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Morris steps up to the plate

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Tonight on ER:

Finally, Dr. Morris performs an intubation and doesn’t even kill anyone. Nor does he pass out, or make up some ridiculous excuse for why he can’t be in an operating room.

Luka realizes that he can’t go around “screwing every nurse in the ER –” or the congo — because he might give them the clap.

A crazy guy threatens to blow someone up (Dr. Morris, to be exact), then actually steals a tank and heads to the hospital.

And we finally find out that ancillary character Frank actually has a family, including a Down’s Syndrome daughter which I guess is supposed to be some kind of justification for his blatant bigotry and xenophobia (god, I love that word, especially when Parminda Nagra says it).

MIA from this ep: Sherry Stringfield’s pregnant Susan Lewis, Sharif Atkins’ literal Dr. Michael Gallant and one of the med students who had an asthma attack early in the season, and, I’m guessing was deemed too weak to continue being a med student.

I would try to be more helpful with names, but neither IMDB nor NBC are offering any help.

I don’t really care much about Dr. Corday’s lovelife, and the boxes in the admissions area seemed like a make-work project for the writers as well as the characters. I’m a little up in the air about the girl who’s torturing her pervert father by keeping him alive, even though he’s a vegetable. I think it’s a great premise for a short story. Oh, wait. Stephen King made it into a book and called it Misery.

Still, it was an enjoyable episode, if only for the shameless glee of a man fulfilling a threat with a tank, and the shameless libido of 13 year-olds and hunky Croatians.


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