blah blah blah

  • El Bicho,

    Care to explain what the “cartoonishly skewed interpretation” is?

  • speaking of being distracted from reality. it’s one thing to disagree with Obama policies, but your cartoonishly skewed interpretation is laughable and undercuts your position.

  • zingzing

    good god. rasmussen is CONSERVATIVE. EVERYONE knows that by now. if you quote them, lots of people are going to get about as far as that word. it’s bullshit. quoting them as a source is about as useful as quoting fox news or hitler. it’s just too divisive. and everyone knows their polls will run 10-15 points more conservative than the other polls. all of the other polls. that’s really strange, isn’t it? how do they do that? do they make shit up?

    (now i did read the rest, and it’s more of the same general idiocy you’ve been repeating for months now. why do you just keep repackaging the same old shit? you’re even quoting your old articles in there. it’s a waste of time.)