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Morning Conversation with My Wife

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This mornings conversation centered around Baby Girl. She is almost 8 months and discovered that she really likes to dance. The songs with a heavy rythym/decent melody seem to excite her the most. Cf: the Elephant March song from The Jungle Book.

Me: “Remember me telling you that I emailed Thomas at Submeat about making me a mix CD?”

Ang: “Yeah.” (In the background, Baby Girl is about to crawl off the bed. Ang. lunges to catch her before she bails off.)

Me: “I originally wanted a good mix CD for T. But, I think maybe I might ask him for a mix CD of ‘gay’ songs. I think Baby Girl would really like that stuff.” (This time, it’s my turn to stop her from bailing off.)

Ang: “I wouldn’t put it like that.” (In Mom’s arms now, pushing away to be put down and growling. Her Daddy taught her to growl, which I hope doesn’t came back to haunt me.)

Me: “You know what I mean, discoish stuff. Gloria Gaynor, etc.” (Now, Baby Girl is kind of bouncing up and down in Mom’s Arms as that song from the Full Monty plays from somewhere, the TV I think.)

Ang: “I know what you mean, but I don’t think calling it ‘gay’ music is going to help.”

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    haha. MD perfectly expresses my befuddlement.

  • Oh.

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