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Morgellons Disease: A New Illness That Really “Bugs” Sufferers

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There seems to be a new disease that’s causing a scare in parts of the US, and it’s not the bird flu. Morgellons is the name of this new disease that seems to be surfacing, and everything about it seems to have come out of a bad horror movie.

According to the Morgellons Research Foundation, those who have the disease develop rashes and non-healing skin lesions that cause a burning or itching sensation. They also claim to have the feeling that insects are crawling under their skin. When the rashes are treated with topical medications, the symptoms return within a few days and further treatment ends up being futile.

Other symptoms from this strange disease include: sweat that is black and tarry, strange multi-colored fibers that come out of the skin lesions, and some sufferers have claimed that they saw small insects crawling/flying out of their skin (although no one who isn’t infected with the disease has witnessed this).

Most doctors have dismissed this as delusional parasitosis, a disease in which one falsely believes oneself to be infected by an organism, though there is something more to it. More than half of those infected with this disease also have Lyme disease. The disease also, seems to be isolated to California, Texas and Florida.

The doctors who are researching this mysterious illness can’t seem to find the actual cause. There is something to it though; with all those infected people reporting the same symptoms and having fibers pulled from their skin lesions, it simply can’t be in their heads.

What it is, though — well, that’s the mystery.

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  • With so much still unknown, it’s difficult for folks to get a diagnosis right off the bat. Having been through this myself, it took a doctor reading through old notes in my medical chart (after reading an article on Morgellons last year) to be convinced that this is what I’d experienced.

    Through an unrelated illness, I’d been on a wide range of extremely strong antibiotics several years ago and I haven’t had a recurrence of the odd fibers, rashes, lesions, around scar tissue since. Call it coincidence or call it a cure, I don’t care. It’s gone and I’m glad. I only wish my doctors over the years had known what they were looking at so we could have come to a treatment plan sooner.

  • You have to consider the Money aspect, and that fibers are everywhere, which explains the objects emerging from lesions

  • I read that the only effective treatment against this dread disease is antibiotics, and oftentimes even that doesn’t work…

    Not good…

    But I’m glad you are feeling better now, Joan! 🙂

  • lisa

    This strange parasitic infection that is being called Morgellons Disease is most certainly not isolated to Texas, California, and Florida but cases can be found in every state of this country. Most times patients are being diagnosed as delusional because doctors do not bother to examine the evidence and assume that the very act of bringing in samples of any kind are a symptom of delusional parasitosis. This struck in my home, infected my entire family including a two month old infant. We all experienced the sensation of tiny insects crawling on us whenever we sat on infested furniture and broke out in rashes and had track marks. Once after washing a load of infested clothing, I actually found tiny eggs in the strainer of the washer, which my husband also saw. Our hair became rough, seemed to move on its own, and fell out in patches. My children and I had strange hairs come out of us rectally. My small son actually got several red spots inside his hands, a rash on his knuckles, and two dime size white spots on his wrists from simply rubbing lotion on the bumps which were on my back. We took no antibiotics, but religious washing of bedding, removal of carpeting, and throwing out infested furniture resolved the problem for us. During the worst of it we actually had tiny things like splinters popping out of our skin. Sure the symptoms are unheard of and rather strange, but this is a true parasitic infection that the medical community needs to take seriously. Even if it were a mental problem, antipsychotic drugs do not work in curing the problem. Oddly enough sufferers have found that the same types of products are helpful in fighting this so called delusional. This problem needs to be taken seriously by the medical community. People are commiting suicide because they are not receiving help from those they trust to know what to do. Here’s a big question that I have for medical proffesionals…what makes a person with no history of mental illness suddenly have the sensation that they are being bitten, break out in rashes, sores, and track marks, and actually produce strange objects from their skin. Lastly, we did actually find two springtails in two different forms during our infestation. Springtails have actually been connected to many, many morgellons cases although springtail researchers refuse to believe that they can infect people.

  • Jack Blevins

    Hi, My name is Jack. I’ve suffered from this very same symptons for over ten years!! I’ve been to the E.R. at several different hospitals. Every time I go, it’s to no evail. They don’t know what to say to me!! I just saw the news and it finally put a name to the madness!!I really want to get checked out by someone who will listen with an open mind and believe what Im telling them!!! I feel my skin crawl, I get the horribly painful sores, I even experience the thread like things comming out of my skin!! One thing I have not heard a mention of is the hair fibers or the actual hair folicles if pulled out of my skin have a strang looking base on them and they will like attach themselves to anything and it’s very strange!!! If anyone could tell me of a doctor located in mcminnville, or pordtland or salem or anywhere half way close to me I would really appreciate it!!!! thanks to who ever opened this page!!!!

  • mel

    this is to jack. I have a friend who has been complaining of the same things your describing. Of course no one can see it but her. have you found a doctor yet? she is in the salem area.

  • Tracy

    I have to say that I was so shocked to see this on the news in my area last night. I have been suffering from this for a few years now. I thought that I just had some weird genetic skin thing that my family passed down. I was always way too embarrassed to tell anyone. I think (after reading several articles online this morning) that I may not have as serious a case as I saw on the news. My fibers are not red or blue…but white only and there is a black speck on the top…if I scratch one it raises above the skin and if I pull it out its like several cottony fibers….so weird. I also have a lesion on the back of my neck that will not heal. I am anxious to hear from other people who have experienced this. I guess i had diagnosed myself as crazy before a doctor could “misdiagnose” me.

  • kathy

    My sister has had these weird things coming out of her skin, she is losing her hair. Her feet swell. She showers and it gets worse. She had a spegetti noodle like thing come out of her heel. I just can’t beleive this is happening and no one is helping these people. Her doctors have been saying shes crazy, delusional, a drug addict, etc..Are these things contagious we need to know? I don’t want it. Is my sister o.k. to be around? HELP!

  • james

    if treated early it is easier to heal.
    a dermatologist is the first dr. to go to and have a test done for lyme disease. a university medical center is probably best. since they have the multiple resources avaiable. this began when troops returned from iraq and middle east area, it then spread when they went home. some doctors are more familiar with it now. since the news coverage.

  • Jamelle Berry

    My hubby returned from way S. where he is working on rebuilding roads. He was a mess.. In pops my sister & she cured him. ( this is the short verson.)Read her website: posted below. Seems these things she used mildly shocks the body & shocks the bugs, ETC. what every theyre. Used my email to let me kmow how turns out if u have this conditions. I sure hope I am not going get from him. BUGS!!!!Wish was someway to give u her address.

  • Jamelle Berry

    I just posted. I want all replys email to me

  • M

    I had the exact symptoms of Morgellons disease.My doctor prescribed Hydroxyzine HCL 10MG. and Clobetasol Propionate ointment 0.05% The symptoms of itching and burning disappeared in 10 days.

  • Troy

    Why do you give ignorant doctors a free pass on this?

  • Everything seemed fine when I first went through the transporter. Then a few days later I found these dark black hairs on my back.

  • Jerry

    Could this be some type of weird tropical plant the Mexicans are bringing in? The stuff looks like roots.

  • jeannie

    this is for #7, tracy. what she is discribing are blackheads. they can appear anywhere on your body. soap and water is a sure “cure”.

  • Mary Zepeda

    HI I have had Morgellons for 1 years now – I feel for all you sufferers out their because it is the most horrific thing out there and we do not get the support from our loved ones as we should.I have tried everything that the http://www.Morgellons web site saids and much much more and nothing seems to work to get rid of these strange bugs and fibers. We need one on one help from our doctors, but I dont know about you all out there but my doctor didnt want anything to do with me- (there should be a law against that)
    I just wanted to make one more commet about Morgellons that I personally think is wrong with the people out there that think this Morgellons is contagious- Well I have been around many many people and not one person has gotten this from me- Im not a doctor but (in my opinion) you get this Morgellons from that main source- the same way that I would have contracted this is the only way that abother can contract it. I know where I get my Morgellons from, If the doctors out there would just listen hear and research it the world would know more about this and be able to figure out a cure.I have researched my own Morgellons and I have found out lots- But seriously it doesnt mean one thing without help from a specailist.
    One more commet to other Morgellons sufferers try to think about people not beleiving you about your Morgellons life will be much easier- You know your body and you know that you have it-
    the people thatdont beleive you I see it as IT’S THERE PROBLEM! The day will come soon when the world will know the truth and they will know the whole truth, then after that day we can all breath a little better and minds will think straighter and will all be ok. Have Faith
    Mary from SO-CAL

  • Diana

    30 of 31 Morgellons patients tested positive for Lyme borreliosis.

    Many doctors instantly diagnose using Ekbom’s old 1938 unproven theory Delusions of Parasitosis the moment they hear the unusual symptoms. Thus, the patient is labeled DOP and is not given any treatment, allowing their disease to progress unchecked and unrelieved.

    However, DOP is a diagnosis of exclusion if protocol is followed. Bloodwork, skin scrapings, or other lab work to rule out parasites or systemic disease should be done before diagnosing DOP. Examination using magnifying glass or microscope should be done.

    With the lack of treatment from a majority of doctors, the lack of attention by local health departments, and the lack of action to-date from the CDC (who says they are forming a “task force” to “study” this “syndrome”) the actual size of this disease in the population is unknown.

    Here’s an example of the typical attitude from an MD who is a member of the Something Awful message board:

    Invicta{HOG}, M.D. “Well, it’s not an actual hoax, but it is largely psychiatric in origin. I have seen patients who suffer from this and they all believe it quite strongly. They are quite tough to treat. They bring in all these little threads and things as proof.

    The worst thing here is the reporting in that article. You’d have to look pretty hard to find a doctor that’s “confused” about this disease . . .”

    From NP Ginger Savely:

    ” . . . I now have 31 patients who fit the criteria for Morgellons disease. These patients have come to me from all over Texas, desperate for answers. I continue to be impressed with the consistency of their stories. All but one of these patients have tested positive for Lyme borreliosis, so I am currently treating them with antibiotics and seeing some remission in Morgellons symptoms . . .”

    From: http://nurse-practitioners.advanceweb.com/

    The article ends with this statement:

    “Rather than being quick to pigeonhole these patients into a psychiatric diagnosis, we owe it to them to thoroughly investigate the cause of their symptoms. Morgellons disease is a reminder that we have much to learn by really listening to the patient.”

    And, again from Ginger Savely:

    ” . . . The two main occupational groups reporting symptoms of Morgellons disease are nurses and teachers. Nurses outnumber teachers 3 to 1, but both occupational groups represent a significant percentage of patients with this disease. It is unclear what the risk factors might be, but researchers are exploring the possibility of casual transmission. . .”

    30 of 31 Morgellons patients tested positive for Lyme borreliosis.

    The best labs to use to check for Lyme disease are Igenex and Bowen.

    “Borrelia (Borreliosis, neuroborreliosis; also known as Lyme Disease)

    Spread primarily though the bite of infected ticks that live on a wide range of mammalian species; secondary human-to-human transmission through semen, breast milk, and possibly in utero.”



    “. . . Borrelia

    Bladder dysfunction, Burning or stabbing sensations, Cardiac impairment, Change in bowel function, Chest pain, Confusion, Depression, Difficulty thinking, Difficulty with concentration and reading, Difficulty with speech, writing, Difficulty finding words; name blocking, Disorientation: getting lost, going to wrong places, Disturbed sleep: too much, too little, fractionated, early awakening, Ears/Hearing: buzzing, ringing, ear pain, sound sensitivity, Exaggerated symptoms or worse hangover from alcohol, Eyes/Vision: double, blurry, increased floaters, light sensitivity, Facial paralysis (Bell’s palsy), Fatigue, tiredness, poor stamina, Forgetfulness, Headache, Heart block, Heart murmur, Heart palpitations, Heart valve prolapse, Increased motion sickness, Irritability, Irritable bladder, Joint pain or swelling, Lightheadedness, Mood swings, Muscle pain or cramps, Neck creaks & cracks, Neck stiffness, pain, Numbness, Pelvic pain, Poor attention, Poor balance, Poor short-term memory, Problem absorbing new information, Pulse skips, Rib soreness, Sexual dysfunction or loss of libido, Shooting pains, Shortness of breath; cough, Skin hypersensitivity, Sore throat, Stiffness of the joints or back, Swollen glands, Testicular pain, Tingling , Tremor, Twitching of the face or other muscles, Unavoidable need to sit or lay down, Unexplained breast pain, Unexplained fevers, sweats, chills or flushing, Unexplained hair loss, Unexplained menstrual irregularity’, Unexplained milk production, Unexplained weight loss or gain, Upset Stomach or abdominal pain, Vertigo, Wooziness. . . ”

    30 of 31 Morgellons patients tested positive for Lyme borreliosis

  • Psychologist

    Please leave the diagnosis of mental illness in the hands of those clinical psycholigists trained to use a battery of psychological tests. We look at indices for neurological impairment and integrate findings from objective and projective measures to give a balanced and full clinical picture.

    Can dermatologists just work on doing good dermatology and remain cognizant of practice boundaries? Thank you.

  • “Who” though, with “morgellons disease” is willing to get a mental evaluation to begin with? Dermatologists, and other doctors, and even discerning people that hear the news, and read what they do on morgellons message boards are not stupid. I invite persons in possession of excellent comprehensive skills to visit the URL I’ve provided.

    Some “morgie people” are orchestrating a letter writing campaign, even now that they their wish has finally been granted that the CDC get involved, as well as Wymore’s getting the go ahead with his OSU studies to begin next month.

    They’re planning on sending out letters to public schools to spread panic. So, why is that, after their wishes have now been granted? That serves to add to the opinions the general public has already formed.

  • AD2006

    I think I may have Morgellons or something similar.Almost a year ago my legs began to itch very severely.The itching was all over my legs but more severe on my shins.I tried changing soaps , detergent,lotions, I even tried eleminating different types of fabrics (socks and pants etc.)But nothing would help.I would end up with sores all over my legs and it was just gross looking.Anyway I had to force myself to not scratch my legs for fear of infection and I also found that Ojon ( a restorative hair treatment from the jungles of South America)would actually give me temporary relief.
    Anyway I just got used to my legs itching and would still catch myself scratching occasionally when I wasn’t thinking.So one day about 2 months ago my right leg was itching painfully just beside my knee on the inner side of my leg.So I pulled my jeans up to look at it and there was a sore or lesion but it had something black barely visible in it.I thought maybe something had bitten me while I slept and that the black thing was a fang or stinger ( I just couldn’t think of anything else it could be ).
    So when I got home I got the tweezers and pulled it out.Well I kind of tripped out because it was what looked to be some sort of fiber, like a small black string and there was actually another that I pulled out behind it.
    Anyway I just told my self that maybe I had bumped my leg on something and my pants had stabbed into my leg leaving fibers in the sore.I know that sounds dumb but it was the most logical thing I could come up with.
    But get this.Less than 2 weeks ago I had the same thing happen again but this time on my stomache!And I have scars from both.
    It scared me at first because the sore on my stomache acted like it wasn’t going to heal but it finally did thank God.
    I have other symptoms too like the ears itching painfully but I just really try not to scratch them or touch them with my fingers because infection scares me more than anything.
    Anyway I am not going to go to a doctor because it doesn’t bother me that much. I have a very high tolerance for pain.And prayer along will power keep me from being overcome with this. However if it does get worse or starts occurring more frequently then I will go to a doctor for sure!

  • Judy

    I’m happy that I’m not the only one with this problem and I can sympathise with all of you who do have it, its awfull. The summer of 1993 I aquired my first spot on my right shoulder it was a super tiny raised spot of what appeared to be dried blood, when scab was scraped off it bleed alot and then it started itching and wouldnt heal, I have seen 6 skin specialists with each one telling me something diffrent.I have tried antibiotics, skin creams . All that they recommended and still no results. Now my skin is so scared up I dont dress like I would like and people think I’m contagious and it causes anxiety and depression.I now have trouble with my memory bad, also just the other day I had one on the inside of my lip, for all I know they could be inside me all over and me not know it.

  • LEE


  • Lou Lou

    I do not have morgellons but I know one person who has had it for at least 10 years. Two other people I know also contracted the disease which they have since gotten rid of. They both went to a dermatologist (togeather they are a couple) and he perscribed them Pyramatheran (spelling?) which is a parasite pill used on animals. She also washed her house down completely walls and all with straight Molythyon (instestide) and took bleach baths. She treated her house every 10 days she believes the the infestation is like fleas with eggs hatching every 10 days. She did this for a few months and is now Morgellons FREE. It is a scarry thing and I do not have the disease but have seen it and believe it is real. Primetime live will have a segment on Medical Mysteries August 9th at 10p.m. I hope this info. will help some of you and ask your doctor to perscribe the pills. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. I PRAY FOR A CURE SOON!

  • Raven

    You might consider contacting Dr. Omar M. Amin Ph. D. is a professor of Parasitology at Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona and the Director of the Institute of Parasitic Diseases (IPD) and it’s Diagnostic and Educational Laboratory (DEL), Phoenix, Arizona. He is a recognized authority in the field of Parasitology with over 100 major scientific articles and books to his credit. He helped my mother heal when she came down with these symptoms. Contact Dr. Amin especially if you have had a lot of dental work done as with my mother. http://www.parasitetesting.com

  • david

    The reason the Dermies and Shrinks are insisting that this is delusion is because they know how terrible and real it is. And they suspect it is untreatable. So they prescribe antipsychotic drugs, in an effort to subdue the patients. Be aware that at the same time, some of them are experimenting, hoping to be the first to find a way to kill this parasite. Check it out! ORAP, one of the commonly prescribed antipsychotic drugs, contains BOTH a vermicide AND an antihelmintic. Ask yourself WHY!



  • david

    ORAP (pimozide) is an orally active antipsychotic agent of the diphenyl-butylpiperidine series. The structural formula of pimozide, 1-[1-[4,4-bis(4-fluorophenyl)butyl]-4-piperidinyl]-1, 3-dihydro-2H benzimidazole-2-one is:


    Benzimidazole is a white to slightly beige solid; melting at 172 C, boils at 360 C, slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol. It is a dicyclic compound having imidazole ring (containing two nitrogen atoms at nonadjacent positions) fused to benzene. Benzimidazole and its derivatives are used in organic synthesis and vermicides or fungicides as they inhibit the action of certain microorganisms. Examples of benzimidazole class fungicides include benomyl, carbendazim, chlorfenazole, cypendazole, debacarb, fuberidazole, furophanate, mecarbinzid, rabenzazole, thiabendazole, thiophanate. Benzimidazole structure is the nucleus in some drugs such as proton pump inhibitors and anthelmintic agents.

  • Zombified

    I’ve had this disease for twenty years now. I had a bump on top of my head for many years, and it felt like something was biting me every now and then. I killed it with insecticide, dropping a few drops on it and rubbing it in. It went away after a few days. I believe this disease to be a fungus that assimilates its cells into insects. TRY TREATING IT WITH VAPOR RUB, SATURATING THE SKIN. THIS SEEMS TO HELP GET RID OF THE FIBERS AND BLACK-SPECK-AND-PEELING SKIN NETWORK THAT BUILDS BETWEEN THE LINES OF MY FINGERPRINTS.

  • Joseph

    I had Morgellons in 1993 and 1994 while living in San Francisco and Oakland. Only white fibers.Passed
    the sanity test by shrink at U.C.S.F. med cntr.Most
    docs there said I was crazy.One doc gave me one dose
    of ivermectin which was only partially effective.
    I then healed myself using essential pine oil on skin every day for many months.I have been fiber free for 12 years.
    Yes it is for real. I know the nightmare.I don’t know if this will work for anyone else. It takes a long time. I kept cleaning house and clothes and everything. There maybe be more than one cure.
    I wish I had kept journal and made videos with people to witness.
    Some people who think they have it are confused.
    Other people really have it.
    Some good photos and videos with the fibers sticking out of skin will do more than waiting for
    CDC.I know its hard to know to what to do when you
    have it. Please get a camera.

  • If you are interested in Morgellons Disease or experience Morgellons symptoms, I would like to invite you to participate in the Morgellons Disease Information Community and Message Board at morgellonsite.com

  • STM

    The black fibres people are describing sound very much like ingrowing hairs, which tend to wind around inside a lesion. This is a very common condition. Often, it appears to be more than one “fibre” as in the process of winding, or curling, inside the skin, the hair will often break. Many of the other symptoms sound like various forms of eczema and dermatitis, seborrhaeic and/or otherwise (or blackheads, as one astute observer points out).

    It’s highly significant that the vast majority of patients reporting with this condition are also suffering from Lyme disease, which is a tick-borne illness very common in rural parts of the United States (hence the prevalence in Texas) but not confined to rural areas. One of the major symptoms of Lyme disease is a dermatitis-like rash, known as erythema migrans, which can produce the characteristic track marks also described above.

    Above all, don’t panic. Lyme disease can be treated with antibiotics and most skin conditions will clear up with treatment. But left untreated, it can become very serious. I know from personal experience. Appropriate topical treatment, moderate change of diet and exposure to sunlight (and saltwater, if you’re lucky enough to have it nearby) will often bring about a “cure” for many of these conditions, although some need more careful management.

    My tip: get a referral to a dermatologist and have whatever it is you have properly diagnosed. Don’t diagnose yourself off the internet. Medical training involves a six-year course of study, followed by a wealth of on-the-job experience.

    Half an hour of googling won’t give you an accurate diagnosis.

  • joseph

    I can’t comment on the black stuff,it didn’t happen
    to me.
    Topical treatment,cleaning my place,building up my
    immune system worked for me. Also shaving my head
    helped.I agree on that part.
    The derms are just wrong.So don’t waste your time.
    Dr.Randy Wymore of OK.State will be proven to be
    correct.The history of medicine has numerous examples where most doctors were wrong.Dr.Lister was
    ridiculed for washing his hands.Recently,Dr.Kilmer
    McCully was forced out of Harvard in the 1970’s
    because of his Homocysteine theory of heart disease.His theory is now widely accepted,but Harvard refuses to acknowledge him as the source
    of the theory.
    People need to be honest to themselves.Do they
    really have the fibers under the skin.Or do they
    have some other skin condition.
    It is a real disease.I had it and I’m not crazy.

  • joseph

    Are there any film students out there that want to
    make a name for themselves by making a good video
    that will convince people about M___.
    There are already lots of unconvincing videos.
    Every shot doesn’t have to be extreme closeup.
    Time for film students and M.people to meet each other.
    I also think people should all ask the Google Foundation to think about funding research.

  • DJ

    Ive been suffering from the disease since 2001 when I worked at a plant nursery in MD. Since then Ive tried everything from Kwell, Lindane,to enzyme cleaner in my bath water. All of these seemed to work temporarily, but it always came back. I dont know how much money and time Ive invested into finding a cure for this disease whatever it is. I have all the symptoms from insomnia from the intense itching,depression, difficulty concentrating and other things. Ive also experienced the dismissive attitudes of many physicians who told me I was delusional as well.
    Anyway, I had blood drawn and the dermatologist told me that there was nothing wrong. I wonder if they overlooked the possibility of Lyme Disease.
    I will persevere as usual and eventually find out what is wrong. Until then does anyone know of a way to stop the itching? It seems to be worse when Im under a certain type of Halogen light that is prevalent in most buildings.

  • I have been compiling information regarding Morgellons Disease to help people find out the facts and theories about this mysterious illness so they can seek the appropriate medical attention the suits their symptoms, whether they truely have Morgellons or some other disnease/infestation. I decided to start this site after learning about the disease and the lack of solid information and research.

  • JJ from Miami FL

    For the past year, my wife’s had something very much like Morgellons. She does have those strange fibers. But, the main difference is that she has bugs coming out of her body. By bugs I mean insects and such arthropods.
    Like everyone else here we hit our heads against the walls of medical doctors(dermatologists, allergists, infectious disease docs). She was diagnosed with Delusions of Parasitosis. I was diagnosed by our psychiatrist with “folie a deux”, because I believe in her delusions.
    So, we gave up and started to do research on own own.
    We bought a microscope and started taking pictures. I have HUNDREDS (!) of digital photos of the stuff that comes out of her. She has springtails, small basin flies, tiny larva, and tons of other stuff like insect legs, pieces of bug skin, heads, abdomens…. really… I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. We have carefully documented the photos and still have some of the actual samples preserved in alcohol.
    So, we went back to some of these same doctors and showed them the photos. Now, some of them believe that my wife has a strange parasitic infestation, they just don’t know how to treat it. Others, remain skeptical and have as much as accused me of making phony photos on my computer. (You know, it’s hard not to punch a guy like that in the face!)
    OK, so my wife has bugs. I’m not delusional. You can’t photograph delusions…. But, the problem is that my wife is wasting away with this disease. Nobody wants to help her. She’s tried every legal medication that’s out there. She even tried some stuff from a pet-supply for horses and pigs. She’s that desperate. She is in constant pain from the itching and the open lesions. The bugs come out of her on a daily basis. Are they eating up her organs? Are they damaging her brain? She’s given up hope.
    We’re so tired of doctors telling her that she has anxiety disorder. Heck, wouldn’t you be just a little anxious if bugs were coming out of you?
    So, my post is not just a rant.
    We need help.
    I’m willing to do whatever it takes to have my wife healed. I’m just running out of places to go. If anyone can help me, now is the time before she becomes just another statistic. I don’t want to lose my wife. Thanks.

  • Morgella

    I’m having very good luck with Cipro (generic). This is an antibiotic for Anthrax. She needs to take 1 500mg cap every 12 hours for 60 days. Things will be much better after one week. While taking it avoid, milk, antiacids, nasal sprays, other antibiotics, muscle relaxants, juice, caffeine, excessive sun exposure. Read about Cipro.

    If you cannot get it from a doctor (you probably cannot get more than a two week dose), then order it from another country. Look around…you can find it on the web. Generic name for the tablets is ciprofloxacin hydrochloride. You won’t be sorry.

  • Phoenix

    I wonder why every account of “Morgellons Disease” I have ever read explains people who bring in the fibers and black pepper-like spots in little baggies to dermatologists, yet no one has thought to not mess with the lesions, and let the stuff happen, and show a dermatologist or doctor? Of course they’re not going to believe you if you don’t show them it happening! “Describing the same symptoms” No shit, I mean, hello, usually diseases have the same symptoms. But you have to wonder if maybe some of these people are truly fucked, and if the others are making it up? I’ve never so much as heard of Morgellons until today and it seems like there are never pictures of the actual “fibers” and “spaghetti noodle strands” and “black spots” actually protruding from the skin. I’m still skeptical.

  • joseph

    It’s not easy to let it happen when you have it.When
    I had it in 93 and 94 there were no examples for me to follow on internet or media. I picked the fibers from under the skin.Seemed like the natural thing to
    do-like a splinter or thorn.
    It tougher to get dr.app.at same time they are sticking out of skin then you can imagine. It’s difficult to do anything at all.I don’t know about
    brain fog.I did have a tough time sleeping-so that
    really made it tough to think at my best.
    I was also ashamed to go out in public.I know I cried a lot in my room by myself.
    I agree with Phoenix that people who have it now
    need to make those videos and pics that are
    convincing.You have all the advantages I didn’t
    have.You should know by now not to bother with
    fibers in plastic bags. I took a bag to U.C. Berkeley lab and was told they don’t examine bags
    of fibers.
    I’m skeptic by nature and experience.I’m also open
    The greatest minds said in 1900 that man would never fly.Doctors in 1890’s and 1950’s discovered
    that most ulcers were caused by bacteria.Even when
    it was proved in 1982 most doctors refused to believe it.
    When Scott Ritter said there were no WMDs in Iraq
    all the experts said he was nuts.The majority of
    doctors have been wrong numerous times.

  • Linda

    I don’t have fibers coming out of my skin, but I do have bugs with red and blue and green fibers attached to them. They then seem to wrap themselves up in these fibers and infest my clothes, furniture or anything else made from fabric. I have what looks like bites on my skin, and I just pray that it doesn’t turn into fibers. I have been dealing with this since last November, a year now. It’s not lice or scabies because I’ve been to several Doctors,who think I’m crazy. Like you say, if you take samples they automatically think it’s DOP. They have gotten worse this month, about the same time as last year. Is there a site that shows the bugs that is supposed to be causing this? I came across this site while doing a search for insects with fibers.

  • there is a fantastic treatment that actually works! We have seen most lesion gone in 2 weeks, many people report back symptom-free in a couple of months.

  • joseph

    I moved 5 times in the bay area until I was rid of the fibers. Then moved to boston.I think all the moving and disposing of all my stuff helped me get over it. Nothing is more important than your health.
    I also think my immune system and sticking with one
    plan instead of constantly changing defenses worked for me.Then again maybe I was just lucky to have it
    back in the early 90’s. It has no doubt mutated into
    something much tougher to deal with now.
    I first had something resembling poison oak. Then my feet got really huge. Then the fibers showed up.
    I thought at the time that I was bitten by some
    bug which I later concluded was a vector for a
    worm.And maybe there is some bacteria involved
    If there is some bacteria or some other x factor,
    then the way it seems to start or appear might vary from case to case.
    I stayed with pine oil for a really long time.Not a 2 week deal. It may not work for anyone else and
    the fda warns against using it.
    I don’t know what I would do if I had it now.Does anybody have it in N.W.Ohio?
    I bet there are lots of ways to treat it.I don’t
    mean to say it is easy.Several people in this thread seem to be on the right track.

  • joseph

    Has anybody tried making bathwater with alfalfa tablets and laundry detergent? Some people claim it
    works. I don’t think it could hurt you – as long as
    you use good quality alfalfa and are not allergic.
    I’m sorry if it doesn’t work.Sometimes you just have
    to take a shot.

  • Lorri

    I like Joseph above became infected with this in the early 90s. My infection is mainly internal with severe systemic illness and profound Central and Peripheral nervous system involvement. I believe that the generation of organism that I was infected with is not as contagious as the current version. (It is a fact that this organism changes generationally.) I believe that I contracted this during surgery.
    I finally put the name to my illness only a couple of months ago. I have suffered for over 11 years with chronic illnesses involving the CNS and autoimmune response always accompanied by mysterious skin lesions that tested negative for bacteria when biopsied. A couple of months ago after my hair started falling out in handfuls and my scalp was covered with itching sores I opened a lesion on my neck that was particularly large and hard. There is no feeling inside these lesions. The small sore on the skin is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ so to speak. There was a huge deep grey-black pocket under the surface and inside I pulled out fibers, black debris and hard twisted objects that looked like little pieces of seaweed or little hydra. I have since opened other lesions and found similar material. I was too vain to pick at them before but when they did open I always noticed that they formed an ulcer with a bluish-black center. Now that I finally have a name for this crippling disease I feel quite relieved and vindicated.
    I was a six-mile-a-day runner, avid athlete and vegetarian when I became ill. Now, eleven years later I have the vitality of a 60 year old. I am in the late stages now of this infection and I fear that it will be my demise.
    I have been in and out of the hospital over and over with scary symptoms that look like stroke, MS, ALS, Lupus, shell fish poisoning, COPD (flat diaphragm with trouble breathing) heart problems (multi-focal atrial tachycardia) and much more. I have been tested for everything and only symptoms could be verified. The cause has never been found…until now. The truth is that this thing is caused by an organism which has been cultured and is being studied in the Netherlands. It does emit a neuro-toxin and this along with the strangling, ever creeping, growth of the fibers causes neurological problems. Long term exposure to this organism causes degenerative neurological disease. This thing does not go away. It has cycles. It is acute, latent and persistent. I don’t mean to scare anyone who thinks that they are cured but I have my latent periods when I thought I might be over it too. It doesn’t go away. You can see the organism and contact the researcher at: http://www.silentsuperbug.com. The scariest and most controversial part of this whole thing is: this is believed to be a genetically modified organism, a ‘stray target of a proteome research laboratory’. Translation: this thing is man-made. Imagine the implications…imagine the chilling effects on genetic, stem-cell and nano-technology research. It’s staggering. Either American doctors are too proud to recognize that the Netherlands is way ahead on this one or it is simply way too much of a political hot potato. (Learn more about the politics of disease by watching the brilliant movie or reading the book: ‘The Band Played On’) My dermatologist wouldn’t even look at the silentsuperbug website. I’m dumping him and going to Mexico for Itraconazol. Go to this website and contact the researcher PerDaniel BellVanEden by registering there. http://WWW.SILENTSUPERBUG.COM !!!! He has brilliantly provided me with tons of very helpful information about this organism and how to fight it. He is my new hero. You all can do or believe whatever you want but I’ve found my answer. Keep hammering the CDC and be sure to shake hands with everyone you meet. A cure will not be found until enough rich, high profile people become infected. It will take a few years but this thing is already recognized by the European CDC. It’s only a matter of time. I hope I have time… ( =
    I welcome your responses and opinions.
    Grace and Peace
    Lorri in OC

  • Joe

    Morgellons is not a disease per se but a super saturating infestation. Initially it is brought to the sufferer from another person who has an unknown active entity which is visible under a microscope at 300x power. This entity invades almost every porous cloth type material and stays there. It then slowly and steadily penetrates any material that it comes into contact with including human skin. Once this concept is accepted as the situation then removal can be accomplished. There are products which work to do this. People have to be able to do radical changes to their environment. I have done such and have become 99% symptom free. I still am susceptible to external attack from common public environments, such as doctors offices, hospitals, classrooms , etc. where active sufferers give off morgs. But I know how to remove them and return to a non suffering state. The illusion exists when a sufferer thinks the disease is from within only the more severe cases are internalized. In my case it is now a totally exterior attack.

    There is no question that this can cause further ailments such as skin infections and psychological trauma. If a person has no idea what is going on and the medical profession doesnt either and the government agencies geared to protect us dont either then hopelessness is a foregone conclusion. Here too there is hope as I have stated above. It is in learning your enemy and applying the correct solutions to solving and removing this dastardly entity

  • As scarey as this disease has been I do feel the hardest part has been not having any physician support our quest for good health. Even the ones who felt something was going on would pass us on to yet another road block. I wonder how they spent their holidays? Good thing I didnt have to turn down any holiday parties for I was to busy trying to keep my family in good spirits despite the fact they miss their father who was taken by this disease and they too are ill and no one seems to care. I have seen this affect 4 generations in my family and we too have had all the diagnosis’ of Atypical ALS, Lupis Like, Parkinsons, Lewey Body Dementia, ITP, CMT, Frontal and Temporal Dementia, Unknown infections, swelling, fatigue, headaches, the list goes on and on…

    The Skin problems are different in everyone and yet the same. This has been the common denomanator that came later in the illness. To be honest, one of the easiest to live with. I have also had the lesions with all the fiberious material surrounding an organism that is in large numbers. I am also pretty sure that if anyone who has seen what I have under the microscope would want to remove it from their body too!! Everyones scalp has been affected with lesions, hair loss, itching, and a waxy coating. Doctors have explained this as stress and subacious cysts that are very common. Funny how we didnt have them before and now children and adults all do.

    I think one of my biggest questions is if Physicians tell you that this is out of their relm, and state that they dont have the time or facilities to help, the health departments and CDC make public statements but never follow thru with any of their claims, who is responsible for the fact that my family can no longer participate in school, work, sports, or really any other social event because their bodies no longer keep up their brilliant minds???
    How can certain physicians make a public diagnosis when they never have seen you? Is dermatilogist qualified to make a psychological diagnosis? I had neuro-psych give diagnosis that was not depression but frontal and temporal cognitive changes after extensive testing. He also had significiant improvement after treatment with albendazole for parasitic infection. Both physicial and mental improvement but declined after returning home and physician moved and did advise health department and CDC.
    We will keep praying and looking for answers, even if it is at a slower pace now.


  • Lorri

    I know that some want to believe that this disease is just skin deep but for most people living with this infection it is not just in the skin. That is only the beginning. If it helps you to think that then go right ahead but I, like Anne, know better. I think that the mode of transmission has also not been proven. It may vary from person to person and therefore affect their disease process. I’m also unsure that the definition of disease here is properly understood. This DISEASE is caused by a specific pathogen that has been cultured and studied. The treatment protocol for a cure is not yet known. However, I can pass on this information: Per Daniel Bell VanEeden, a researcher in the Netherlands who studies this organism, recommends Itraconazol along with other antibiotics to control its growth. He also recommends intermittent whole body washing with Selsun Shampoo to keep the growth down on the skin. This organism’s base is a cyanobacterium fused with a trypanosome (parasitic) element with multiple genetic expressions. It also has fungal properties thus, the Itraconazol. I recommend that sufferers go directly to the researcher for information and advice as you will be dealing with a very educated and brilliant man who has been studying this organism for years. He was very kind in dispensing information to me when I contacted him. He is very kind and very knowledgeable. Do yourself a favor and send him a brief, non-hysterical email and he will respond with lots of information. Remember that he is our champion and is on our side. Treat him with the utmost respect, please. His advice will be 1000 times more accurate and valuable than anything else you will find posted on a message board. Contact him be registering at his website: http://WWW.SILENTSUPERBUG.COM
    Grace & Peace.

  • joseph

    Entomologist Richard Fagerlund is collecting samples
    of fibers and bugs.He can be easily found on the
    internet.He wants to prove it one way or another.

  • It says, here,

    “Add your comment, speak your mind”.

    Y’all sure do. Your minds need serious help.

  • joseph

    Smileykins/Kristi why can’t you be nice to people.If
    all the people on this site have mental problems then please be kind. Maybe we should go back on our meds. I understand they give them to people with
    general anxiety disorder.
    I’ve been to shrinks.They all say I’m o.k.
    I’m a healthcare worker now.
    I deal with people who have mental problems.I have to be nice.

  • RD

    For those who have not found doctors who will give them antibiotics etc. give this regimen a 10 day to two week try.(it is fairly expensive so if it doesn’t work give it up) You will need:10 one lb. boxes of baking soda (I have found it for .50 cents a box at a dollar store); one bottle of light body oil (K-Mart has a Neutrogena like one[American Fare] for half the price of Neutrogena about .50 cents /oz); a one oz. bottle of Tea tree oil (Walgreens has an occassional two for one sale of this [SunDown]which makes it about $5.00/oz: one bottle of medicated calamine lotion (Top Care is one store brand which is cheaper); and medicated selsun blue shampoo (Walgreens just had a sale on a Walgreens’ brand of this type of shampoo for $3.00 a bottle). Method: Choose a time of day when you can have the bathtub for about an hour. Mix the tea tree oil in a plastic bottle with the light body oil. Put several dry washcloths beside the tub and a paper towel also. Pour one package of the baking soda in the tub with several inches of hot water and get in the tub. After you are in the tub add one oz of the oil mixture (this will make the tub very slippery so use great care when getting out of tub-put dry washclothes on the side to grip the tub if you don’t have grab bars as your hands will be slippery and wash the tub carefully after you get out to remove the oil) and continue to fill the tub. Immediately, start pouring the tub water over your head to get your hair wet and then use a clear mild shampoo to make a good suds down to the scalp and leave the suds on the head til the end of the bath. Sink back in the tub and enjoy a good soak. If a finger goes to a scab wipe it off with the paper towel as I believe these little critters can survive in water. Rinse the hair off with the bath water and towel dry and then when completely dry rub calamine lotion in all the areas which have active lesions. If your bath is in the morning rub calamine lotion on again at night without the bath or vice versa. Do this several days in a row and then skip the bath and take a shower using the selsun blue as both a shampoo and a body wash and again follow with calamine lotion. Then start over the next day with the bath. You should have enough oil for 9 baths and this should be enough time to see if you are improving-if not, it is not worth the time and expense to continue. Either way, if you should choose to try this regimen let this board know whether or not it was successful. Use your head-use all products as directed and if you notice a worsening or irritation drop the treatment immediately. Use care with the bath oil and use clean clothes and towels and keep all combs and brushes clean and think positive thoughts. Good luck.

  • Joseph. Is it all right if I refer to you as Joseph No. 2, since there’s apparently another Joseph posting too? I don’t see anyone posting under the name, Kristi, and, excuse me, but I don’t understand the reprimand. I am nice to people. If you’ve been to shrinks and they all tell you that you’re o.k., (although I don’t know why it was necessary to tell me that), then, you’re faring better than much of society, including me. So, since you’ve referenced that you’re a healthcare worker, now, and that you deal with mental patients, can you speak for the ones who say they have “morgellons disease”, and tell me what they want? They’ve made the world know that they’re proud to exercise their right to not treat their mental condition(s), making us acutely aware of the severity, in explicit detail, and, honestly, Joseph No. 2, it defies ALL laws of nature that they’ve forced the government to take control. Anytime we invite them into making decisions for us that we can make on our own free will. Oh, Joseph, can you tell me what they want?

  • joseph

    Smileykins I’m sorry if I confused you with someone
    posting on another site named smileykins/kristi that
    said she was stopping her meds for g.a.d. We all make mistakes.Is there another Joseph here?If there
    is—Hey J.
    You don’t seem very nice.You say everyone posting
    needs serious mental help.You must be a mind reader
    with perfect judgement.You’ve never examined the bodies of all these people.So how do you know?
    I might be confusing you with some other people.A
    couple with past problems that now pass judgement on
    people with morgellons.
    What are these laws of nature that people are going against when they demand the govt.do their
    Why are you asking me what these people want?
    You should already know- since you know how their
    minds work. How their bodies work.
    I’m telling you I’m o.k. because you said everyone here needs mental help.Why should anyone resent
    your all knowing judgements.

  • Hi, Joseph. I’d noticed a previous “Joseph” that had posted, who believes in “morgellons disease”. I think he said he’d once had it. Since you’re a healthcare worker who deals with mental patients, that was why I asked you what these patients want to accomplish through forcing the government’s involvement. Thank you.

  • joseph

    I had morgellons disease.Dermatologists sent me to
    Psychiatrists.They said I was not like crazy people
    they see.They thought I had a skin problem.Back to derms who repeated that I was crazy.
    I cured myself.
    I don’t expect anything from the govt.-I don’t trust
    the govt.
    I want to thank the people that convinced the c.d.c.
    to start the investigation starting up in l.a.
    I want to thank sen. di.fi.-never expected to be saying that.
    People want their suffering to stop.They want
    I’m hoping for the best from c.d.c. and expecting
    the worst.
    Can’t say much about my clients.I do give meds.
    A necessary evil in a lot of cases.If people don’t
    need it,that is really the best.People who really
    have m. don’t need it.
    gators rule- ann arbor the town and kfjc d.j. rule
    Norcal rules-TX. is cool.
    No winter yet in OH.-my husky is missing snow.

  • Hello, Joseph. Do you think there are very many “morgellons” sufferers who have the capacity to understand that taking medication, on their own accord, is preferable to being forced into treatment, someday, under the viable possibility of their movement creating new mental health legislation? Thank you.

  • joseph

    Sorry- I didn’t mean morgellon sufferers taking any meds or anything else they don’t want.I’m a history buff,so I’m aware of all the things that have been forced on american citizens in the past.I hope that won’t be the case ever again.

    I just read about the c.d.c. branch dealing with unexplained deaths.They can only solve about 15% of the cases they take on.Who knows if the morgellons crew that they have put together are even that good. It took some bike mechanics from OH. to discover flight. I’m not counting on the usual suspects to solve m.

  • But Joseph, the reality of the situation is that patients refused to treat, after they were repeatedly diagnosed. Due to their varied states of psychosis, and associated skin problems, they continue to join up to this shared belief that they have something other than what they’d been told.

    The CDC repeated, in letters to everyone, to see their local healthcare providers if they needed treatment. Morgie patients, for the most part, ignored that, saying they already had, and they knew what to expect.

    I firmly believe the main reason the CDC reacted, was not due to Senator Feinstein’s letter, but due to the media coverage on “morgellons disease” last year. The stories were responsible for alerting the public to an unnecessary fear, and the CDC had to do something.

    I realize that many of these people profess to despise, and some live in fear of, the government, and for that very reason (as well as, so many others), their “morgellons disease movement” defies the very laws of nature. When we want to live in a free society, we don’t invite, let alone, force, the government to step into our affairs.

    Since you’re in the mental heath field, you know the history, and that this is likely to result in a step back, albeit a slow and tedious process for our nations’ lawmakers. People like this should demand help, and this section of society has been under served since the reform movement, but I don’t think they fully understand the ramifications of their actions.

    It’s very tragic that this all came about, with so many horrible consquences occurring in these patients’ lives, when all it required was someone trusting the advice of their doctor, in the first place. So, that is what I meant by my question, “Do you think there are very many ‘morgellons’ sufferers who have the capacity to understand that taking medication, on their own accord, is preferable to being forced into treatment, someday, under the viable possibility of their movement creating new mental health legislation?”. Thank you.

  • Watch The Dr. Phil Show on Thursday, January 25th, to see a woman with “morgellons disease” concerns. I’m not certain whether her appearance is due to believing that she has it, or whether she is in need of reassurance that she doesn’t.

  • texasmorgie

    Smileykins is a disinfo agent. He/she is from the Morgellonswatch website and spends every waking moment trying to discredit people with this disease. One has to wonder why anyone would be so interested in Morgellons if they don’t have it themselves. Why, I doubt most Morgies have put as much time and energy into researching this disease as Smileykins has trying to tell us we’re all delusional.

  • Maggieagain

    I’ve been reading with much interest… do not listen to the cheap disinformation from God knows what agency(s) – these people spend every waking minute tracking people posting about this disease to discredit… just these two in particular… isn’t that a bit weird to you? Go to http://www.rense.com…. listen to the audio tape # 6, Dr. Stanigar and Dr. Karjoo have found chimera that are some type of genetically engineered bacteria w/multiple species dna, as well as nanoprobes… we might even be dealing with the initial stages of a pandemic as we speak… possibly “targeted” humans?

    You have to know that there is some serious trouble in the air when all the government agencies go to such lengths to NOT look… from the beginning all the doctors internationally prescribed Orap and gave a DOP diagnosis… that fact alone is too coincidental… babies, dogs, horses, get it… they don’t conjur delusions. It is reported on 6 continents.

    There are a small number of “research” forums which are exactly that… and… a few “disinformation” forums that venomously try to promote the DOP propoganda… toooooo venomously… CDC won’t do anything but stall even though they claimed to be investigating… as well as other research labs… stalling… stalling… wonder why..?
    This is a coverup in the highest magnitude.

    Biofilm bacteria settles in a host, future bacteria can find the host with biosensors similar to how pheromones work… especially if the chimeric bacteria uses the sensor portions of a myriad of species – Check out John W. Martin’s papers on stealth virus and see how it’s done… – just switch the inserted virus in the bacteria and bang!!!! bird flu and a large infected group around the world fly away… just theories.

    The stuff about the multispecies chimera is accurate… any lab student can purchase varieties of them for research purposes. Just gotta wonder, they won’t talk about chemtrails and they won’t talk about the polymer filaments being manufactured in these peoples’ bodies… why is that?

    The infected also report of “tones” they can hear… like sonar and at higher and lower pitches… hummmmmm… And what do the infected people have in common…. maybe not genetics as much as…political or moral views? Why not?

    Just thinken bout’ things….

  • #60 — January 22, 2007 @ 17:46PM — texasmorgie

    Smileykins is a disinfo agent. He/she is from the Morgellonswatch website and spends every waking moment trying to discredit people with this disease. One has to wonder why anyone would be so interested in Morgellons if they don’t have it themselves. Why, I doubt most Morgies have put as much time and energy into researching this disease as Smileykins has trying to tell us we’re all delusional.

    #61 — January 23, 2007 @ 02:40AM — Maggieagain

    I’ve been reading with much interest… do not listen to the cheap disinformation from God knows what agency(s) – these people spend every waking minute tracking people posting about this disease to discredit… just these two in particular… isn’t that a bit weird to you?

    Enlighten me, and everyone reading here, with how I know you, and when there has been anytime that I’ve made a personal attack on you. I don’t appreciate this, but I need you to be specific, and honest. What has warranted these exaggerated lies about me?

    I don’t doubt that you’re ill, and that you need serious help. You need to try understanding that the freedom of several people expressing their opinions, is in no way capable of detracting from, or diminishing, in any way, an actual infectious disease, though, and it is not deterring the undertakings of the CDC.

    Don’t wonder about me, and tell lies. Ask me anything you want to know. Go to my blog to vent, and say anything that you wish. Any person who thinks they have morgellons disease has yet to do that. They take pleasure in lying about me, just like you have, in public forums, like this.

    Excerpts from the comments’ section on my blog, made by me, Smileykins, someone who’d had DOP for two months, five years ago:

    “I could have quite possibly thought I had to give up and just lay there and die from a deadly disease…one that does not even exist. Seriously, imagine that!!! And people wonder why I’m so pissed?”

    “How many have died, just the way I could have, if I had heard of it back then, and believed all the damned hype at a time when I was vulnerable?”

    Excerpt from a viewer of my blog:

    “After a long night of internet research on my symptoms (most of which had to do with morgellons), finally, I came across “It All Started With A Young Boy Named Drew”. I’ve suffered from these symptoms for over a year now. Up until a couple months ago, I’ve lived in a secret hell, afraid and embarrassed to tell anyone of my bizarre symptoms and rituals to manage them.”

    “It was the story of Smileykins that finally gave me some comfort. Out of all the blog battles, doctor and scientist reports, and everything else i read on the internet relating to the symptoms, your story was about the only thing that offered me an explanation that made sense.”

    You should be ashamed. You don’t know me, and I have done absolutely nothing to you.

  • I know Smileykins in a close personal way, and I know that she is an honest person. She’s retired on a disability, and she works for no one. She does have a lot of time to spend on her computer, and she has done extensive research on the topic of Morgellons. I know of no one else as knowledgeable on the topic as she is. She is certainly no agent for anyone. She is very compassionate and cares very much for the health and well being of everyone. She’s also very concerned for the health and well being of everyone’s pets. She’s extremely intelligent, and she knows exactly what she’s talking about. You believe what you want, but there is no Morgellons. People who think they have Morgellons have a wide variety of physical and mental disorders. The most common of disorder which the “Morgies” share is Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP). Most of the registrants at the Morgellons Research Foundation have each received that diagnosis from 10 to 40 times. There’s no evidence that Morgellons is a distinct disease or anything new. But there’s certainly a lot of evidence to the contrary. There’s also a lot of evidence that the Morgies are suffering from mental problems. It’s no disgrace, and that shouldn’t considered to be an insult. The brain is an important organ, but it is just an organ, and its chemistry can, and often does, get out of balance. It can be adjusted, but that’s very difficult when the patient refuses the needed medication. With the media blitz, DOP has come out of the closet and gone mainstream. The government got involved because of growing hysteria. They have know for several years that Morgellons is DOP.

  • joe

    By the way, when I wrote last month I forgot to mention that your pc spits out morg dust which becomes morgs which attack us. More insult to injury. You can get healed by removing your cloth type materials and/or washing them in various cleaning agents. Cloth holds them near to us and they attack from this location. Older rugs are also morg locations.

  • texasmorgie

    What about kids and babies infected, not to mention pets? I suppose they’re all delusional, too.

  • They need protected from people who refuse to treat mental illness.

  • Listen, I wasn’t meaning to be a smart ass. Far from it. But, you asked a question that deserves an honest answer. I know all about the people who think they have this, who are psychologically damaging their children, some even picking at them, too, as well as not seeking medical attention out of fear that their children will be taken away from them. That is clear cut child abuse and neglect. How would any of you have felt, when you were children, to have parents behaving in such ways as “this disease” causes you to? Many also talk about animal abuse in allowing their pets to be neglected to the point of death. They say they “died of morgellons disease”. I read it nearly every day on the message boards.

  • I mean, I read that “kids, babies, and pets” have this. I’d thought that one of my dogs had caught a new deadly disease from me, too, when I was DOP five years ago. I took care of him, though, and he recovered before I did.

  • texasmorgie

    Smileykins, go get a real job. Why are you so interested in trying to discredit people with Morgellons? It seems to a full-time job for you. Do you have some sort of axe to grind? It’s likely you’re being paid to spout this nonsense by whoever unleashed this on the population (whether on purpose or acidentally). I live in Texas, I work with the public, and I can tell you that I see thsese lesions on just about every person. I think you’re the one who’s mentally ill. [Personal attack deleted]

  • texasmorgie, you know that you lied about me, here. I don’t know who you are, but know that I have never done anything to justify such actions. Stop being so childish, and messing things up here, since you have an issue with me, and take it to the below link. You could have clicked onto the “URL” next to my name, anytime.

    I await the opportunity to talk this out like civilized adults.

  • Ryan Webster, Eric Olsen, and others, I apologize.

  • I am a Morgellons sufferer. When I was first diagnosed, I could not get help from anyone, including the doctor who diagnosed me (I had never heard of Morgellons). By the grace of God, I found a website that offered some hope. The director of this site is a sufferer and has spent over two years researching the disease. When I contacted the director, via his website, he actually called me in the U.S. from his home in Germany. He spent hours on the phone with me; giving me needed information and support. The cream he produces, called DSP, is magic, in my opinion. It not only soothes but it also kills the parasites on and under the skin. Finally, I had relief, after months of agony, and I could function again. This man has a big and tender heart for all Morgellons sufferers. Something severly lacking among the medical professionals and others, like smileykins, who have no idea how horrendous this disease is to live with. I have no idea what you are talking about regarding Morgellon sufferers not agreeing to treatment. But I say, if anyone wants to give me a “pill” to rule out delusions, bring it on! I wish this was delusional. It is bizarre and alien and difficult to understand if one does not have it. But it is very, very real. My home is open to anyone who wants to spend a short time seeing for yourself. It will only take a couple of hours for you to see the fibers and the many other bizarre happenings we report. Then you can talk! But for all you sufferers, I do hope you contact the website: Morgellons Research. You will get a lot of information and kind, personal support from this site and the DSP cream is fabulous.


  • BBJ

    My very wonderful angel friend in Atlanta has Morgellons Disease. I do not. She has been a dedicated nurse for years and years, and the one thing I know for certain is that she is so NOT delusinal.She has been focused and determined for the past year, and I fear she is losing her will to fight the battle of clean-up before using anything(sink,shower,toilet)and then to clean up after each use.She is tired,and I cry for her daily. This is a hideous disease, and research shows that our government KNOWS ALL TOO WELL about it. When Morgellons becomes another AIDS (which is a test tube disease also)then; the Drug companies will have enough people infected to make a buck with a new drug, the lobbyists get their share of the money by bribing the Politicians to secretly stick it in some Bill on Capital Hillto benefit the Drug companies, and you, all the sufferers, your kids, loved ones, pets will pay through the nose to get it. Everyone needs to make a lot of noise about this disease. Write and call your congressman, senators,make and post videos to myspace on-line, tell Oprah! This disease is going to be inherited by our kids, our future if we don’t stop it. My friend is not crazy, this is a real urgency. If we the people take back our power, we can make doctors, reseachers, government listen.They spend billons going to the moon. We need them to spend that money on the citizens and taxpayers of this country fighting real hardships. We deserve that much for our years of paying taxes and sending our families to die in other countries. My friend deserves a cure. What do your kids deserve?

  • Janet Fedeles, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. If you have the false belief that I have done something to you, take any problems you have with me here…


  • Janet Fedeles,

    No one has said that your illness isn’t real. Delusional means that your beliefs about what you are experiencing are unshakable, but not based on the evidence. All Morgellons believers are delusional. I don’t care who they are. Now, you talk about Smileykins, but there’s no other person in this world that knows as much about Morgellons as she does. She has suffered more than you could ever imagine. Until you learn the facts, you need to quit spouting off.

    Tall Cotton

  • Janet Fedeles

    Does Smileykins have Morgellons? Not from what I read that she wrote; I apologize if I am wrong. But if she does not have it, then she does not know ALL there is to know about it. I am not going to get into anything with anyone here. I am writing my facts about having Morgellons and an opinion about how someone ‘sounds’ on this blog. This is all I will say and this is why I am here. Not to argue with strangers.

  • Jane Fedeles, go leave what you need to, for me, and let’s clear up this misunderstanding on my blog, after you read all of this one.

    It’s obvious that you haven’t read it all. You’re saying that your intention NOW, isn’t to “get into it with anyone here”. You’ve even referred to me as “a stranger”, NOW, after naming me, personally.
    Remember this?…

    “This man has a big and tender heart for all Morgellons sufferers. Something severly lacking among the medical professionals and others, like smileykins, who have no idea how horrendous this disease is to live with. I have no idea what you are talking about regarding Morgellon sufferers not agreeing to treatment.”

    In the world I live in, we play fair, and when a person is named and accused of something, Jane, that isn’t the same thing as “giving an opinion about how someone sounds”.

    Since you didn’t take your further comments to my blog, and, instead, chose to say something here, then, wouldn’t you say, JANE, that it’s now fair for me, *since you got personal with this stranger*, to give my “opinion about how someone sounds”?

    You sound very ill.

  • Janet,

    Were you not diagnosed with DOP. That’s the correct diagnosis, and that’s what you should be treating.

    Tall Cotton

  • Mike Lee

    Dear Tall Cotton,

    Your ability to diagnose a psychological condition (DOP) for people over the internet (or via phone call) must be truly unique, acually it seems to me to be almost supernatural! Where did you get this amazing ablity, were you born with it? Did you get special training for this in school? I asked my phycologist about this subject, she told me that she doesn’t know of a psychologist or psychiatrist who wouldn’t love to have this ability. She had never before heard of any doctor claiming to have this ability. Alas, she said that unfortunatly, even if she gained this ability (of your’s) that she thinks she wouldn’t tell her coleages for fear of having her credencials called into question. Or maybe she’s just unfamiliar with some newer techniques you have been using. I told her I would try to find out more; please tell me where you abtained your degree(s) in phycology or psychiatry or other special training in this area. I would like to pass this info to my doctor, she said she likes to keep up to date on modern techniques.

  • Mike Lee

    Dear Janet Fedeles,

    Please keep this phrase in mind: Illegitimi non carborundum!!!

    These jokers that will give you a hard time all have an axe to grind and a WHOLE LOT TO HIDE. Please take care of yourself and don’t waste to much time with with these clowns. A last bit of advice we should all keep in mind: The one who has all the answers is NOT the one you should be listening to.

    Hang in there, the help will come sooner or later. (I’ve been waiting for the factual answers for ten years) There are now a bunch of good people working hard on this, finally!

  • Mike Lee

    Dear Smileykins,

    I’m glad for you that you’re all-better now, and your dog also. (I’ve been reading these bloggs some time now) Since your feeling so much better now, I wonder why you don’t seem to be more happy, I wonder why you don’t lighten-it up a little bit, you seem to be so easily offended. This is just an observation, I don’t mean to give you a hard time or offend you in any-way.

    People who are suffering now – are not happy, if concerned about helping, maybe be a little less critical and a little more supportive.

    Of course people have DOP, and many people have Mogellons. If one has no physical illness, one may have the extreemly rare DOP (primarily in children and the elderly). If one has a any physical illness (including drug use or addiction) one may or may not have delusions, But the diagnosis cannot be (IS NOT) D.O.P. DOP is a diagnosis of exclusion. ALL ELSE MUST BE EXCLUDED. NO MATTER WHAT DELUUSIONS ONE HAS. IF THERE IS DRUG USE THEN DRUG USE/ABUSE IS THE DIAGNOSIS. NO MATTER WHAT DELUUSIONS ONE HAS, IF THERE IS AN UNDERLYING CONDITION (RASH ,ALERGIES, HYPERSENSITIVITY, IRRITANTS, FOLICULITIS, ACNEE, FLEAS, LICE, BUGS OR WHATEVER) IT CANNOT BE DOP. All these things (everything must be eliminated via tests and examinations before it is possible to correcly diagnose it as DOP. (Dermatologists commonly forget to check their own documentation on this subject).
    Either you have Morgellons or you have DOP it is IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE BOTH. It may not be obvious to all but Dermatologists (convinently forget that they) have no training is thier field on the diagnosis of mental illness; DOP is a mental illness, hummmmmmm, I wonder what could go wrong with senario.

    Just curious, did you get you diagnosis of DOP from or verified by a psychologist or psychiatrist or was it only via a Dermatologist?

    PS: My dog almost died from Morgellons (apparently), my Vet was baffled but did not discout the likelyhood of it being the same illness as mine. After a year of decline and torment, dozens of inconclusisve tests and biopsys and treatments the dog has huge sores and huge bumps all over, could barely move, had to be fed by hand, and after being immobilized for six months, was nothing but skin and bones. (A similar experience to my own years earlier.) The Vet. was close to convincing me to put the dog down. But I couldn’t do it, I could still see the will to live in my dog’s eye’s, and my dog and I had been though hell together. I conviced the Vet. to keep treating the dog the best he could. After another month of feeding the dog by hand, literally carrying it outside several times a day for another two months; the dog started a VERY slow recovery lasting two years. I could not give up on my dog because I knew exactly what the dog was going through. The dog has finally fully recovered, unfortunatly I haven’t.

  • Mike Lee,

    I don’t know where you got your information but it is totally incorrect. A person most definitely can be diagnosed with DOP and another ailment at the same time. You are misunderstanding what is meant by a diagnosis of exclusion. Other causes are only ruled out in order to determine whether or not a person has parasites and which of the 3 catagories the DOP is in. If a person is NOT infested with parasites and IF there is no logical reason for that individual to have that belief, and IF that belief is unshakable, that person has DOP. A person cannot have scabies and DOP, because his beliefs would be true, but he certainly can have thyroid trouble causing his symptoms, and still be DOP. In fact, he can be properly diagnosed with anthing except a parasite infestation, and still be DOP. It is not logical to believe that creepy-crawley, biting, and itching sensations are caused by parasites. The reason because there are far too many possible causes, and parasites is usually NOT the cause. Now, those are the facts. You can believe them or not.

    There is no such thing as Morgellons. No one has it, and no one has ever had it. Your dog had some other problem. You have some other problem. There is no evidence that Morgellons is a physical disease. I know a lot of Morgies, and they all hold very tightly to that false belief. So far, their beliefs have been unshakable. That, is DOP. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they have monosymptomatic hypochondriacal psychosis, but it is DOP, and it is psychosis, and it is a mental illness. You can go to any message boards of the Morgellons believers, and you’ll be very lucky if you can find one person that isn’t nuts. You can tell by listening to a person and hearing what they believe, and determine that they have DOP. I don’t care what your psychiatrist or psychologist says. These are the facts. The main point is this. Morgellons is a lie, and theres some researchers and doctors out there that are exploiting Morgies for their money and to accomplish their personal agendas. Believe what you want to. That’s what you’re going to do anyway. Good luck with your health. I mean that.

    Tall Cotton

  • Mike Lee, you sure went on about some things, huh. Well, now I will. You don’t know, and, like others, you aren’t even concerned to know too much about “morgellons disease”. Same as them, you sure don’t know about DOP and all its many causes. That’s how it is for everyone who’s under the false belief in the existence of “morgellons disease”. The way this has happened, it’s understandable, too.

    When there isn’t an underlying physical condition responsible for triggering Secondary Organic DOP, it’s either the Primary Psychotic form, where it’s the sole psychological disturbance, or it’s Secondary Functional DOP, due to an underlying psychiatric condition. Treat the underlying physical condition that triggered it, and it will subside. Treat the underlying mental condtion that triggered it, and it will subside.

    There’s such an unusual arrogance in vigorously defending this belief in “morgellons disease”, rather than wanting, or trying, to understand what has happened to any of you as separate, and uniquely individual, beings. The reasons nobody even seems capable of wanting to reason it out, and recover, is beyond sad. You’re truly not a group of patients with the same symptoms caused by a new disease, and nobody will ever return to a better state of health until that fact is accepted. If it’s something you need to hold onto, feel free, and I’m so sorry. Everyone knows that nobody can prevent that. People in the know, also know that believers can’t tell that charlatans are having a field day capitalizing on “morgellons disease”, and that it’s beyond anyone to point it out.

    Yes, I make no secret about taking offense when a stranger makes false statements about me, when I have done nothing to them, personally, and then they’re too cowardly to address the misunderstandings with me and resolve it. That’s common, with this topic, though.

    And, Mike, nobody diagnosed me with DOP. Anybody can get it. Five years ago, things that shouldn’t have been happening, were, and I knew all of it couldn’t have been. It was though, until I recovered. Thank God a physical condition triggered it, and three years after it had occurred, my daughter told me about hearing of something that was just like what I’d gone through, and that it was called, “morgellons disease”. Then, I joined up to lymebusters message board. What a ride.

    Since last spring, so many “morgellons” believers have accused me of being a heartless doctor, a med student, or some kind of undercover government worker that’s helped unleash a plague on them, and that I’m trying to cover it up. I swear to God, I’m merely a regular person who’s upset that people can’t take care of themselves properly, as well as others who are supposed to be in their care, and that they’re all vulnerable. I don’t like the fear, the harm, the many loses, and the deaths that result from it. Despise me for it, I don’t care.

    Anyone who’s inclined to knowing their individuality, and in reading something substantial, I’d suggest this as one helpful tool in understanding what’s going on.

  • Thanks, I understand.

  • Hi I am looking forward with chatting with all of you on this site. I have the mysterious disease you’re talking about. I’ve had something of this experience for three years. It was two years of symptoms before I was directed to the morgellons.org site. I’m not one to jump quickly to conclusions, but there could be no mistake about the similarities between my experience and what I read on the site. I had not seen anyone to discuss my symptoms, although my family, friends, and clients all listened to my stories about lesions, infections, blood pooling under my skin, pricking, itching, crawling etc. etc.
    I know all too well the disbelief of others. It does’nt really matter except for one little thing. What can happen if we are not willing to acknowledge this? What IS happening is it’s spreading! I don’t waste my time with closed minded people who can’t handle reality. I’m a winner. And I’ll keep looking for the ones who are my friends and helpers. I believe that it’s not what happens to you that matters, It’s what you do in response. To anyone else who’s living in this mystery, hang in there and take real good care of yourself in body, mind, and spirit. Something I read rescently,was that “nothing can exist unless it is nourished” So maybe the question we need to focus on is “what thoughts, words, actions, are nourishing the existence of morgellons?” Blessings, Victory

  • Maggieagain

    The words I publish are truth. No lie, no half truth, nothing…..is as strong or powerful as the truth. The truth is eternal – lies are negative nothings that have no power over eternal truth. The truth regarding the coverup and lies being perpetrated against all the VICTIMS that have this horrible disease referred to as Morgellons or Fiber Disease will be manifested. The truth will manifest soon, showing how the victims were infected, WHO the perpetraitors behind this covert operation are and why there is such an attempt at concealing it. Truth being eternal and stronger than lies and evil-doers, is victorious,eternally and perpetually. Words of truth have the highest power and undo ALL the deception and lies and leave the deceptors IMPOTENT. Amen and amen! There is no power in heaven or on earth greater than TRUTH. Liars and evil-doers always lose.

  • Maggieagain

    The words I publish are truth. No lie, no half truth, nothing…..is as strong or powerful as the truth. The truth is eternal – lies are negative nothings that have no power over eternal truth. The truth regarding the coverup and lies being perpetrated against all the VICTIMS that have this horrible disease referred to as Morgellons or Fiber Disease will be manifested. The truth will manifest soon, showing how the victims were infected, WHO the perpetraitors behind this covert operation are and why there is such an attempt at concealing it. Truth being eternal and stronger than lies and evil-doers, is victorious,eternally and perpetually. Words of truth have the highest power and undo ALL the deception and lies and leave the deceptors IMPOTENT. Amen and amen! There is no power in heaven or on earth greater than TRUTH. Liars and evil-doers always lose.

  • Post #61. Solid.

  • Mike Lee

    Dear Lynne, and all the Morgellons sufferer’s:

    Sorry to hear that you belive you have Morgellons, I know many people, myself included, who suffer from it.

    People like the Tall******-guy tell us that “we sound like we are all crazy”. Unfortunatly I have to agree with that statement. On the suface we do SOUND crazy to many people. The Mr. Tall******-guy and his cohorts conclude from that – that we ARE crazy. He says it’s D.O.P!

    People like him are so entrenched in their own unshakeable beliefs, that they can’t (their thought process will not allow them to) consiter anything else. Either that, or they have a hidden agenda. They are doctors that have potentially misdiagnosed people as DOP. They should be very afraid. But they are not. They might be ashamed at what they have done; (emotionally & mentally harmed their own patients), the poor people who put their trust in them. But they are not.
    They are the ONLY people who could potentially (most directly and most easily) help our poor soles and ravaged bodies and skin. But they can’t imagine why we sound so desparate. They give us the cold diagnosis (DOP) that is of no help to us, and they can’t imagine why we SOUND so irrational. When we protest to their diagnosis, their unrelenting arrogance convices them that we can’t be reasoned with. Since we “can’t be reasoned with”, they beleive they can’t really help us in any way. So they think; why bother triing (wasting their time) to help a crazy-person that can’t be reasoned with. They can’t afford to have any real compassion for crazy-people. But they will say that they do. They can’t afford to sound too “cold”, they know that would surely bring on some unwanted criticism from the “sane” people who are watching.

    Their reasons for sounding-off loudly to try to cut-off debate on the subject of morgellons are lousy and selfish. They can’t afford to spend too much time defending their behavior and (questionable) practices to all-those who might ask, they have other fish to fry – fish (patients) that take less time to cook, and bigger fish that have more money spend. Most of their other patients are much easier to deal with, none of them really require urgent-care or have life altering problems, but even if they do, they just refer them to the other doctors that deal with that stuff.

    After-all these dematologists have, over time, methodically shaped their field of medicine to their desires; to make the job as easy and stess free as they possibly can. No ugent-calls, no urgent-care, no bieng on-call, no time to deal with the people (us) who are the ones that are really desparate for their services. Unfortunately we are looking for the type of care that they have forgotten how to perform. They have made their jobs easy and calm and drama-free, and now us Morgellons sufferers have come along theatening to ruin all that for them.

    The compassion will only come when they are face-to-face with the law suites placed against them that are now fortold in the cards.

    Their defence is to yell from the top of the mountain; to tell all that we are the ones with the unshakeable beliefs. We are the ones that won’t listen to logic. We are the ones with the incomplete thought process. We will not consiter anything else.

    SOUNDING crazy equals BEING crazy, LOOKING crazy equals BEING crazy – those are the insane!, illogical!, and yes, delusional! statements.

    These DOP doctors have no ligitimate training in phycology or phychiatry.

    A guy that is standing (alone) across the street from you – is yelling outloud (at nobody) insane and illogical statements & making strange noises and having a conversation with nobody. A person would be tempted to conclude (as a fact) that that person is crazy and delusional and think nothing more about it. Is that a complete and logical thought process? Would you be fooling yourself if you said to the person standing next to you (as fact) “that person is crazy and delusional” (jumping to a conclusion). Or would your logical thought process tell you not to come to that conclusion without investigating for more information and more facts or evidence to the contrary.

    You cannot logically come to that conclution without investigating to see if there are any facts or evidence to the contrary.
    So your “logical” mind would tell you exactly that. To start and investigation you might try to talk to the person (from a safe distance). You call to the person: “Do you need help? Are you O.K.?”
    Depending on what responce you get, you may get the answer that answers all your questions. Or you may get a responce that tells your “logical mind” that still further investigation is requred to make the determination. They are the only TWO possible logical conclusions from the available facts, and (unless you happen to be a psyciatrist with plenty of spare time) you realize the determination would have to be made by someone more qualified than yourself. Those are the only two posibilities for conclutions in your “logical mind”. No responce, or a crazy sounding responce from the guy across the street leads your “logical mind” to the 2nd possible conclusion.

    Then you get a responce from the guy: The guy says “Oh sorry if a scared you, I’m just rehearsing a musical composition that involves repeating some passages over and over.” The Guy then proceeds give some quite believable details. It’s nice when you get the answer that quickly resolves the question, unfortunately it’s not often that easy.

    In the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a delusion is defined as:

    A false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everybody else believes and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary.

    The people like Mr. Tall*******-guy and his cohorts think that their opinions and so-called research by their dishonest coleages constitute incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary. I’m ROTFLMFAO.

    We will stand firm. We know the truth. We know that SOUNDING crazy does not equal BEING crazy (to the “logical mind”). Our minds may not always tell us the truth, but with mogellons our body’s do tell us the truth. Thats all we need to know that are perfectly sane, even though the Mr Tall******-guy’s are triing to drive us insane.

    By the way I due urge anybody who thinks or even has the slightest doubt that you may have DOP, to get yourself checked my a psyciatrist. But don’t simply trust the OPINION of your dermatologist, and certianly don’t take any treatment for DOP without the approval of your psyciatrist.

    Sorry to ramble-on so. We are all looking for the beleavable and true answers, and some measure of releif.

    You also hang in there and take care of yourself in body, mind, and spirit, and remember; llegitimi non carborundum!!!

    I assume you’ve already been to the MRF site http://www.morgellons.org

    Have you checked-out the web site — “The New Morgellons Order” at http://www.TheNMO.org.

    There are published articles under the “Relevant Articles” tab.

    There is much information on this site and and some fun stuff to help lift our spirits.

    Also: The Truth about the DOP Dermatologists (like Mr. Tall*******guy) who use documentation that was written by liars and cheats! (Shame on you and yours for not policing your own).

    It’s in the pesentation by Elizabeth Rasmussen, Ph.D. “An in-depth study on how ‘DOP’ is taught, and why it is wrong.”
    They REALLY don’t want you to see that! (It’s painfully slow to read but the facts are the indisputable facts).

    Good luck to you and all, and the light will be shed on us and THE truth, hopefully soon, including those hiding behind a house of cards.

  • Mike Lee


    One more thing, you wrote:
    “Something I read rescently, was that “nothing can exist unless it is nourished”.

    Please remember to question everything you read; Bloodsucking leaches don’t need thoughts, words, actions to be nourished, all they need is blood. Morgellons is nourished by our blood and skin, thats all it needs.

    The question should be: “What thoughts, words, actions, are preventing the medical community from providing the desperately needed relief we need so-very-much to ease our horid suffering!?” Blessings to you.

  • Mike Lee

    Dear Smileykins,

    Thanks for your kind and thoughtful responce. You do seem to be a compassionate, kind, and reasonable person. I’m sorry that you had to go through the hell that you had suffered. What we survive serves to make us stronger in the long run.

    I’m going away for a while, I will hope to chat with you again in sometime the future.
    Good Luck to you

  • Mike Lee


    Real quick, give me a break! Your own established standards for the diagnosis of DOP CLEARLY state that ALL physical causes, not just parasites must be eliminated (via tests and examinations) prior to rendering a diagnosis of DOP. I guess your not sure where I got my facts, becuase evidently you skipped over that paragraph. Although, I’m not suprised you didn’t see it, it might have been in very fine print depending on the author or publisher.

    Anyway, Good luck to you man! As for myself, I’ll be just fine.

  • Mike Lee

    Dear Smileykins,

    I meant to include in my last message to you, the following (sorry, my goof) and while I’m at it I’ll add a little more:

    Although I beleive your thoughts are genuine, you are wrong on the issuue of morgellons. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. You don’t have all the facts. I’m sorry for you that you have been misguided by your DOP dermatologist freinds. THE ONES THAT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS ARE NOT THE ONES YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO!

    At least we can agree one on this:
    I’m also upset that people can’t take care of themselves properly, as well as others who are supposed to be in their care, and that they’re all vulnerable. I don’t like the fear, the harm, the many loses, and the deaths that result from it.

    I’m also upset that the DOP doctors have misguided you, and can’t or are unwilling to help take care of us properly. Instead they are calling us crazy with the all encompassing label of DOP. Also that they convieniently skip over facts documented in their own literature like: DOP is and extremely rare mental condition! They are now throwing the label at people without a second thought, like throwing out candy at a parade. What part of “extremely rare” do they not understand.

    I certianly don’t despise you for being mistaken and misguided in your beliefs, we all make mistakes. The question is, can you (are you able to) incorporate new facts in your thought process as they are unveiled. Or will you continue to blindly follow the blind.
    Take care (:

  • Mike Lee


    Oh yeah, my phycologist is still waiting for your answers to post #79.

  • Mike, I’m very sorry that you, and so many others, are ill. what are you talking about, “my DOP dermatologist friends”, and Tall Cotton’s “colleagues”? We’re not in an elite enough class to have any physicians as friends or colleagues.

    Excerpts from that link I’d posted in comment #83:

    * a 39-year-old white woman who presented to dermatology clinic complaining of “white strands” on her face that “feel like they are moving — like hair being pulled through the skin.” She brought several Ziploc (plastic) bags filled with samples, which microscopy revealed to be fibrous strands and epithelial cells. Physical examination demonstrated multiple hyperpigmented patches and a healing erythematous lesion on her right cheek. Otherwise, her skin was clear.

    Notice? “’white strands’ on her face that ‘feel like they are moving — like hair being pulled through the skin’.”

    * a 69-year-old man stated that 3 to 4 months prior to his dermatology evaluation, he began to observe “little tubes” protruding from his skin. These tubes were stated to be extremely pruritic, causing him to scratch. When he did scratch, he believed that this incited a process in which three-cornered crystals would sprout legs and jump out of the tubes. After “exciting” the tubes, the crystals would leave “slag” (a byproduct of “welding”) behind. He also complained that physicians would not look at him and that they thought he was “going crazy”.

    Sound familiar? Both of those patients appeared to have DOP. However, their beliefs were NOT unshakable. The female patient was cooperative and responded favorably to treatment for anxiety, and the male improved after his underlying physical condition was explained to him as having resulted in the development of his skin symptoms.

    Sadly, in the next case, the woman did have an unshakable belief. Even with attempted treatment efforts, she was lost to follow-up, ending with her doctor receiving a call from her pet’s concerned veterinarian.

    * a 32-year-old woman who presented to dermatology clinic reporting a 3-month history of “bugs” infecting her fingers, lips, scalp, ears, nose, face, and genitals. She believed she had been infected by her husband, as she observed him frequently scratching his scalp. However, she stated her husband feels that “it [her condition] is all in her head.” She noticed others scratching while around her and believed that they became infested by her presence. Multiple samples of the “bugs” were brought in plastic bags.

    Please read that link and note the exact particular parallels to “morgellons disease” when reading that last case in its entirety. All of your conditions require, like all serious health matters, remaining with one doctor and following a charted course of treatment, like anyone else does, including referrals to other doctors. None of you have the same things wrong with you, that’s triggered the state of ill health you’ve all found yourselves in.

  • I wish that all of you “morgellons disease” patients didn’t have such an erroneously fixed idea about what mental health is. The general consensus I read from all of you, is that people are either “sane”, or “insane”, with nothing in between. That is so FALSE. Sooooooooo FALSE.

  • Mike,

    Your psychiatrist is waiting on me, huh? You may have a psychiatrist, Mike, but if you do, I’m certain that you don’t have a clue as to what the person has been saying. Now, if you are through with your lengthy rant, I have some things to say.

    All pathogens are parasites. Any person that believes that they are infected/infested with a pathogen that causes Morgellons Disease is delusional. Now, that is a simple fact. It’s a fact because no such pathogen exists, period, and no such disease exists, period, and there’s absolutely no reason to believe that such a pathogen exists, period! I realize that that is a lot of periods for one sentence, but those things are facts.

    Now, after acknowledging that the Morgellons believer does, in fact, believe he is infested with a particular parasite, that doesn’t exist, in which there is absolutely no evidence to base that belief on, the only requirement left, in order for the Morgellons believer to have Delusions of Parasitosis is whether or not that ridiculous and delusional belief is unshakable or not.

    Although tests are normally required in order to eliminate the possibility of a real infestation, the Morgellons believers have nullified that requirement by virtue of the fact that their delusional belief is in a particular parasite that does not exist. It cannot be found to exist with any test, so it would be foolish to attempt to waste one’s time trying to test for such a pathogen. It would be different if the patient simply believed that he had “a” parasite, but that isn’t the case.

    Now, I’m not foolish enough to expect you to agree with anything I’ve said, but I contend that the only remaining question is whether or not the belief is unshakable. If you want to prove to me that it isn’t, you are going to have to stop believing it. If you will stop believing it, I’ll stop saying that “you” have Delusions of Parasitosis. Fair enough?

    Oh, by the way, I’m not a doctor. I’m just a person with a fairly sound mind and a fair share of common sense. I apreciate the compliment though.

    Tall Cotton

  • Mike Lee

    Dear Tallcotton,

    Yes, I’m though with my rant, I admit I needed to “vent” and your’re a conveint target.

    I see, your not a real doctor, you just play one on the internet (my mistake). Anyway, I had already come to my senses and figured out that your’re not a doctor. Silly me, after thinking further about your messages I realized that no real doctor in their right mind would post (broadcast) such ridiculous statements for all to see. I can’t help but wonder what kind of satisfaction your’re getting, or attempting to get by talking as if you are a doctor and slamming people who are suffering and just triing to get some real answers from some real doctors. And when I say ‘real doctors’ I don’t include dermatologists (your friends) who think morgellons is nothing but DOP. I feel better about you now that I realize that you can’t cause direct harm to people – like far too many DOP doctors are doing. (I use the term “doctor” loosely here)

    Respectfully, you have oversimplified the issue for your own convenience (your agenda). You state in a very simple way that you know that you can disprove a negative by piecing together some barely relevant and questionable facts, and refusing to acknoledge the possiblility of yet uncoverd-facts. It’s one the lowest common denominators for the basis of arguments and when that doesn’t quite work you go even lower; your’re nuts! vs. no your’re nuts!

    It’s flawed-logic to say that it can’t exist (watever it is) because it’s never been seen (by you) or documented (for you). What is yet to be seen, identified, or discovered is impossible?, yea – that’s sound logic. The argument has always been used over and over to condemn scientific investigations prior to a discovery.

    By the way, I don’t recall ever stating that I’m infected with or infested with anything. If I did say that, it still does not equal a delusion and a delusion does not necessarily equal a mental problem or DOP. I don’t know what the problem is with my health, and I’m not speculating on the cause. I don’t yet have or know the relavant and needed facts, neither do my doctors, and neither do you. The people you label as DOP so quickly are really just looking for answers to help their poor health and well-being.

    When the doctors, the experts, we all turn to for help at some point, can’t (don’t know how-to) provide effective treatment for their problem, they (we) have to speculate on what else could be the cause or solution. It is commonly ignorant spceculation based on what we see (or think we see), we are often wrong – for we have no medical training. We often don’t know what is medically or physically possible and should not be expected to know. They (we) speculte because we have no good answers, on occasion we are even correct, it is what you call delusions — speculation/delutions it’s the same thing in the case of morgellons – as in other less critical dilemmas we all deal-with and learn-from.

    There are serious people (more qualified than you or me) performing investigations, as long as they are, I’ll wait for the FACTS to come-out, I have no choice.

    I’m currently under the care of real doctors including a well-respected dermatologist with a PhD at a major medical university. Unlike the lazy good for nothing DOP derms, he is willing to admit he doesn’t have all the answers. For that reason, although I’m suffering, I feel lucky.

    So what IS your hidden agenda (I’m sure you won’t tell), but you certainly can’t be slamming us suffering people and so vigorously triing to choke off debate on the issue just for grins and gigles. You couldn’t be that petty and simple minded?, is it resentment? did you also self-diagnose yourself with DOP?

    Thanks for saying that you hope that I get better. If given the chance I’d tell your DOP doctor feinds to go fly-a-kite. As for you, I sincerely hope you can find something more meaningful & productive to do with your time and your life.

    I said I was through ranting – oops I caught myself doing it again. I’ll stop wasting my breath and time (promise).

    Take Care

  • Dear Mr. Tallcotton,

    Anyone with a “fair mind” and “common sense” can understand what you are saying. It sounds very logical to me. I feel sympathy for the people who have been lead astray from the truth by terming this condition as a, “17th century new emerging disease.” Seems they cannot make up their minds. Is it a 17th century disease or a new one? Cannot be both right?

    Persons with the unshakeable belief that they have Morgellons do not seem to understand this simple and obvious contradiction. If they do then they just don’t care and continue to cling to it as if their lives depended on it. It is plain as day to me and I have a feeling based on your comments that you may agree with me on this fact. This is after all only logical.

    The other thing is, you just do not self diagnose period. There is reason as to why this should not be done and is not recommended by professionals. Logic and reason!

    The hard question is, what happens when an individual who displays these symptoms associated with modern “Morgellons”, with exception to the referred unshakeable belief, but refuses to self diagnose and is able to physically manifest these fibers and specs by process of the medically documented phenomenon of trans-epidermal elimination right before their physicians eyes? See link for more on trans-epidermal elimination

    What happens then? Do you have a clue? Well… allow me to tell you what happens. They NEVER EVER receive the common misdiagnosis that we hear consistently about that is happening to people who actually display these unmistakable and commonly shared physical symptoms. They NEVER get called delusional, or told that they suffer from DOP. They are NEVER offered any anti-psychotic medications by any medical professionals who performs any examination. Hell, they even actually get the examination, and performed in a professional manner too!

    Sadly, they may NEVER be treated for these symptoms because no one knows what to prescribe and does not want the liability.

    What does the patient do when they contact their Health Department for help only to receive a referral to Dr. George Schwartz after the health department’s months of prescribed treatment of antibiotics failed due to the chronic condition becoming even more acute?


    Not only do I have the unfortunate luck of being infected by this hellish condition, I will probably end up being the only one not able to sue!


  • Mike Lee

    Dear Smileykins,

    Many Dermatologists (DOP Doctors), unfortunatly, think like you, and treat their patients just like you apparently would – if you were a doctor. I’m been victim to some of them. Willingly or not, you and Tallcotton seem to be doing their bidding. Thats why I call them your “DOP dermatologist friends”. Tallcotton likes to “play doctor” on the blogs, thats why I thought for a short-while, that he might be one (silly me). I put you all in the same category in my mind, a group of people who constantly dribble DOP out of your mouths.

    You SAY your not triing to fool anybody, but it’s obvious what you write between the lines. You both tend to speak in an authoritative way for which you have no autority. I was obviously wrong to use the term colleagues, but as far as I’m concerned – you’re all in the same group, the group that is a big part of the problem, rather than the solution.

    “Not in an elite enough class to have any physicians as friends”?

    Your’re not giving youselves enough credit here, there is not much that is “special” about most doctors. In fact is (unfortunatly), that your’re probobly just about as qualified as some of the lazy slimey bonehead doctors I’ve had the misfortune of meeting.

    Please don’t put yourselves down, besides “elite enough” is in only in the eye of the beholder. I have physicians as friends, but certainly noboby would say that I’m in an elite class.

    I’m in the care of very good doctors now (finally) and I plan to stick with them, but thanks for the advice anyway. We don’t agree on much, but I still tend to think heart MAY BE in right place, but your mind is not.

    Be good, or be better – bye

  • I’m sorry for how all of you view your own reality, so far removed from factuality, and expect the rest of society to conform to your mistaken beliefs.

  • Mike, you’d said, “You both tend to speak in an authoritative way for which you have no authority.”

    It’s only because facts command authority.

    P.S. I’d meant to say that I’m sorry for how all of you can’t see past your own reality.

  • Welcometomynightmare,

    It’s an honor and a privelege to speak with someone like you on one of these Morgellons blogs. It’s good to find someone that hasn’t been swallowed by the myth of Morgellons. I agree with the things you said. In my opinion you should stick with a good doctor and others he refers you to, and continue showing him whatever you are experiencing whenever possible. Let him work with you. He may not get your diagnosis right on the first attempt, but there’s a very good chance, in my opinion, that he will eventually. There’s many things that can cause your symptoms. There are things like sarcoidosis, for example. Sarcoid granulomas will wrap foreign material, and things the immune system deems as foreign, with fibroblasts to encapsulate them. This is one type of fiber, but there are others. There are other diseases, such as Morphea, which may be your problem. Many of the listed Morgellons symptoms can be caused by hyperthyroidism, or hypovitaminosis, such as vitamin B12 deficiency. I don’t know what your health conditions are, but it’s my belief that this group of people are suffering from a variety of known illnesses. It will take tests, on an individual basis, to determine what the problems are. One very common disease among the Morgellons community is eczema. Eczema can be sheer hell, and with a lot of people it’s very difficult to find something that is effective at relieving the terrible itching. I suggest that you continue to work with your doctors. I agree with what you said about self-diagnosis, and I don’t try to diagnose the physical illnesses of the Morgies. I get pretty upset with their crazy behaviou a lot of times, but they are abusing their spouses, their children, and letting their pets die. They are spreading hysteria and convincing new people that they have Morgellons, and they welcome them into their cult at the Morgellons messageboard. In my opinion, websites such as lymebusters, are literally destroying people lives, and it administration personnel doesn’t seem to have the sense to realize that they are not supporting people. They are supporting a disease. And that disease does not exist. Based on my studies, and those of a friend, it doesn’t appear to have been a disease even in the 17th Century. Good Luck with your healing.

    Tall Cotton

  • welcometomynightmare

    Thank you Mr. Tallcotton for the kind words extended to me.

    Your advice has been to stick with a good doctor, take the referrals he gives me, and to continue to show him what I am experiencing. You say to allow him to work with me.

    All of this would be wonderful advice if it were only that easy. You see, I experienced a seemingly endless cycle of referrals for years that left me feeling like a ping pong ball and way more often than not, no meds at all to provide any relief. I was being referred from doctor to doctor to doctor to the point where they were beginning to recycle the same referrals. That was very stressing because my condition continued to get worse and nobody wanted to prescribe so much as a tube of cream! I was very ill, often in acute pain and for what ever reason the doctors sometimes refused to address this and some even asked me not to come back without any referral given at all. It can take years to find a doctor willing to take on a patient that displays some shared modern morgellons symptoms and many cannot find any doctor willing to work with them. It is impossible to work with a physician who refuses to work with me. Although you mean well and your advice is very correct under normal circumstances, but unfortunately it has proven to be ineffective when dealing with this abnormal condition.

    I am still in search of a physician that will treat these unusual physical symptoms in my children with anything more than a plan to monitor without so much as a tube of cream. So, we watch it spread on my kids which is the only plan provided to me/them. This is enough to rip your heart right out of your chest. They see it, they believe it, but they still won’t treat it. I would love to work with the doctors I just wish they would work with me.

    The referral I was given by my health dept. to see Dr. Schwartz was the best thing they could have advised for me had it not been impractical and impossible to carry through with. He is thousands of miles away from me, no longer prescribes medications, and never accepted my insurance. This referral left me out in the cold and back to square one with no treating physician once again. I bless them for their attempt in trying to help me even though they were unsuccessful in alleviating my symptoms. At least they tried and that is all I can ask for.

    You say that many things can cause my symptoms and people who claim to have morgellons may suffer from a variety of other illnesses. This may well in fact be true and I do agree. However, my health concern is primarily with what could be causing something to come through my skin that actually has red, blue, and clear fibers with what looks exactly like insect parts in it. No doctor to this day, and I have been to many, can answer this question for me or tell me what can be done about it (shrink included). What can I do about this Mr. Tallcotton? What would you do?

    As far as Lymebusters.com goes, I have to somewhat disagree with you here. I have been on that board before and have never had any one try to convince me I had any certain medical condition although they were not real happy when I refused to believe I had the 17th century new emerging one. That was my personal experience anyway. What that board did do for me is give me the ability be able to understand some of these strange symptoms that I seem to share with people there. I learned how to identify the physical matter and how to make the matter respond to outside stimuli. All of that was vital because without this knowledge I would have never been able to show the doctors what I was talking about and thus, they were able to collect it and send it to the CDC. Lymebusters may not be perfect but who is in life?

    You accuse people of abusing their spouses, kids and pets. These people don’t know what to do because the doctors won’t tell them because even they don’t know. People with these shared bizarre symptoms are left to figure it out on their own so what you are calling abuse may be their best attempt at resolving a perceived severe heath issue left unaddressed and unadvised by the professionals that are trained to do this very job. What do you expect them to do? Nothing? What would you do if you found yourself in this predicament?

    Concerning your accusation on the spreading of hysteria by Lymebusters.com, I am not sure if you have the correct data to be able to come to this assumption. I find it impossible to believe that lymebusters.com has that kind of power over eight or nine thousand households in every state in the US and internationally even if you do give them this enormous kind of credit. I cannot follow your logic here. No message board, website, or personal theory on this condition can spread the hysteria one gets when they see this happen with their own two eyes. Seeing perceived bugs or parts of them and fibers coming out of your body causes the hysteria not Lymebusters.com. It is the actual condition that is destroying lives not Lymebuster.com.

    Now what does appear to be spreading hysteria other than the actual symptoms is the CDC its self. Tens of thousands of people now would like to see the CDC start to do something about this other than say they will. Making these people wait for year after year for any help in my opinion is abuse and as the condition spreads, so does the hysteria. They are set up to do this work and have the resources at hand to be able to figure something out. It has been years and this is speculated to be contagious. If it is contagious then every year the CDC refuses to do anything about it they are responsible for allowing this to spread by not doing their jobs that we pay them to do. By not addressing this properly creates a dangerous negative space for all to speculate and jump to conclusions that may potentially be extremely hazardous and sometimes even fatal. Now that IS abuse.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to help people who have these strange symptoms Mr. Tallcotton? I have a feeling that you really do care what happens to these people, your fellow Americans. What can you do to help since the CDC won’t and the doctors are unable?

    Thank you for your time and thoughts.


  • welcometomynightmare,

    I can think of 5 kinds of fibers that are in the skin, not counting the hugh variety that which comes from the enviroment. There are collagen fibers, elastic fibers, muscle fibers, capillaries, and nerver fibers, and fibroblasts. This isn’t counting the thousands of varieties that float through the air at any given moment in any natural environment. I do not think that there is such a things as Morgellons fibers, and if you go into a doctors office and try to talk about such a thing, he’s going to think that you are obcessed with the things that come out of your skin, and if you tell him that you think any of these fibers are a part of a disease process he is going to diagnose you with DOP. Likewise, if you mention that you have seen bug parts emerge from your skin, you will quickly get the same diagnosis.

    Have any of your doctores suggested that you take something for anxiety, depression, or psychosis. In my opinion, if you are seeing bug parts immerge from your skin, it’s your mind producing the images. It’s not real. If you are suffering from psychosis your mind will produce the illusion of whatever you expect to see, and you will se it with perfect clarity. If any of your doctors have suggested taking medication for any mental condition, such as DOP, schizophrenia, anxiety, or depression, and you didn’t follow his advise, then you are not working with your doctor.

    In my opinion there is no such thing as Morgellons Disease, by any name. There are many disorders that are known to have simptoms that are similar to those that are listed in the Morgellons case definition, and there is one disorder that has the exact same symptoms, and that is DOP. Delusions can make a person itch. They can make lesions appear, although you may have something like eczema, psoriasis, folliculitus, or some other skin or systemic disorder. THat’s where your doctor comes in. If he has suggested medication for a mental disorder, if you’ll take it, he’ll probably continue to see you, and work on any remaining physical problems.

    In my opinion, Dr. Schwartz is a quack. I wouldn’t take a dog to the man. I believe he his exploiting Morgellons believers for their money, and I have good reason for those beliefs. I feel the same way about any Morgellons doctor, although some have a different agenda. I don’t trust Staninger, Karjoo, or anyone that works with the MRF for sure, like Citvosky, Ames, Stricker, or Harvey. Well, any of them. I think they are all liars, including the founder of that organization, Mary Leitao, the Munchhausen by Proxy mother that is overdue for a full mental evaluation.

    If you go into a doctor’s office taling about Morgellons, you have 3 strikes against you from the start. Doctors, and especially dermatologists, know that Morgellons is synonymous with DOP. It’s nothing more, and nothing less. I wish you good luck, and I hope you find a good doctor, to find out what is really ailing you. I don’t think you are suffering form anything new or emerging.

    Oh, it’s not just lymebusters. In my opinion it is every Morgellons believer message board, and every Morgie doctor and researcher. It’s also the websites that promote the Morgellons lie and works to reinforce the shared delusions.

    Again, good luck.
    Tall Cotton

  • Thank you Mr. Tallcotton for your response. I am not sure if I have made something clear so I wish to stress and state again that I have never received a diagnosis of DOP or any other psychotic condition ever. My doctors do not prescribe drugs for a condition I do not have so I am not sure why you included talking about antipsychotic, anxiety, depression meds or any other drug used the field of psychology. I appreciate your suggestion but the condition in which I suffer from has been ruled out by every doctor as even possibly coming close to stemming from a delusion. They have collected samples directly from my body and watched it originate from within my skin. Trans epidermal elimination, did you read my link?

    You say that doctors will diagnose you with DP if you say that you have these symptoms? I am proof that you are very incorrect on this. If you go to a doctor and tell him the truth about being very concerned because you have learned of a condition that you want ruled out because you have symptoms that sound similar, they will look. If you learn how to make this condition respond to outside stimuli you can show them what you are talking about. My physicians call it unidentifiable not morgellons, not anything else. They all tell me they do not know what it is.

    All I want Mr. Tallcotton is for the experts to tell me what my body is obviously producing that seems to have extremely defined images of shapes that look insect like entwined with red, blue, and clear fibers and how I can stop it from spreading.

    In my opinion you have made some very harsh statements in your above post about some very wonderful people and healers trying to be part of a solution. Wanting to take a dog to somebody is evil Mr. Tallcotton. Perhaps you should apply for a position at Abu Grab Prison. I hear they are looking for even more people to send over there so finding a job would be easy right now. Why are you so angry?

    If you ever decide that you are able or would like to offer any assistance to these poor people who believe that they have a disease that has been mislabeled and undefined because no expert will do it for them then please let me know. Your smart Mr. Tallcotton, you could do great good for this cause if you tried to be part of the solution and worked to make things better and not destroy. Will you please consider this? Thank you.


  • welcometomynightmare, it sounds like you’re very confused, but at the same time, fully convinced of something. None of the “morgellons disease” patients are going to sue anyone, so you won’t be left out on that. What health department referred you to George Schwartz?

    It’s very, very, difficult to grasp what you’re saying, but if I am understanding you, now, is it that your doctor has diagnosed you with a perforating dermatosis, but rather than asking what underlying illness has caused your skin to develop that condition, you’ve tried to get them to tell you what’s coming from your skin? What were your children diagnosed with? I’m sorry you’re sick, and that you have sick children. You sound full of anxiety over the matter, and that’s understandable, but if you don’t ask for something to help you handle it, I guess your doctor just isn’t really aware of how worried you are.

    The CDC should be able to arrive at a decision on what measures have to be taken to treat this minority of patients, once they draw their conclusions. There is nothing Tall Cotton can do about that.

  • My gosh, you are mixed up. Tall Cotton didn’t imply that he wanted to turn an attack dog on anybody. He said that he wouldn’t take a dog to Dr. Schwartz. Have you never heard that expression before?

    I’ll tell you why he may sound angry to you. No, there’s no point in attempting.

  • I’ve slept on it, and decided that I’ll say this much. There’s no point in wasting exhaustive efforts, trying to explain anything to anyone with a fixed mindset. Many “morgellons disease” patients know, very well, that people in their lives often have to throw their hands into the air, give up, and distance themselves.

    Doctors certainly haven’t the time to take away from seeing their other patients to do it. There are licensed and certified doctors who specialize in the field of listening and explaining.

    As futile as it is, I’ll say this, not basing on the unlikely odds that anyone in the “morgellons” community who’s reading this has an open mind, but for others without experience in treating with doctors.

    “Unidentifiable”, equals, “nothing of significance”, medically, as well as the word, “unknown”. It does not mean, “unidentifiable”, or, “unknown”, as in, “some strange & mysterious, disease-producing matter, that’s never before been seen”.

    Members of the “morgellons” community appear as though they’ve had little, or no, prior experience with going to a doctor before they were stricken with what they think is currently wrong with them.

    When answers are demanded, begged and pleaded for, etc., and doctors say, “I don’t know what that is”, they may not realize how those patients interpret that, and that they require having it spelled all-the-way-out to them. I doubt it, though, and that is why patients get the appropriate prescriptions and referrals.

  • Doctors aren’t required to have “curiosity to study” what the patient is clearly ill from. The charlatans messing with “morgellons disease” know that game, getting all the necessary words to say to patients right from their message boards. All it requires is “I believe you”. (Sorry, I kind of went on, huh.)

  • Welcometomynightmare,

    No, I didn’t read it. I didn’t need to read it. I know what transdermal elimination is. I’m very surprized that you havn’t been diagnosed with DOP. Why are you obcessing over what comes out of your skin. Why even say that the debris looks bug-like. You know, or should know, that it isn’t bug related. You’re gonna get yourself very confused, listening to Morgies. Most of them cannot distinguish fantasy from reality. If you think those people I named are wonderful, or that they are healers, you are delusional. Oh, by the way, I didn’t say anything about letting a dog attack anyone. I said I wouldn’t take a dog to one of those quacks. I care more for my dog than that. I am trying to help people, but I’m not going to lie to please them, and I’m not going to water down the truth either. Good Luck to you.

    Tall Cotton

  • This is commonly repeated, “It is impossible to work with a physician who refuses to work with me.

    We go to doctors when we’re ill, to allow them do what? “Their job of diagnosing us, so we can feel better.”

    WE work with them…THEY are not obligated.

    I know of nobody who arrogantly goes into a doctor and tells them what they have, like “morgellons” patients say they do, over and over, again and again. And, each time, they expect a different outcome! Then, claim that their disease is draining their finances. And, you know the rest of the story.

  • Forgive me for repeating myself if I have posted this before. NOTHING CAN EXIST WITHOUT BEING NOURISHED. Think about that for a moment. We who are experiencing this condition, which is being referred to as Morgellons have a real challange on our hands. The ultimate responsibility for our health and our bodies, lies with each of us, not with any doctor. Stop wasting precious time and money looking for your salvation from Morgellons. We all have some serious work to do if we’re going to beat this thing. Requesting healing while facilitating the disease, is like saying “Help me even though I won’t help myself”. I write this because I am sincerely interested in empowering anyone who is suffering with Morgellons. I have had this mystery disease for three years. Symptoms got pretty intense after two years, but I have made real progress in the past year. What I have concluded,is that as powerful as supplements are, they are no match for that scourge-the American Diet.What is nourishing the morgellons organisms? Our body is like a house. We can clean and clean and never suceed, as long as garbage is coming in through the windows. If there’s garbage in the house that is nourishing “flies”, we can”t get rid of the “flies” by removing half the garbage. We need to clean the whole house. That’s what I’m doing. I have combined an alkaline diet,(strictly vegan),and Udo’s Oil, along with consuming 3 cloves of raw garlic each day, accompanied by One gallon of purified alkaline water. I’ve learned that microforms cannot live in an alkaline environment, because there’s nothing there to nourish them. And I am using Xango, a mangosteen juice, which has eliminated most of my symptoms. This juice is highly anti-inflammatory, which is one of the major effects of morgellons, causing so many of our other discomforts. Also, the xanthones in this juice cross the brain barrier, repairing and growing new brain cells, another major concern for morgellons sufferers. I would like to meet anyone else who is using Xango Mangosteen Juice to treat for this disease. You can also learn about the benefits of this juice in regards to our needs by joiniing me on THE DOCTOR’S CALL every Tuesday. It’s a safe place for people with morgellons and other health concerns. 6:pm pacific 7:pm mountain 8:pm central and 9:pm eastern Tell: 1.641.594.7001 PIN: 535013# Let’s get better together!
    I Love You All

  • Mike Lee

    To All,

    The best expaination or theory based on proven facts of the cause of morgellons to date: This guy references just enough scienfic documentation to scare the **** out of anyone who can think for themselves.

    The greatest single threat to human health since the discovery of AIDS
    Andrew Coyle, London England | Feb 5th, 2007

    If he is proven to be correct, man has truely opened Pandora’s box.

    Definitions of Pandora’s box on the Web:
    (Greek mythology) a box that Zeus gave to Pandora with instructions that she not open it; she gave in to her curiosity and opened it; all the miseries and evils flew out to afflict mankind.

    Also, please don’t pay much attention to the two people from the morgellonswatch site (tallsomething and smilesomthing). They are only here to decive you. They live at the morgellonswatch site. Seems likely they are on the payroll of some people who are responsible for creating and speading this apparently man-made disease.

    Personally, I’m now very worried, for if Andrew Coyle is right, it could change the world for everyone on this planet. Even if it is curable in people, the worlds food production depends on healthy insects – insects that may be killed off by man-made “morgellons”. This stuff could be a huge problem for everyone, even for those at the morgellons watch site.

    Call-um Like you See-um, Good Luck to us all! Everyone!

  • Mike Lee

    Hey Smileykins,

    You come up with lots of recomendations for us. Heres one for you. Go soak your head in a bucket of logic and common sense, it may eventually sink-in. Oh, I fogot, you are being paid to do otherwise.

    It is the DOP doctors who keep doing the SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN; expecting a physical illness to cured by psycotropic drugs or psyciatrists. Hmmmm, and you can’t imagine why we complain. Oh yeah, your being paid not to.

    Who is acting arrogantly? We are seeking help that we need to survive, we don’t tell the doctors yow to do their job. WE DO EXPECT THEM TO DO A GOOD JOB AND THOROUGH JOB BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WE ARE PAYING THEM TO DO.

    It’s not hard to tell when a doctor is not doing a thourough job. It’s when they tell you from across the room that you are suffering from DOP; without the benefit of a full medical examination and a series tests to rule-out other possible causes. Thats what we are getting, and that’s not what we are paying for.

    Smileykins said, when refering to doctors: “WE work with them…THEY are not obligated.”

    You see people, these are the ridiculous aguments that come from a viewpoint that is NOT based on logic or common sense, it comes from a sinister viewpoit propegated by the people at the morgellonswatch site.

    They will refuse to admit it, but those people are on the payroll of some big corporations and bad people who are triing to smother the truth for their own benefit. You-see, that’s why they have all-day every-day to write all this nonsense. They do it to try to confuse the issue and smother the truth. All the while, they pretend to be compationate and caring.

    Everyone knows that physicians are obligated to work with their patients, it’s part of the oath they must (or should) sware-to in order to become doctors. Besides, we are the paying customers, we pay their salaries (directly or indirectly). A doctor who refuses to work with their patients will eventually be forced out of pratice. Just like many of these DOP deratologists we be when the “truth hits the fan” so to speak.


    Lynne, Welcometomynightmare, and the rest of us sufferers: Lets just chat with each other and ignore the “two” from the morgellonswatch site. I’m absolutely convinced they are not here to help anyone. You can chat with them until you are blue-in-the-face, but you will never convince them of anything, for they are actually paid conspirators. Their hearts and their minds are in the WRONG place.

    PLEASE EVERYONE: As I talked about in the previous post, Look at the work by Andrew Coyle!:

    The greatest single threat to human health since the discovery of AIDS
    Andrew Coyle, London England | Feb 5th, 2007 |

    It’s technical and you not understand all of it, but he has the facts to back it up. It also explains why people might want to cover-up the truth.

    Call-um Like you See-um, Good Luck to us all! Everyone!

  • Click the [URL] next to my name. Don’t be afraid of what Andy says. Andy Coyle is ill, also. He is not a scientist, Mike Lee! Go see Andy’s comments on Morgellons Watch, under the topic: “NPR Morgellons”, beginning with comment #189. Andy is a repeatedly-diagnosed DOP patient, same as a lot of other “morgellons disease” patients.

  • Mike Lee, I don’t like all your personal attacks/lies. Whether I can understand it is irrelevant. It’s not nice. There is no such thing as a “DOP Doctor”, either. “Morgellons disease” has proven that there’s a good number of DOP patients. Statistically, they never treat it.

    It’s a devasting state of existence, to begin with, but society has not seen this being publicized until now. It’s not easy to witness all of the sad things you report to each other, not having any understanding of why you’re in the state you’re all in. YOU SHOULD KNOW IT. Look at the astonishing number of doctors who have repeatedly told so many of you, with an accurate diagnosis, and you walked away, refusing to treat it.

    Trusting that each one of your pieced together delusional theories is contributing something of great significance is dangerously contributing to your illness. If a underlying physical condition triggers that state of psychosis, treat whatever that physical cause is, and DOP will subside. According to the Morgellons Research Foundation, itself, as can be easily seen, from so many believers’ accounts, a large percentage are ill with DOP from another underlying cause.

    Is sufferring like this really preferable to complying with treatment? (Now, why did I ask that, when it’s so obvious? Hey, don’t get pissed at me for not being able to think it’s cool.)

  • Mike Lee

    Dear Smilykins,

    Like I said: “anyone you can think for themselves”.

    Maybe I was a little harsh, sorry if I offended you. Maybe a little of your own medicine is hard for you to swallow? My intention was to provide “freindly” suggesions and accusations (freindly or not). Just like the the ones you so readily give-out. I provided a nonfactual perspective based on what I know about you; which is nothing. The same level of perspective (logic) as is in the written words you provide to belittle people who you know nothing about.

    I know you say you were sick (your sure you know what you had). In repect to morgellons sufferers, “sounds the same” does no equal “is”.

    Please, I know you can’t be that shallow, I’ll spell it out for you: Obviously there are no “DOP Doctors” (you can’t find one in the phone book). Put two and two together here, it’s easier to write than:
    “A Dermatologist who will claim (or boast) that they have diagnosed (and/or cured) many or dozens (or 74) as DOP, the one’s who don’t follow proper diagnostic procedures while their at it. The one’s who conveintly skip those steps because they “can’t” spend the time, or are just too lazy, or who are so arrogantly over-confident to a level that tests are “unnecessary”.

    Unfortunately there are too many of them, and they need to be called-out for it. There are many good Dermatologists also, and it’s a real shame that they appear to be in the minority.

    I know Mr. Coyle is sick, it’s the reason why he did the research. Being daignosed as DOP means absolutly nothing to me, again, another reason for the research he did. Of couse he’s not a scientist, the documents he references were written by scientists. I never stated he is correct in his theory. However anyone who reads the documents, and finds no reason at-all to be concerned in the-least, is a fool.

    Bye Bye

  • Mike. You weren’t “harsh”. If it’s another fun part of the fantasy world you’re all in, to think I’m a high paid government employee, I can’t stop that anymore than your doctors could get you to treat what you were diagnosed with.

  • joseph

    I like the Andy Coyle videos and I think his research is pointing in the right direction. I had the insect bite and swollen feet that are
    described in that research.The videos could have been me.

    I hope people with fiber disease are trying to get in touch with the cdc project in l.a. It took them 6 months to find a bldg. and I suppose they had to go to lunch and shop.They’ll need a lot of push. The govt. spent 12 billion in cash in Iraq and nobody got a receipt.

  • Smileykins

    Andy is really no different than other people with an illness like this, which he thinks, too, is “morgellons disease”. Like so many others, posting things that he reads on the internet, isn’t “research”. It is meaningless, to all of you, but can any of you describe why you think it is so valuable?

  • Mike Lee

    Hello Everyone!

    We ARE making progress!!!; The Mayo Clinic is changing it’s tune on Morgellons: “Morgellons disease is a mysterious skin disorder characterized by disfiguring sores and crawling sensations on and under the skin.” (MAYO CLINIC)

    Please see the article, Feb 26, 2007.

    I don’t think your a high paid government employee any more than I think you know anything about skin diseases or D.O.P.

    You must have skipped over this sentence in my last post: “I provided a nonfactual perspective” [as is your’s] “based on what I know about you; which is nothing.” It’s O.K, I can tell your very-bizzy.

    Despite fear of repeating myself; here, once-again for you:
    I was never diagnosed with D.O.P., I’m one of the very very few lucky-one’s. I’m under the care of a very-good Dermatologist (one of the few who actually takes time to listen and look!). He is also very-well respected, has a PhD, and teaches and performs research at a major medical university.

    Yes I’m very-lucky compared to most – most who get stuck with the all-too-common “DOP doctors”. Of course, my Dermatologist doesn’t know exactly what Morgellons is, but he knows what it’s not, he knows it’s not DOP. He’s absolutly convinced of that. At-least one other Morgellons patient is also under his care. I’d give you more details about him, but I don’t think he really wants any of your Morgellons Watch fan-mail.

    Fear-not “Morgies” help is on the way.

    (Morgellons Watch: You guys are gonna LOOOOOOSE!!!)

  • Smileykins

    What is your diagnosis, Mike?

  • Mike Lee,

    Don’t you ever get tired of running your mouth. You’re one of the very few Morgies that hasn’t received a proper diagnosis, and you’re bragging on your doctor. I think your doctor is as delusional as you are, or else he’s just suckering you for your money. That wouldn’t be hard to do, just tell you what you want to hear. Mike, you need help. And you need to quit letting people stress you out all the time. heheheh

    Tall Cotton

  • Smileykins

    Mike, why do you act like you think that Tall Cotton and I have persecuted you? We’d had no prior contact with you, before you posted here. We don’t know you, and we hadn’t said anything against you. You even seem to think we’re interested in information concerning your doctor, but you suspect that we might contact him. It really doesn’t make any sense. There isn’t a contest going on, either. You seem to be at odds with yourself, most of all. Honestly, we pose no threat to you.

    #122 — Mike Lee
    “Despite fear of repeating myself; here, once-again for you: I was never diagnosed with D.O.P., I’m one of the very very few lucky-one’s.”
    “Yes I’m very-lucky compared to most – most who get stuck with the all-too-common ‘DOP doctors’.”
    #89 — Mike Lee
    “They give us the cold diagnosis (DOP) that is of no help to us, and they can’t imagine why we SOUND so
    irrational. When we protest to their diagnosis, their unrelenting arrogance convices them that we can’t
    be reasoned with. Since we “can’t be reasoned with”, they beleive they can’t really help us in any way. So they think; why bother triing (wasting their time) to help a crazy-person that can’t be reasoned with.”
    #93 — Mike Lee
    “Instead they are calling us crazy with the all encompassing label of DOP.”
    #100 — Mike Lee
    “Many Dermatologists (DOP Doctors), unfortunatly, think like you, and treat their patients just like you
    apparently would – if you were a doctor. I’m been victim to some of them.”
    #115 –MIke Lee
    “It is the DOP doctors who keep doing the SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN; expecting a physical illness to cured by psycotropic drugs or psyciatrists. Hmmmm, and you can’t imagine why we complain. Oh yeah, your being paid not to.”
    “It’s not hard to tell when a doctor is not doing a thourough job. It’s when they tell you from across
    the room that you are suffering from DOP; without the benefit of a full medical examination and a series
    tests to rule-out other possible causes. Thats what we are getting, and that’s not what we are paying for.”

    Get well. Try to really take care of yourself and not worry about all of these on line strangers who have a variety of different health problems. I’m sure that a lot of people are not thinking what you feel they are, and it causes you a lot of unnecessary stress.

  • Jane


    Read this it willl help.

    My mother contracted this disease 15 years ago.

    unhealing sores, black lesions, fibers, insomnia, ear ringing, crawling, muscles pain, etc.

    Anyway, like many of you, we tried everything. Enzyme baths, supplements, samento, permathrin (only topically), this list goes on and on.

    Anyway, of all the things we tried. The following is what worked.

    Last year, we went to a friend of mine who is an “alternative” health professional and he suggested that she take baths in essential oils.
    Oregano, Clove and Thyme(five drops of each). He said that is was very important to mix these oils with bath gel before putting them into the bath or they will really burn the skin. He said to use the Young Living brand (which is what he used in his office).

    We started using the three oils mixed in bath gel in her bath water 2 times a day.

    We also washed her clothes and linen in Bergamot (from young living).
    (No more throwing her clothing out!

    We sprinkled her carpet with Borax mixed with Bergamot.
    (No more pulling up the carpet and replacing it)

    We cleaned door handles, counters, computer keys, car sterring wheel, stick shift etc with Bergamot.

    And the wonderful thing is everything smelled so good!

    Well, her symptoms started to get better right away. After a few weeks her lesions were almost completely healed. The muscle spasms, pains, insomnia etc were almost gone as well. She has been using these oils for a year now and she has no lesions or muscle pains etc. The only symptom that is still bothering her is the crawling sensations in her feet. But only in her feet no where else.

    We didn’t get rid of it yet. But the good thing is, she has her life back. She lives a normal life now.

    We tried other essential oils to try and save money. But we were disappointed. They really didn’t work like the Young Living.

    I since then became a distributor. But I will not post my website, because then you will think that I am not sincere and that I am just trying to sell something.

    Just go online and go to any distributor. Try the young living oils.

    I am just a woman who has seen the horror of this condition and I want the people who are sufering from this condition to find the kind of relief my mother did.

  • Jane

    At the top of this post, I said “black lesions”. I meant, “black specks”

    I hope that the post will help.

  • MIke Lee

    Dear Jane,

    Thanks for posting the suggestions and information. Until more is known about the cause or causes of morgellons; I believe that natural and non-toxic remedies are the safest and likely to be the most effective treatments that we can try and use.

  • The inability to accept, acknowledge, and address, one’s own, personal, underlying, health condition(s), which accounts for triggering the one state that all “morgellons disease” believers identify with in each another, is evidence of their one, shared, diagnosis. What isn’t acknowledged, can never be changed. There isn’t one single “morgellons disease” believer who can help it, either.

  • MIke Lee

    Why do you continue to waste your time here. Go to the another blogs to harass morgellons sufferers. You’ve obviouly worn this one out.

    I case there is anyone left who hasn’t figured it out:

    Smileykins and Tallcotton are advocates, pundents, and pumpers of the morgellonswatch.com
    site and it’s agenda. They would rather you didn’t know what they are up to over-there.

    If they were honest brokers – as they claim to be. They would be promoting it, or at least mentioning it as a reference source for information, or to say the least – acknologing it when mentioned.

    They havn’t denied their relationship with Morgellonswatch.com, they also havn’t denied that they are being paid by Morgellonswatch.com, or by it’s owner(s), or it’s sponsor(s). (Darn, I guess I CAN’T call them flat out liars)

    #124 — Tallcotton
    “Don’t you ever get tired of running your mouth”

    Tall, Getting a little testy aren’t we?

    #129 — Smileykins
    “There isn’t one single “morgellons disease” believer who can help it, either.”

    Smileykins, your arguments keep sounding more and more desperate; Kind of hard to buy that one. There are many (a number of) believers who are not ill, but are triing to find the cause(s) and/or cure, in addition to those (not ill) who are helping to spread awareness of the problem.

    To answer your question, I recieved multiple diagnoses and medications from several doctors None of the diagnoseses were DOP (all pysical illnesses).

    I could have gotton a DOP diagnosis, ANYONE CAN GET ONE – as easily as it is to get a precription for Viagra. Just bring in a sample of “something”
    in a small container, repeat a few (standards of diagnosis) statments to the DOP doctor, and walla! you’ve got your DOP diagnosis and likely some good drugs to go with it. That is exactly how meaningfull the diagnosis is; it means nothing and it determines nothing.

    I guess you wouldn’t know since you got your D.O.P. diagnosis off (from) the internet.

    Hey, thanks for repeating some of my points (statements) for me, I appreciate it.

  • Smileykins

    Mike. I’m not harassing anyone, nor going around spreading lies and fear. The harm that this myth has been bringing into innocent people’s lives is not anything society has witnessed before now, and I don’t like it. It’s dangerous, and I feel that the Secretary of Health needs to step in.

    Each one of you illustrates your condition beautifully, and it’s well known that nobody can assist in replacing your loss of ability to problem solve, and some of your fellow “morgellons disease” patients may have even always had that particular skill compromised.

    There are a lot of dynamics, and a lot of pathology involved, in each separate patient’s case history, and a whole lot of family members in existence who don’t know how to deal with your situations.

    Those are the people I hope to appeal to. Many of them have become too lost, also, to help their loved ones who are enduring this particular condition, which has culminated as a direct result of untreated, underlying, conditions.

    I really don’t like your continuous lies about TC and me, but we fully understand, Mike. We’re not employed by anyone.

    I had experienced many of the symptoms of DOP five years ago, quite badly, in fact, but the difference in me, and a “morgellons disease” patient, is that I was aware that something was messed up with my perception of reality, at the time it was occurring. My cognitive skills weren’t compromised, other than due to hallucinations from the ill state of physical health I was in back then.

    Everyone is free to be how they want to be, and it’s just a fact of life that the world can’t change to make everyone happy. If that is a problem, there are professionals who will listen.

    I honestly hate this “disease” you all have.

  • Smileykins, you aren’t the only person (besides me) that has hallucinated. Several Morgies have, and still are, hallucinating. They talk about how Morgellons reminds them of the Twilight Zone and they talk about observations that they “think” they have made, but the things they report are utterly impossible. They don’t stop to consider the fact that when “impossible” things are happening, they aren’t really happening. They would rather believe that they are dealing with a pathogen that can jump through hoops.

    There’s plenty of illnesses that cause hallucinations, and a lot of the Morgies have already been diagnosed with these illnesses. They are especially likely to have hallucinations, and they do, because they aren’t treating their real health problems. Many of them have also damaged their brains with Lindane and other neurotoxins. That’s a fact, and there is a record of it. A lot of them are also on methamphetamines. That is also a fact. Right now, if you go to lymebusters message board there’s a topic entitled, “Strange Gut True Story”. The events that the Morgies are reporting are clearly hallucinations. Go read it! Anyone in their right mind will agree. There have also been “numerous” other reports of hallucinations among the Morgies.

    Most Morgies don’t have a clue what the word “delusion” means. They think it means that they are hallucinating. It doesn’t. It means that they have unfounded beliefs, ones that aren’t based on the evidence, and that those beliefs are unshakable. The Morgies are, without a doubt, delusional. But many of them are also seeing illusions. They are not seeing what they think they are seeing. But those who aren’t hallucinating, are still believing wrong. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Morgellons is a disease, but there are numerous reasons to believe it isn’t. Most of the Morgellons believers are mentally ill. That’s a fact too!!

    You think I’m testy, huh Mike. Well, I can tell you right now, if I put you to the test, you would fail. You are not only delusional when it comes to your beliefs about Morgellons, but also regarding your beliefs about Smileykins and I, and our motives. What you are doing is totally wrong, and potentially dangerous. I’m glad that you aren’t a convincing person, because you are a liar. Thats a fact, and I can prove it! If you want someone to go somewhere, you can take a hike yourself. You don’t run things, and you damn sure don’t have any influence over Smileykins or me. You are a Morgellons believer, and that means you are at a disadvantage.

    Tall Cotton


    Hi to all! I have my hotmail acct. notify me of new Morgellons posts, and I’m trying to catch up on about 2 months worth; WHEW! I started skimming this latest post, too much to finish, but all I’ve read here, I’ve read other places, so many times, it’s not funny. I started researching Morgellons about 2.5 yrs. ago now. I suffered almost all the symptoms described, as well as enduring the negative, doubting, & unsympathetic attitudes & treatment by medical “PROFESSIONALS”. I saw that someone was given the Rx drug ORAP. A dermatologist put me on the medication, which I quit after about a week, cause I felt like this drug was actually gonna make me crazy if I continued. Some very powerful stuff, which a ‘skin doctor’ has absolutely NO RIGHT to prescribe!

    It seems that most of the people with an official diagnosis of Morgs., also have Lyme disease! I became ill in San Diego over 6 yrs. ago, far from any ‘lyme ticks’. My illness didn’t start off as Morgs., but, I believe, turned into Morgs. as a result of TOXIC MOLD EXPOSURE, combined with the countless number of ANTIBIOTIC regimines I underwent. Has anybody else had mold probs.?

    I never experienced, what I considered to be, fibers or black sweat. But I would pull out long, skinny debris, kinda worm-like, and would wipe away different colored ‘sand grains’ from some of my wounds, especially from the half-$ to $1 sized wound on my cheek/jawline.(diagnosed as folliculitis) It was so easy to see the hairs in this area were ‘plugged’ in the pore, and were impossible to remove. Trying to made things look worse, but, common sense wise, would promote healing if removal was possible. And this only makes it easier for the doctors to blame the sore on you! I can go on forever about all this.

    I have been away from the mold for over 3 yrs., now, and live in a dry climate, Arizona. But I continue to have recurring rashes, staph. infections, impetigo, intense itching, and deforming scars and keloids. After all this time, I’m, finally, hooked-up with a mold expert, who should, hopefully, confirm the mold aspect?! He, as many other doctors I’ve seen, knows NOTHING about Morgellons. So I hope he’s open-minded enough to see the similarities in symptoms, and become a believer and valuable resource in battling this dreadful disease. Keep your fingers crossed!

    Good Luck To All!!!

  • BrandyTwirl

    There is a safe and effective treatment for Morgellons that is a natural mineral. Take a look at how a woman with some of the worst lesions ever seen conquered Morgellons and is now symptom-free and click on the ‘Connie Video’. You can also see stills of her lesions and their healings at.

    Best of health to everyone!

  • Smileykins

    Dear Infectious 1,

    I’m very, very, sorry that you’re so ill, and I would like for you to be a lot better, but are you fully cognizant that you said:

    * Trying to made things look worse, but, common sense wise, would promote healing if removal was possible.

    * And this only makes it easier for the doctors to blame the sore on you! I can go on forever about all this.

    * folliculitis
    * recurring rashes, staph infections, impetigo

    * intense itching
    * deforming scars and keloids


    * I never experienced, what I considered to be, fibers or black sweat.

    I’m truly trying to understand how this is, so if you, or anyone else who thinks they have “morgellons disease”, can explain it, it would help everyone, since we’ve been told this is a threatening new disease.

    So, given the things you’ve listed, how does one go about determining that they have “morgellons disease” without the meeting the necessary criteria?

    Thank you.

  • Donna Seeger

    To Jane; I read your very helpful comments about the oils and ordered them. I just received them and am looking for the Borax now. I contracted Morgellons during a balmy,slight rain. That rain lasted only 15 minutes but it delivered a lot of little “dust-bunnies” all over our outside walk areas, where I live. They are black fibers in the form of fluffy balls.One landed on my cheek and began to integrate into my skin. The rest is history. You’re a godsend, Jane.Thank you. slvrseeger

  • Donna Seeger

    To Jane;
    I read your very helpful comments about the oils and ordered them. I just received them and
    am looking for the Borax now. I contracted Morgellons during a balmy,slight rain. That rain lasted only 15 minutes but it delivered a lot of little “dust-bunnies” all over our outside walk areas, where I live. They are black fibers in the form of fluffy balls.One landed on my cheek and began to integrate into my skin. The rest is history. You’re a godsend, Jane.Thank you. slvrseeger

  • joanne

    ok so this disease sounds really scary but I’m a teacher and i just found out about this disease and i was wondering if there are any other interesting facts a bout this just put it online.

  • Joane, “this disease” it is a very sad situation. There are a lot of reinforcement forums on the web, and the patients don’t appreciate differing opinions. I hope this can be of some assistance. Morgellons Watch

  • “Facts”? Briefly (I can’t list my sources, right now, but this is all on the web, from over the years)…

    It is not “a” disease, but its victims are very ill. A mother who refused evaluation for Munchasen Syndrome By Proxy launched a web site in 2002 because she was convinced her little boy had more than eczema, His skin itched, and, as many toddlers do, he’d described it by saying, “bugs”. She took it literally, and due to fibers and fuzz adhering to his raw skin, she expected that doctors were supposed to show an interest in researching her newfound disease.

    Patients who date back 13 years ago, originating with a group who flooded the National Pediculosis Association, with concerns of lindane poisionings, after a 1994 article in The Ladies Home Journal, were the beginning of the main bulk of the patients who found her web site and registered. Many others have since then, covering a lot of other psychogenic skin disorders.

    Ninety-five percent of them were diagnosed with delusional parasitosis and have been to an average of 10-40 doctors. The website claims, as you will see being said repeatedly, as you find out more about this, that everyone was “misdiagnosed” . That particular state is triggered by many different underlying causes, and they all share a delusional believe there’s a pathogen behind what induces a state of delusional parasitosis. Regardless, the patients, as is typical, were insulted, ignored THAT MANY doctors, and have left their health conditions untreated. Of course, they worsen. It’s widely reported by the patients that their doctors, instead, ignored them.

    This thing has evolved, due to a network of people assuring that it does, and well, if you’re interested, run an internet archives search on The Morgellons Research Foundation and look at the “still evolving case definition”. Anyone who wants to have it can. It covers everything known to mankind, all, already, in existence.

    There is a rapid growing network of crooks taking advantage of the most misfortunate members of our society, by telling them that they really have a new disease. They are ill, very ill, from various underlying conditions, and the charlatans who are screwing with them should be prosecuted for health fraud, and more. The patients are not justified in wanting to sue their real physicians, but there are solid cases with the quacks, if their families would pursue it. All the poor patients need to hear, as you will learn, is “I believe you”. They demand being believed, and researched, unable to treat what they have by virtue of it being what it is.

  • RayFreeman

    Hello, I am a 25 year old male and I have been suffering with this desease for 2 years now. I know for a fact im not crazy. I know id pass every test with flying colors. I understand why some docters think we are crazy, because this is so horriable and scary to live with that I think it could actully eventully make me crazy.

    What i don’t understand is you have like thousands of people with a desease yet some people still thing its not real. These people have to be part of some type of cover up by the government, I suspect anyone who says this is not a real desease is being paid to do so or they are crazy ones. I would like to speak directly to these people who say its not real, I have you ever actully been around someone in real life who says they have it? Plz if you think this is not real let me come stay with you for just one week.Im know for fact theres not one single sane person on this planet who would say this desease is not real after spending a week with me.

    Its like a case of normal people being sick and crazy people calling us crazy. Its very flustraiting I wanna jump through my PC and punch people who are either paid to lie or have no idea what they are talking about.

  • RayFreeman

    I think these people who say its not real should have there posts deleted. Well if you say its not real, everything else you say to me is invald, you are deemed crazy by me. It would be like you trying to convince me that glass does not break, or that fire does not burn. If someone started trying to convince you of something like that anything else they have to say would be meaningless. Don’t you understand this is real no matter what you say or do, nothing will change the fact that this is real, and if you want your opinions even listen to by me, the last thing you wanna do is call me crazy and say i desease that im suffering from badly is all in my head and im all of a sudden crazy. and thousands of other people are crazy too, we are all just crazy. i will stop ranting now its rasing my blood pressure, my only point is that if you want any of us to even put 1 ounch of weight on what you have to say, you shouldn’t call us all crazy

  • RayFreeman

    This desease is airborn, well the fibers are. Im hoping that these bugs live on me and not in me but i have no idea. I pull them from my ears. I got a shirt thats covered in these fibers and when I stand next to it they start fying off at me. I doubt id be able to get rid of this desease without a moving to a new place and fully thowing away every item i own, I think im gonna be stuck living with these bugs forever, I only told one person my dad and he basically said i was crazy, so i won’t tell anyone else that i know in real life. Also I have proven these things are alive. I catch some of them and heat up a metal rod or stick, put it near them and they will curl up in a ball. I have seen these fibers fly off of me when im at my friends house, i just hope that im not infecting him, that they die off or something. I don’t really see a cure in my future cause these things are everywhere, i opened my pc and there was even a bunch in there. Well if i ever find out who released this thing on the world if it is man made i wouldn’t hesitate to take my revenge on them

  • mike

    Im getting just as interested in Smiley**** and her motives just as much as i’ve been interested in learning about this disease. Im far from a conspiracy theorist, but i’m starting to wonder…

  • mike

    This is not the first blog i’ve seen her criticism. Appears to be spending more time trashing Morgellons as i’ve spent learning about it, and i have been reading quite a bit. Although detailed and personal, after reading her(their) website, i’m even more suspicious. The best crimes and deceptions are in the finest of details. Although they present an almost logical argument, we as sane people know better. We know what we have, we’re not idiots. Let them ramble on, their not gonna change the facts.

  • RayFreeman

    I don’t see why they want so bad to prove us wrong. They should be thinking about their family and there children/grandchildren. Most of them say we are trying to scare them with lies but really thats just silly. The only one who is scared is us, im more scared about whats gonna happen to my family and I then anyone ever could be, espacilly someone not living with this.

    I don’t wanna scare anyone. If you don’t have this thank your lucky stars and go about your normal life but please there needs to be a cure for this.

    Also id prolly be willing to mail one of my shirts which is totally cover with fibers to any people like a lab or medical school who is studing this. Or help in anyway I can.

  • cozmikanjel

    I am diagnosed with Morgellons Disease.
    My doctor testified, in a court of law re:

    her, 3 nurses staff and one lab tech observing red, white and blue…. yeast-like hyphea, growing out of my dermis. They also watched them move, all on their own accord, under microscope.

    Are you taking notes S & T?

    Confucious say: You have two ears and one mouth 🙂


  • cozmikanjel

    This is an electromagnetic organism….it bioluminates, just like fireflies and dinoflagellates.
    Biolumination cannot occur in an alkaline environment!
    Start with 1 teaspoon baking soda per day…gradually increase over 2-3 months to 2- 21/2 teaspoons soda. Magnesium and MSN should be added each and every day as well. After 6 months of this treatment, i am feeling like my old self again…..

    *I was NEVER delusional, NOT for one moment of this living nightmare ….EVER! 🙂


  • cozmikanjel

    mrs. tallcotton’ quote…..
    “You should be ashamed. You don’t know me, and I have done absolutely nothing to you.”

    ahhhhhhhhh 🙁
    Speaking w a forked, snake-tongue and hindering research……. is “nothing”???!


    Have a beautiful day!

  • RayFreeman

    I have all the symptoms of Morgellons execpt one. I have these fibers on me, and in my clothes and all over my house mirrors and screens for the windows. I have found red and blue ones but most are white or clear. The one symptom i don’t have is them growing out of me. I assume they are cause they are in my clothes real bad and all over. Sometimes when i feel a stinging pain all i can see is a little black spec but I have never actully pulled one from inside my body but i have pulled many off my body.

  • Smileykins


    6. Cognitive dysfunction, includes frontal lobe processing signs interfering with logical thinking…
    7. Emotional effects are present in most patients. Character typically includes loss or limitation of boundary control (as in bipolar illness) and intermittent obsessional state. Degree varies greatly from virtually absent to seriously life altering.


    Many people who want to get well, can, and do, and it certainly begins with a trip to a doctor. Following a physician’s charted course of treatment requires keeping in touch, and working, together, towards a goal. A state of wellness includes accepting that a former state of health, which was once enjoyed, may never return. For those who have impairments rendering them unable to help themselves, hopefully, since they enlisted assistance from the government, they can eventually provide them the help they so desperately need, and have gone without for too long.

  • cozmikanjel

    For those w tall-cotton in their ears…

    My doctor testified, in a court of law re: her, 3 nurses staff and one lab tech observing red, white and blue… yeast-like hyphea, growing out of my dermis. They also watched them move, all on their own accord, under microscope.

    *Quite certain these four and REAL professionals have no debilitating cognitive functioning. One of these four was quite the rude skeptic BEFORE she looked at samples under magnification. Similar to some with one ear and two mouths.

    In denial of your own case of Morgellons? Problems w cognitive thought processes? A little emotional lately? 😉

    …”and it certainly begins with a trip to a doctor.”

    Thank you [Edited]…i would have never thought of that… cognitive thought downhill & all.

    Actually had a real funny “first trip to the doctor” A so-called “professional” spent total of 3 minutes maximum with his patients… decided to prescribe us scabies cream.

    Is the cotton out? Are you ready for the punchline???


    I told ya it was real funny! A garanteed knee-slapper if i ever heard one! he he he…

    Is that logical enough for you dear?

    xxoo’s, angela

  • Smileykins

    Since it apparently holds significance to the topic of “morgellons disease”, may we have more background, cozmikanjel, concerning what this court case, you’ve referred to twice, is?

    Since you said that you (and I’m guessing, your family) have had the misfortune of having an encounter with a “so-called professional”, I hope it was enough to make you acutely aware that patients/consumers MUST check into physicians’ backgrounds to be sure they are properly licensed and accredited. Nobody else can protect us from quacks, and it’s very easy to call our state medical boards as well as the AMA, and, also, The Board of Specialties.

  • Smileykins

    Cognition should not be determined by whether or not someone is in agreement with you, nor should it be determined by the fact that a testimony was made in a court of law. People make false testimonies and lie in court every day. What were the motives for those testimonies? Was this a hearing to determine your mental competence? No Morgellons diagnosis can be correct, and anytime one is made, it would be very wise to ask oneself, “why?”. Are you still using play dough as a research tool? Does that seem to be in accordance with the scientific method? Do these people who agreed with you in court also use play dough in their research?

    Tall Cotton

  • Lynn

    I think my father suffers from this. I do not know what to do to help him. I need help. Is this contagious? What do I do to help him? My mother died in October and I am all he has. He screaming for help.

  • Smileykins

    Dear Lynn:

    I’m sorry about the loss of your mother. There comes a time we have to step up to the plate and advocate for our parents, and, having been there, I know what a difficult task it is.

    Get an appointment for your father with an internist, go with him, and be his spokesperson. Depending on his age, a geriatrician may be in order. Ahead of time, write down everything you want to say to the doctor, including questions. Take notes on what the doctor says, and don’t be shy about asking questions. There are many various health conditions that can trigger some patients into having the symptoms they’re referring to as “morgellons disease”, but it is not a new and separate disease. The state is brought about solely from a underlying condition. Oftentimes, Lynn, medication side effects can even induce it. I wish you the best, and hope that you can find the remedy to your father’s health situation.

  • Smileykins

    Lynn, I’m sorry. If your father is screaming, I think it would be a very good idea if you accompanied him to an emergency room as soon as possible. If he’s on any medications, of course, be sure to write them all down, and their dosages, or take his pills along with you, in a bag, whenever, and wherever, you go with him to seek medical assistance. Stay strong, and good luck.

  • RayFreeman

    Only a retarded person would say this is not real. I have seen it. The fibers are notihng. Theres bugs and stuff you can’t see. The fibers I belive are just a small part of a larger problem that the naked eye cannot see. I seen these fibers move on there own accord, with a cup or jar over top them. So your as wrong as it gets.

  • angela

    smiley/tall….”Are you still using play dough as a research tool? Does that seem to be in accordance with the scientific method? Do these people who agreed with you in court also use play dough in their research?”

    please define “research tool”

    ..”professionals” with preconcieved (DOP) ideas, looking at skin from a distance! now thats research …..hmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    Research Tool ~ a hand-held microscope….if only they knew how to use one. but why should they….they already think they “know”!

    I’m just an average, single mother…
    …and i (mostly)used homemade flour/oil/water for “DISPLAYING TOOLS” for my observations and research. There’s a big difference.
    I can bet some of the greatest minds from the past, used whatever means possible to get their POINTS ACROSS!

    As far as court goes….
    you’d love to chop my court case all to heck…
    and looks like you got a good head start.

    So….u keep on, cuz i KNOW you will….with your “blurred”, complacent….and easy answers.


  • Smileykins

    Cozmikanjel, your comments have inferred that you know TC and me, and by having asked if we were “taking notes” in the first comment you posted (# 147), you seem to be under the assumption that we also know you. Your comments and pictures of things that you consider important are posted on the internet, and, therefore, available for public viewing, but we’ve never, ever, communicated with you before. We hadn’t said anything about you prior to your addressing us, either. If you look, you brought up some “court case”. With such statements as you made, well, normally, when someone brings up a topic, it’s open for discussion. Otherwise, when we want to keep something to ourselves, we don’t mention things.

    You made some heavy declarations about “court”. If you don’t believe it, look at your comments #142 and #152!!

  • Smileykins


    I’m sorry, that was comment #147 and #152. But, really, cozmikanjel, I don’t know what your intentions are, saying that we don’t know “you” (or “us”?), or just what it’s been that you’re talking about. What is it that you think we have done to “you”/”us”? We don’t want to chop up any court case of yours. Please try and relax. I assure you that we do not know you.

  • ch

    I have had symptoms for over 3 years now. My husband and children aren’t affected. My husband never believed me and still is unsure of what I am experiencing. It has been very hard for me. Now I make sure that as soon as I see a lesion I show it to him. I usually see the black specks in the bathroom after taking a shower and point it out to him. It has caused many problems for me. Especially at night when I try to sleep and am constantly itching. If I have any cool air on me it causes me to be very itchy. I have seen dermitolgists but they have just ignored me. I am constantly cleaning and bathing but it doesn’t seem to help. One thing I do know and will tell anyone is that it is real. I am a very calm and sane person. That is one thing everyone can say about me. Even with the frustration I deal with every day, I have learned to accept what I am going through although it has been very exhausting in dealing with. If anyone has any suggestions on how to relieve the itching and crawling sensations, please let me know.

  • ch,

    Without knowing what underlying condition is causing you to have itching and crawling sensations, really, only a doctor can adequately address your condition.

    It’s extremely hard to imagine that a doctor would do as you’ve said dermatologists have done you. Request your records and see what they diagnosed? Beats me, because I’ve just never heard of such conduct (especially repetitively), from professionals.

    Aveeno Colloidal Oatmeal (not edible oats!), to bathe in, may bring some degree of relief, as well as Aveeno topical cream, and/or topical Benadryl Spray, and/or poison ivy preparations. Whatever you do, don’t set off the itch/scratch cycle. Oral antihistamines can help, some, too.

    Mentioning that you’re constantly bathing might even be the source of those sensations, due to having the protective layer of your skin stripped, and out of balance. I hope that you at least know not to bathe in water that is way too warm, or apply a lot of things to your skin, trying to make it feel better, only causing it to flare more. Dry skin can be a real nuisance, having external as well as internal causes, like a lot of skin conditions.

    I’ve had sensitive skin all my life, and could offer you more advice if I knew more details of what your skin symtoms are. For instance, do you have swelling, a rash, or hives? Contact dermatitis can cause such things, and getting it under control requires complicated (yet, very simple) detective work, to eliminate the triggers that cause itching and crawling sensations. Itching, crawling, biting, and stinging, sensations are all signs of skin allergies.

    But, there are so many health conditions that affect our skin. How are your blood lipid levels, kidney function and urinary tract health, thyroid function, parathyroid function, iron levels, liver function, blood sugar (just to rattle off some quick and easy ones)? If you know of any ongoing medical conditions that you have, learn all that you can about them, and see if they have skin symptoms associated with them. E Medicine is one of my favorite medical sources. Good luck!

  • Have you heard of proffessionals scratching their heads and saying, “I don’t know”? Fifty percent of all diagnosis are incorrect and fifty percent of the correctly diagnosed are given the wrong treatment. Anyone with what is being called morgellons does not have the time for this. We are actually better off helping eachother and finding our own way. We are not the problem. The problem today, is that our society is not ready to accept what is happening. And as time passes this condition is spreading. I realized that I don’t need to convince anyone of this reality because it won’t be long before we know others in our lives who are having the same experience. It’s just too bad that people aren’t convinced before they are directly affected. No amount of debate will change what is happening. Only denial can slow the process of realization and acceptance. We have all known people who refuse to accept the truth. That’s all that is going on here. Time will reveal this truth because many more will become infected. We’re in for a “bumpy ride” folks.

  • When any of the various, underlying, health conditions that are known to induce a state of delusional parasitosis are adequately treated, then, delusional parasitosis goes away. Leave those ill states of health unadressed, and as they worsen, delusional parasitosis worsens. Being someone who’s had it, and recovered, I understand just what it’s like, recognizing it all too well, when seeing others describe it in the same ways. There is no such thing as “morgellons disease”, other than a total scam to take advantage of very vulnerably susceptible people.

  • standswfist

    I wanted to share with anyone interested in what was a huge help for me, along with herbs and a healthy diet. I actually drink one product in the am and once in the pm…it balances your ph level and is all the greens and fruits that we don’t take advantage of the way we all should. Awesome stuff, tastes like green tea and it literally purged the boogers from my body on the 4th day. Anyone can email me for more info but the real kicker was an ionic detox machine that came w/an infrared belt…..wow~! POurchased from ebay and went through apparelhut (seller).

    Toxic mold in my home opened the door on the nasty plague and I have come across many people that have or just now are finding the same situation. A major immune system concern, from mold!

  • Smileykins

    Standswfist, are you of the opinion that toxic mold exposure is the same thing as “morgellons disease”, or stating that you believe that toxic mold exposure is what causes people to develop “morgellons disease”? Is the experience of “purging boogers from your body” something you can describe in more detail, please? Thank you.

  • chaosonline

    Yes, yes, yes. Mold is at the heart of the puzzle. I have just sent the following letter to Cliff Mickelson about just that:

    1. In my bedroom carpeting I have very small (appx. 0.5″ X 0.5″) spots of slightly darkened areas containing what appears to be mold. The mid portion of some of the individual carpet strands (which would be the area where the securing fibers wrap the carpet fiber thereby securing it to the backing) have a light gray dried clay-like matter dotted with what appears to be spores. The constant use of a humidifier this winter probably didn’t help neither did the fact that, like so many Lyme sufferers, I keep my room dark due to photosensitivity. By the way my house is on a crawl space. We will be checking out the crawl for mold tomorrow.

    2. The underside of my teal colored bedroom carpeting has clear sinew-like fibers that appear to be identical to the worm-like creatures that are so hard, if not impossible to pull out from under my skin. Attempts to remove these fibers, located just under the skin are very painful. I have never successfully retrieved a full one as they break each time I have tried. The broken ends display several more white fibers within each strand of sinew. The carpet backing fibers do the same exact thing when I forcibly pull them apart.

    3. There is some type of insect possibly tiny mites that are in the area of the carpet mold. If you like I can send you labeled specimens of all of my observations.

    4. My carpet pad is made of multi colored sponge-like materials that are compressed and held together by a thin layer of a clear glue that looks like a layer of human skin and an embedded mesh. This mesh is a continuous, black star shaped, plastic fiber netting. Although random in size, most of the individual sponge-like pieces are about the size and shape of maggots. The padding is held together under pressure and upon cutting into it several of these maggot-like sponges flew up through the hole. Yikes, what a scare! Note the following website picturing what is called “The starfish”. This is strikingly similar to a portion of the embedded mesh of the padding. Mine is black and this is clear but I imagine different manufacturers could account for slight variations.

    5. Every insect I could find in my house ants, spiders, and beetles appear dead and are covered with a cocoon (or mold) of fibers similar to those on and in my bedding and body. Many of the insect cocoons contain my hair. I am particularly interested in the fact that almost every clumping of fibers, be it enclosing an insect, on my body or in my bed, contains at least one shiny silver, gold, or green element. I think some of these might be Christmas artifacts like tiny bits of tinsel, others appear to be small bits of copper. I am at a loss as to what could be creating these clusters. I don’t believe I have any rodents but have set traps just in case. I can only imagine a bird preparing it’s nest.

    6. I know I have Lyme disease and I have noticed an odd change in my electromagnetic energy field. I finally realized the numbness involving my face, tongue, gums, arms and legs is actually caused by a static electricity. I noted that during these episodes (which can last for a short time or go on for the entire day) all of the small hairs on my body are sticking straight out. Last night I rubbed Nystatin on my self and had almost immediate relief!

    7. It seems to me that somehow particles of the environment of my bedroom, the room I am in most often (due to the debilitating Lyme arthritis) are slowly being migrated into my body. When I awake to find hundreds of these filaments on my body I am beginning to wonder if I am being cocooned just like the other living creatures I mentioned.

    8. This is the most difficult part. I am thinking that these fibers, worms, etc. are either not alive and are seemingly moving due to my high static electro-magnetic field or have been transformed, perhaps hollowed out to accommodate a living creature.

    9. The environment around me is being migrated onto and into me by something, be it an insect, or ?????

  • standswfist, I really appreciate your powers of observation. Your natural curiosity can bring us a multitude of information. My only caution is to refrain from premature conclusions. Nothing is as it appears to be. Your observation of increased EMF activity agrees with mine. I’m trying to figure out what is causing the increase. I only feel the results of the increase. Unexplainable “areas of pain” is one of my symptoms. Could it be related to the moon cycle? I have checked the EMF levels in my home and they are generally low, so something is amping me up. I’m wondering if I react after I have been exposed to a high EMF field outside of my home. And, what is the relationship between these organisms and the use of EMFs? I believe that they are bio-electric, so are they using the radiation(dirty electricity) that exists in our environment? What are your thoughts?

  • chaosonline


    If you also have Lime Disease you should expect cycles or bouts of increased pain due to the life cycles of the lime spirochete and/or cysts. The spirochete is every 4 weeks the cyst is every 3 months.

    If you are referring to the sharp, sporadic burning pains, I think they are either a toxin release or a method of communication.

    I am at a loss regarding the EMF. I did a few experiments with a rather strong magnetic and was shocked to find that although none of the “critters” responded to the magnet particles my own blood did! Perhaps there was something foreign to the blood within it. I only did this once but will repeat it soon.

    I actually found I had Morgellon’s by accident. I knew I had Lyme and my knees were really hurting so one night I applied an antibiotic ointment to my knees. After about 10 or 15 minutes I had no relief so I figured I would use something stronger and I applied Cura-Heat with liquid capsaicin. I was lying in bed watching television as I rolled the sponge applicator coating my knees. I happened to look down and was horrified to see what appeared to be small fruit flies on my skin! As I removed them I realized they were actually worm-like blue fibers with bronze color heads.

    I repeated this procedure for family members and a few friends just to keep myself out of the booby hatch. However, it no longer works. Last night I did have some success with a hot-hot bath followed by Tea Tree oil. Now, although there is a variety, most of the “critters” appear as white specks that enlarge as they exit my pores.

    Within my carpeting are tiny things that look like mites but could be this type of mold older colonies of Sporothrix schenckii

    I am lucky so far to have only a few sores on my body.
    I’m not sure where the Lyme ends and the Morgellon’s begins.

  • Dr. James Matthews, MD Endorses NutraSilver as an “Effective Therapy” for Some Morgellons Symptoms
    Written by James Matthews, M.D.
    Wednesday, 18 April 2007

    Disclaimer: This information is being shared for educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace a proper consult with your physician for healthcare. No one should practice medicine on themselves or others without a license.

    Dear Morgellons Community Members,

    I have some preliminary data indicating that NutraSilver is an effective therapy for some of the symptoms, in some of the patients, suffering with Morgellons Syndrome, and after new drug applications have been filed, endorse trials of its use for this mysterious condition.

    About 2.5 years ago, I met my first Morgellons patient and three months later, I became a patient myself.

    I sorted through all available data, what little there was, and came upon the link with Lyme disease made by William T. Harvey, M.D., M.P.H..

    I used almost every available method of Advanced Western Medicine over a period of two years, including variations on: the Burrascano protocol; Shoemaker Biotoxin-binding protocol; Marshall protocol; Sherry Roger’s detoxification protocols; a host of anti-parasitic medications; UV; Infrared; Saunas; Salt and C; Diatomaceous Earth; many immune boosters; regular Bikram, Dahn and Iyengar Yoga, and after all this, felt “ok”, and had been off of all prescription medications for about six months.

    Then, about four weeks ago, I heard about NutraSilver and chose to try some personally.

    Now, most people recognize that precipitation of a Herxheimer Reaction is a good indicator that your therapy is effective. In my case, I had precipitated these gently, and detoxified many, many times, and believed there was very little infection left in my body to cause a Herx. This turned out not to be the case. A unique, deep tissue Herx occurred which gave way to greater feelings of well being and physical health than I had previously experienced with any other method.

    I recognized the potential value of this new therapy and immediately gave my two sickest patients my remaining samples.

    In one of the patients, who had no lesions and had already been treated for about 1 year with my integrated protocol (above), we observed only slight improvement in his symptoms of creepy crawly and prickly sensations.

    In the second patient, who had only just begun my protocol, and had been suffering with multiple bodily and facial lesions, the results were dramatic. Within days his skin started clearing. He declared he felt “very good”, with improved mental processes and mood, and increased energy.

    NutraSilver is a special suspension of Ionized, Colloidal Silver in distilled water. The suspension is created through a unique proprietary process where water is negatively charged and clustered so that the silver is well suspended, and theoretically better absorbed. Colloidal Silver has a long history of use as an antimicrobial agent, and there are studies showing that NutraSilver kills multiple pathogens in culture very effectively as well. I’m not aware of any toxicities with any, silver products, and the only significant side effect ever documented is argyria. This is an irreversible condition of grayish coloring of the skin that seems to occur when too much of the wrong kind silver is ingested. Best estimates indicate that a healthy 70 Kg person would need to ingest about 10 grams of Silver to be at risk for this condition. By contrast, 1 drop of NutraSilver contains only 0.090mg of Silver. In other words, a person would need to ingest over 100,000 drops of NutraSilver to even theoretically approach the risk for argyria. This may be why there has never been a single case of argyria documented with NutraSilver. Further, I’ve seen a study showing that properly prepared Colloidal Silver taken for two months is purged from the body at the same rate at which it is consumed. And, half of the remaining silver was purged within one month of stopping consumption. Taken together, this data suggests to me that the risk of argyria from NutraSilver is probably somewhere between extremely low and insignificant.

    Before considering use of NutraSilver with your personal physician though, everyone needs to know that in 1999, the FDA had declared in a “Final Rule” that, “all over-the-counter (OTC) drug products containing colloidal silver or silver salts are not recognized as safe and effective and are misbranded.” Ultimately, the FDA is the authority in this area, and this letter is in no way meant to undermine their authority.

    On the other hand, we’re dealing with a special situation here. To begin with, Morgellons wasn’t widely known in 1999 when the FDA ruling was made, and even today, the CDC hasn’t recognized Morgellons as a disease. Further, many people in the community are suffering so much that they may feel, after consultation with their personal physicians, that given how some have benefited, a trial of NutraSilver may be worth the tiny risk of argyria. Given how some are suffering, I can even imagine people feeling that trading Morgellons’ lesions for argyria quite fair, and agreeable.

    The choice to try it or not, is a very personal one, where each individual must consider: their degree of suffering; other options; costs; risks; the FDA’s ruling; and most importantly, the recommendations of their personal physician. Further, I now know that at present, NutraSilver is classified as a nutritional supplement and can’t officially be used for any diseases, symptoms, or relief, only water purification. So, any individual who chooses to use it off-label, does so, AT THEIR OWN RISK.

    After consulting with their own personal physician, if anyone does choose to use NutraSilver for Morgellons, please let us know how it goes. We hope to compile data about any possible risks, and benefits, and use this information in a “New drug” application to the FDA for clinical trials.

    Standing together now, we will find answers, and we will begin to offer more relief for those suffering.

    Conflicts of Interest: A small percentage from the sales of NutraSilver is paid to Advanced Medicine, L.L.C., a new nonprofit company that I direct. 100% of the monies received go directly back into the support of clinical and scientific research in Morgellons. Using this method of funding, I hope to raise more money for Morgellons research within the next year, than all of the other organizations, in all of the previous years put together.

    I will be available to answer some questions on the Morgellons Hope Community Forum.


    James Matthews, M.D.

  • Dear Dr. Matthews, thank you for your work and dedication. At the end of March, this year I did what I call the NutraSilver Purge. I did not have any dramatic effects, in fact I was a little disappointed. But like you, I have been detoxing and caring for myself in many ways since I became aware that I had a problem. What you said about the increased sense of wellbeing struck a cord with me. About two weeks ago I started feeling like my old self, which was pretty darn good. I still get small lesions and I still feel wiggly movements from time to time, but my energy has been increasing. At this time, I take 40 drops per day and intend to continue. But what about the continued presence of critters? Is this a slow process of elimination or are we just trying to feel better with the presence of the organism? I have been using Xango mangosteen juice for about eight months and I believe that it is responsible for most of my symptom relief. I would like to know your opinion on the use of Xango mangosteen juice along with the NutraSilver protocol. Do the xanthones in the mangosteen juice effect the efficacy of the nutrasilver? I took the juice while I did the purge and I have wondered if it inhibited the power of the silver or is it the reason I had such an easy time of it. You need to know about the xanthones found in Xango mangosteen juice before you can answer my question so I hope you will look into this. I believe that both of these products, Xango and NutraSilver are very valuable to anyone suffering with a “mystery disease” at this time. We need to know for sure how they work together.I would also like to add that I know someone else who did the purge and she has continued to have a difficult time to say the least. I think that the purge aggravated her condition. It might be that we need to develop a protocol that moves an individual through a process of detoxification accompanied by strict dietary guidelines. I also think that we should treat systemically before we begin purging from the skin. I have had minimal lesions and I believe that it’s because I’ve been working from the inside out. So first diet, then detox progressively, then purge, then skin treatments that draw organisms out. Xango juice can be used throughout this protocol to diminish inflammation and pain along with a host of other symptoms. Once the internal protocol has been established then skin treatments can support and enhance treatment. Otherwise we are just moving critters around the body. The Xanthones found in the mangosteen fruit are known to have incredible healing effects on skin conditions so we can use them internally and topically. My good friend has found a way to extract xanthones from the juice to create a soothing topical ointment which can be used at any time on all the skin. Fortunately, it is cost effective. I have been using this for awhile and I think it is a very good thing. Please stay in contact with this message board so we don’t lose you. I am very happy to know that you are working on our behalf and I would like to be of any help that I can. Lynne

  • Smileykins

    Sorry, but BrandyTwirl may not check back in and say that she’d just posted a copy of a letter.

    Doc Matthews ain’t in the house.

  • Lynn, You can read about Morgellons at Morgellons Hope and see photos at my site.

    Best of luck and I sincerely hope you find your answers.

  • Smileykins

    I wish people had health care advocates to work on their behalf with real doctors.
    The truth about “morgellons disease”
    doctors isn’t visible to patients who are blinded by their beliefs and being taken advantage of.

  • Smileykins, I went there and felt the same way. But the Dr. is in at http://www.MorgellonsHope.com. I understand your suspicion. It’s good to use discernment. But often people with good intentions go about their business in odd ways. I have personal experience with the product being recommended and I agree that it is valuable in the treatment of “Morgellons”. Hopefully, the good doctor will keep an open mind and share honest feedback with us concerning his discoveries and experiences with the protocol he uses for himself and his patients. We have already seen that people react differently to treatment, but that has always been the case with health issues. This is a complex subject and people are in very different physical conditions to begin with. It’s good to have you watching out for scammers. I appreciate it. Lynne

  • Lynne,
    I have had personal contact with Dr. Matthews and I know a few of his former patients. I also know that there is no girl who is actually Brandy-Twirl: This is a pseudonym for Russel Altmann, (the chief distributor of Nutra-silver.) who is using that name to lure people to investigate a blog that he set up and masterminded for a client of his named Connie. (if I remember, correctly.)

    Nutra-silver IS a scam, NOT because it does not work, but because they make enormous profits in a tiered marketing method based on a product that can be obtained elsewhere FAR cheaper with equally or better quality. They do this deceptively, without full disclosure of their own self-interests, and acting as though they are simply annoucing new & ammazing “cures.”

    It is NOT a cure. If you read through the entire blog that “Brandy Twirl” sends you to, instead of just looking at pictures, you read about how even their poster child has RELAPSED. It can ONLY, at best, help heal the skin lesions,
    (like DSP cream from Germany —which I will freely admit that I distribute, but do NOT make signifcant profits from, if you compare my prices & the German prices.)
    and give some form of remission (which is GOOD!) but then there is that issue about relapse, and re-infestation. And there ARE many people who do not respond significantly to ingested silver therapy, then there is a very small number who have significant reactions; such as diuresis and fluid imbalance problems similar to those that can occurr when when someone has a bad reaction & terrible side effects from taking Lithium pills for depression.

    So, Dr. Matthews is a bit of a ego-ist, and does a lot of self-promotion, to make the maximal ammount of money out his practice that he can manage. Yes, he also has had this illness; but that does not make him a compassionate, or patient individual–in fact, it means that he has more emotional intensity and less self control, and worse short term memory than the average healthy individual, unfortunately–as do WE all. I have found that he is more concerned with knee-jerk solutions and single blanket-type answers, than listening to each individual’s needs, or net-working and listening to what everyone else might be trying and doing. But, that is MY opinion, and I certainly DO have to admire his ability to keep working despite his illness, and to be one of the few docs that even treats this illness AT ALL.
    I am simply disappointed by the nature of his public alignment with Nutra-silver. It has cheapened and tarnished his reputation in my eyes.

  • Smileykins

    My opinions and convictions are completely devoid of expectations of helping anyone in possession of the unshakable belief in “morgellons disease”. My hope is that someone in an influential position, in any such patients’ lives, can succeed in getting them back.

    On some sort of level, I think the patients who have been with the movement a long time, know what they’re doing. Since way back before Mary Leitao tied them all in together, with the advent of her evolving “morgellons disease” — under the assisted guidance of Buckner, Harvey, Stricker, Savely, and many more, since, who OUGHT to know better — those patients had been trying to convince others of their own discoveries.

    Conditions causing cognitive deficits, alone, as well as induced states of untreated psychosis, has placed all of the patients in this movement in such a compromising position, that all they want is support of their “misguided thoughts”, while their various, underlying, conditions that have caused those thoughts remain untreated, and everything worsens.

    The internet is very dangerous place for patients with such challenges, and they can’t realize that mental illness doesn’t discriminate. All of the charlatans could be as they appear, too, and be every bit as ill as the patients they’re benefiting from, although I seriously doubt it. I think the best thing for everyone concerned is to report those “doctors” to their state medical boards.

    Since this movement began, they’ve been preying off these seriously compromised patients, treating their superficial skin problems with varying degrees of success, knowing, with assurance, that they’ll return.

    The patients need real doctors, the ones they walked away from, and health care advocates, or proxies, could help provide them the ability to treat their geniune, underlying, illnesses.

    The CDC can’t tell any of them what they’re wanting to hear. They have various, unrelated, conditions that have triggered all the incorrect thought processes they share online with each other. “Morgellons disease” has not caused that incorrect thinking, as the leaders of the movement have repeatedly announced to the public.

    Some of those thoughts are from primary mental conditions, some are from physical ones… Mental Disorders Secondary to General Medical Conditions

  • Smileykins, You are a gem. You use so many words to say “I don’t believe it”. Why don’t you just say so and be gone? Your opinions and convictions ARE completely devoid of anything that matters. Your observation of psychological instability could be sited in any group. People are people, wherever you go. And it may be true that some people are confused about their experience. That does not invalidate anyone. There is only one way to know anything, and that is through Direct Experience. The next level of knowing would be through Understanding the Direct Experience. It appears that you have no idea what we are talking about. I am having an experience that agrees with the reports of others in the “Morgellons” community. I began this experience two years before I found Morgellons.org. It was such a relief to find them because until then, I was very much alone with my experience. The isolation has been the most challenging aspect of this for me. I realize that the name “morgellons” just points to a condition with a collection of symptoms. I’m willing to use the word to refer to this collection of symptoms. It helps to have a word to refer to when sharing our Direct Experience. The name does’nt matter as much as the shared experience. Unshakable belief and unshakable disbelief are both fixed positions where no true learning can happen. Lighten Up!

  • Dr. Beverly Drotter, Thank you for your comment. I agree that Dr. Matthews may be premature in his public endorsement of NutraSilver. It takes time to determine how a product like this can be used beneficially. Like Dr. Matthews, I also experienced an increased level of vitality about four weeks after adding NutraSilver to my protocol. I also have successfully purged organisms from my eyes and ears with the use of drops. No other product has offered me this relief. I would be curious to know the name of the product you say is cheaper with equal or better quality. Please share this with us. I do not agree with your judgement about promoting products through network marketing. Thank goodness for network marketing!! It may be the answer for people with Morgellons Disease. A home based business could be the only work that we are capable of these days. We can connect others with great products that really work while supporting each other through our health challenges. I have a home based business connecting people with a product that has given me an incredible amount of relief. It is doctor recommended and I truelly believe that anyone with Morgellons should be using it. Why should’nt I be the messenger since I have a personal testimonial? Who better than someone with morgellons to share with the others. And why should’nt I profit from my efforts to help others. That’s what I call a Win Win situation. The next best thing is that I can sponsor others to do the same thing that I am doing. I can be in business with my friends and make many new friends while helping people who are suffering. Anybody want to know more? Lynne

  • “Smileykins, You are a gem.”

    Thank you, Lynne.

    You said, “You use so many words to say ‘I don’t believe it’. Why don’t you just say so and be gone? Your opinions and convictions ARE completely devoid of anything that matters.”

    Too many “morgellons disease” patients vehemently express the same sentiment. Since this patient movement announced to the rest of the world that we’re all in danger of contracting a new and mysterious disease, reasonably speaking, it’s not something to be ignored.

    You said, “Your observation of psychological instability could be sited in any group.”

    That’s irrelevant, since this is the only group that’s called attention to themselves, and the illness they have, which is the topic of this blog.

    You said, “People are people, wherever you go. And it may be true that some people are confused about their experience. That does not invalidate anyone. There is only one way to know anything, and that is through Direct Experience. The next level of knowing would be through Understanding the Direct Experience. It appears that you have no idea what we are talking about.”

    That is what I always say, “People are people, wherever you go”. It’s a fact, too, that no two persons are the same.

    Most all patients are confused about their experience, to start with, (calling it “morgellons disease”, now), and the Morgellons Research Foundation has made no secret that 95% of its patient members developed delusional parasitosis, seeking “validation” from an average of 10-40 doctors.

    Doctors assume, as does everyone, that when an ill person seeks their help, they want it and will work with them towards the same goal. Psychosis causes a hell of a lot more than confusion. By virtue of the nature of the psychotic state known as delusional parasitosis, the diagnosis, medication, and follow-up with a psychiatrist, is usually rejected. What follows, is disastrous.

    In a nutshell, that’s what “morgellons disease” is all about.

    Only you know your personal situation, of course, but, maybe, in your quest for information on your underlying health condition(s) — after being wrongfully influenced by “morgellons disease” — you’ve ignored a whole lot of facts surrounding it, as all distracted patients who think that they have something “new and mysterious” have done. Important facts on it can be obtained in old news accounts, which, if you’re interested in links to them, I can provide them to you. Your devoted attention to all of the old pages from morgellons.org, in the internet archives, will be assistive to your enlightenment, as well. Here is a link you can feed their URL into.

    This misguided patient movement has been evolving since around thirteen years ago, Lynne.

    When someone develops that condition, it indicates that they have a very serious underlying condition causing it. The Morgellons Research Foundation’s twisting it into being a “misdiagnosis of delusional parasitosis” is wrong. There are other ways I could say it, but the word, “wrong” will suffice.

    Since, before addressing me, you chose to react without looking at all of my previous comments on this blog, you will be very pleased to know that I had this “Direct Experience”, you speak of, as well as having achieved “the next level of knowing”, which you mentioned comes “through Understanding the Direct Experience”.

    My “Direct Experience” happened three years prior to my finding morgellons.org, whereupon I became a member of lymebusters’ message board.

    “Lighten up”? But, Lynne, it’s way too serious a matter to “lighten up”.

  • chaosonline

    I have Morgellons and Lyme Disease. Both myself and my family are suffering. All I have to do to convince anyone of the Morgellons “critters” is to rub my knees with a heat penetrating gel like Ben Gay or Cura-heat within a minute the little demons pop right up and the nay-sayers take off out of my home faster than you say “delusional parasitosis”.

    I am calling for a class action lawsuit NOW. This suit should be aimed at the governmant and the CDC. The immunity issues should be able to to broken somehow. Is there an attorney in the house? Preferable one who has Morgellons.

    Yesterday I missed my nephews wedding and am confused how to carry on in my household. I am fearful of infecting my husband and adopted granddaughter. DO I carry on as usual, cook for them, make salads, clean, etc.

    Ecuse me if I don’t address the current argument since I find it irrelevent.

    Karen L. Whitledge
    Romulus, Michigan

  • Hi Karen, I apologize if it seems like I’m arguing. I can appreciate the urgency of your circumstance. I have “morgellons” and I have worried about the same thing. How do I prevent infecting anyone I come in contact with. I think it’s much bigger than me. It is not in my power. A few weeks ago I realized that it won’t be long before some one we know shows the symptoms. I was visiting with my 12 year old nephew who proceded to complain about five different symptoms that are connected to “morgellons”. He has no information about the disease or my experiences with it. I was surprised when he just rattled off the list like he did. He is a very bright, sensitive boy and I trust that he will continue to share any concerns with me. Just take good care of yourself which means damage control. That’s all we can do at this time. I am using a very helpful product that you might want to know about. I even think that it could be a great preventive measure for your family. Go to http://www.GraciasHealth.com and leave me an email with your contact information. I would like to help anyone I can with what I know. I am doing very well under the circumstances and I would like to help others who have this health challenge. Your friend in health, Lynne

  • Karen, you said:

    “All I have to do to convince anyone of the Morgellons “critters” is to rub my knees with a heat penetrating gel like Ben Gay or Cura-heat within a minute the little demons pop right up and the nay-sayers take off out of my home faster than you say ‘delusional parasitosis’.”

    That’s sloughed off epidermis from your knees, rolled up by the friction of applying something that’s penetrated it. Of course, people would understandably be at a complete loss, and exit the premises, if you’re concerned over that.

    Exfoliate your knees with a good exfoliating scrub, a pumice stone, or a loofah sponge, and get all of that old, built up dead skin off all at once. Or, just remove it the way you’ve mentioned — since heat rub is a good way of doing it — and don’t worry.

    You aren’t going to infect anybody!!! Everyone sheds dead skin. I’m not trying to be funny, knees and elbows have a thicker layer of skin, and your knees have probably developed more of a build up from being down on them, looking at your carpet so close up.

    I wish you would consider telling a doctor what you’re thinking, and how much it’s interfering with your life, before allowing it to go any further.

  • Smileykins,
    You said, “Since this patient movement announced to the rest of the world that we’re all in danger of contracting a new and mysterious disease, reasonably speaking, it’s not something to be ignored.”
    Reasonably speaking, you’re correct. It’s not something to be ignored. It’s new because it’s manmade. It’s mysterious because we don’t understand it yet. And it’s spreading. We don’t know who, how, or why.
    MY point is that psychological issues can be found anywhere you find people, YOUR point is irrelevant and in no way negates the existance of a disease that you do not acknowledge at this time. My decision to write a comment is not a reaction. It is a response. There’s a difference. Thankyou for telling me that you have had a Direct Experience. I appreciate it. I found your disclosure of a history of DOP. Be careful not to project your personal experience onto others. Even if there are similarities, there could be a profound difference.
    You said, “When someone develops that condition, it indicates that they have a very serious underlying condition causing it”. You were not clear about what condition you speak of. This is an assumption that I have explored for myself,in the case of “morgellons”. I found a physician who believes the same and after many tests and close observation, no serious underlying condition was found. This is the mystery. Your conclusion of dilusion is too simplistic and hinders the much needed further investigation of this illness.
    Smileykins, my intention for this dialogue is a friendly exchange. Lynne

  • I too can make it respond to an anti-fungal cream. I do this for the doctors and they watch as I rub it in my arm or leg or where ever as this is on my entire body. Then the black specs start to appear. The only way I can get them to watch this is if I tell them I cannot describe my symptoms but can show them. It works like a charm and then they usually tell me it looks like an insect. Are the doctors going DOP now? 🙂


  • Lynne, DOP doesn’t “just happen” without an underlying pathology. Since you’ve, now, read my account, you know that my heat pump failure led to a chain of serious health consequences that culminated into the end result.

    A lot of “morgellons disease” patients have a lot of misgivings concerning the role of doctors, as well as their roles as patients. I don’t have any misgivings that such patients haven’t got it all together, and have, unwittingly, asked the government to mandate treatment.

  • chaosonline


    Dead skin you say!!!

    I run a Home Care Company and I know the difference between dead skin and live bugs.

    What about the connection to Lyme disease. Since 90% of people with Morgellon’s also have Lyme does this mean that people with Lyme disease are more likely to be delusional or would it make more sense to think that Lyme disease may play a role in Morgellon’s? Now I suppose your rebuttal will be that ticks only bite people that are delusional.

    Thou dost protest too much.

    There is real life suffering from Morgellon’s. Unless you have conducted a thorough investigation and are knowledgeable you should be cautious about off the cuff remarks regarding what is and what is not communicable.

    Let it go–give it up. You are going way to far our on a limb to prove your point. Why not use some of your time and energy to investigate Morgellon’s. I am sure you can find someone with Morgellon’s that lives in your area.

    Those of us that suffer from this have real life issues not the least of which is trying to decide how to live our lives not knowing for sure if this is communicable or not.

    The CDC says our doctors should decide these things but our doctors have no clue at all. I am not willing to be around anyone that is ill or has any type of immune system problem, or small children, or the elderly. One of my closest friends was told by her doctor to stay away from my home until the CDC completes their investigation (if ever).

    The Lyme disease has almost crippled my knees. I live in terrible pain. I thank God I am able to continue my business. For the most part I work from home. I have hired others to go to patients houses.

    My husband has Alzheimer’s and we are raising our 7 year old granddaughter. We have adopted her and have had her since birth. I am afraid to even hug or kiss her. I pray she will not ever have to deal with Morgellon’s. On the days I can’t walk my husband has been able thus far to help out but the time is fast approaching when he will no longer be able to do so.

    As far as the role of my doctor and myself as a patient I think I can ascertain fairly well what the traditional roles are. But the truth of the matter is that all of us must play an active role in our health issues. If an individual is unable to do so then they should appoint a family member or friends to act as an advocate for them.

    My own doctor is awaiting the CDC’s review. This review should have been initiated long ago and should be up and running. I doubt it has even been started. That is where my anger at the government and the CDC comes in, I am angry with them both for their lax attitude on this and I am absolutely serious about the class action lawsuit.

    By the way, it is the CDC that mandates treatment, especially in the case of Lyme disease. Doctors that go against their rules can and do loose their license!

    Despite your denial it’s blatantly obvious you are finding a great deal of humor in this, which is easy to surmise from your following statement:

    “…and don’t worry.

    You aren’t going to infect anybody!!! Everyone sheds dead skin. I’m not trying to be funny, knees and elbows have a thicker layer of skin, and your knees have probably developed more of a build up from being down on them, looking at your carpet so close up.”

    This type of snide remark only proves that you are less than truthful when you say you are not trying to be funny. You are most certainly poking fun at those of us who suffer from this most hideous malady.

    I’ll give you this; you are adept at finding humor at the expense of others then denying your witty insinuations. How is it you are so comfortable making such blatant statements from the vantage point of sheer speculation?

    Dig in, get your feet wet, investigate, then use your newfound knowledge to offer real help.


  • Smileykins

    Yeah, dead skin and delusional parasitosis, Karen. If you really have lyme disease, not “chronic lyme”, then you know the neuropsychiatric symptoms it has. That kind of real late-stage lyme disease requires treatment from several medical specialties.

    Excuse me for trying to help when nobody else answered your:

    “DO I carry on as usual, cook for them, make salads, clean, etc.”

    You sound like someone I wouldn’t want to associate with, ordering me around like you know so much. Keep on going as you are, if you’re living life the way you want to. You’re the one who’s uninformed about “morgellons disease”, as well as anyone else who believes in it.

  • Smiley – For someone so quick to judge you certainly have not studied much about Morgellon’s. You are encouraged to check out the pix there and listen to the reports.

    The CDC has removed the DOP description of it from their website. Instead of buying into government spoon-fed propoganda perhaps you should attempt to educate yourself a little more before easily dismissing people’s conditions, because it doesn’t fit in your world understanding.

    “A communicable nanotechnology invasion of human tissues in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating nanotubes, nanowires, nanoarrays with sensors, and other nano configurations, some carrying genetically-altered and spliced DNA/RNA. These nano machines thrive in extreme alkaline ph conditions and use the body’s bio-electric energy and other (unidentified) elements for power.”

    Currently Jeff Rense is the only radio program devoting serious scientific inquiry into this problem. Check out his sites and pictures and then come back and say it’s all in people’s heads.

  • Smileykins

    Connor, people who think they all have “morgellons disease” recognize something they have in common with each other, do they not?

    I recognized it too, three years after recovering from a physical illness that induced it, when I’d heard about “morgellons disease” two years ago, and joined lymebusters message board.

    As increasingly shocked as I am over the situation, I’ve seen that it’s quite clear that none of the sufferers can rationalize what’s wrong, and nobody wants to hear anyone speak about the reality of the matter. Jeff Rense is no more a credible source of information than the MRF.

    I’ve dug into it very deeply, man, and I have always wished that all of the sick people who’ve been deceived by it could. I wasn’t quick to judge when I found out how bad this was, and I will forever be stunned.

  • P I

    Smileykins, You are still, most certainly, a very disturbed person. Why not seek treatment yourself before attempting to sound knowledgable of something you surely are not. Do you not yet understand these people do not trust you nor want anything to do with you or your opinions.

  • Smileykins

    Yesteryear’s mental health reform allowed each one of you the right to not treat your illness. Every state has their own laws, and things are just hunky-dory unless person is a danger to themselves or others. Patients who think they have “morgellons disease” have put themselves in the public eye, showing their self-inflicted physical damage in videos and still pictures. Patients who think they have “morgellons disease” tell about the far-reaching effects their untreated condition has on their lives, including descriptive accounts of child and pet neglect and abuse.

    Now, P l:

    I don’t think for a split second, that anyone in this patient movement has the capacity to realize what Mary Leitao inadvertently snookered them into, getting them all to try and help her promote her agenda. Even she’s been hoodwinked by the likes of Stricker, Savely, Harvey, and so many other so-called “professionals”, who make a profit from this made up disease.

    Of course, I’m upset. By following along with your leaders’ instructions, to call all this attention to yourselves, mental health care is eventually going to have to make some very drastic changes to address the subset of patients who can’t treat what they have, by virtue of the nature of what it is.

    Do I geniunely expect that to occur, when it’s been known, all along, that there’s a minority of patients who have always refused to treat? Well, no, because unfortunately, that happens with minorities.

    Back to the “danger to themselves and/or others”, though, and “morgellons disease” victims/believers regularly say (unaware of it), “here I am, this is my name and address, and just look at what non-compliance of my diagnosis is doing to me, and other innocents”.

    I never thought I’d live to see the day that this would happen, and I don’t think that any of the patient/believers in “morgellons disease” even know precisely what it is that they want.

    This won’t help you, any, P l, but someone may benefit from re-reading this:

    “Ms. Leitao spends hours at home searching the Internet. She arrives at a message board, a scabies forum, where people nationwide share stories about crawling sensations and fibers. From the discussion board participants, Ms. Leitao hears that those symptoms often portend something far worse: a debilitating cognitive and neurological breakdown, appearing similar to chronic fatigue syndrome. An Internet user e-mails Ms. Leitao: If you are seeing these fibers with your son, you have a big problem.

    First, Ms. Leitao accepts this notion, and then she fights for it. The stay-at-home mother, a graduate of Aliquippa High School, galvanizes an unknown subset of the country, a group united by its claims of crawling sensations and fibers.”


    It would be great for “morgellons disease” patient/believers to take proper care of their health problems, and for Mary Leitao to, too, but she started something pretty big, and pretty sinister.

  • Greetings, I would like to make a suggestion to members of this blog. Maybe if we ignore Smileykins, he will go away! I’m taking a wild guess that Smileykins is a man, so I’ll refer to “him” for so many reasons.
    The last comments to Karen and Conner were the last straw for me. There’s only one thing to do about people like this. Ignore Them. We have tried to exchange information, but Smileykins only knows how to argue his point. Positional thinking is the product of one limited perspective. And that perspective can only include what is believed.
    Smileykins said, “none of the sufferers can rationalize what’s wrong”.
    I take that as a compliment. Rationalizing is the mind’s way of connecting the dots of linear thinking. The mind will justify what it cannot know or understand. You will never find truth in linear thinking. Smileykins is being rational about what he believes and that’s all he is doing. I value the voice of reason. It can take me further in this mystery.
    So as for me Smileykins, BYE BYE

  • Smileykins

    Based on all I derive from patients, rather than making the CDC have to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars, it would have been much appreciated, by me, at least, if you would have all just called it what it is, then, and said, “we’re here, we know what we have wrong with us, and we thoroughly enjoy it, too, so let us share the many ways our refusal to treat our delusional illnesses rules our lives, destroying us, and those around us, and, please, don’t let it concern anybody.”
    There are several patients in this movement who like to report to others that I’m a government spy; a demented biochemist; a self-admitted drug user; a devil worshipper; that I’m somebody of high ranking importance who’s in hiding, and that I refuse to give interviews; and, for some reason, a lot of patients say I’m a man.

    Whatever all of you say, is…”IS”.

    Except…it “ISN’T”.

  • Karen

    My, my, aren’t we self-important. You give yourself too much credit smileykins. I don’t care who you are or what you are, although I can think of a few choice descriptions.

    So, now we see, when all else is said and done, the fact is you are still delusional. Face it; you are in denial about having overcome your delusions.

    Do you actually believe the folks posting here spend time mulling your lofty status in life? You wrote: “There are several patients in this movement who like to report to others that I’m a government spy; a demented biochemist; a self-admitted drug user; a devil worshipper; that I’m somebody of high ranking importance who’s in hiding, and that I refuse to give interviews”.

    Well smileykins that about says it all. I hate to be the one to tell you this but those of us in this MOVEMENT have diagnosed you with “Delusions of Grandeur”, Narrow-mindedness, probable Paranoid Personality Disorder, and last but certainly not least, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    …. you definitely have issues much worse than Morgellon’s. I don’t think there is a movement for people like you but if I come across one I will be sure to post the URL for you.

    OK Lynne, I’m ready now!

  • Smileykins

    Karen, I’m sorry, you didn’t understand what I’d said. “Morgellons disease” patients spread fantastic tales of who I am. The patients who get their jollies by telling such tall tales know exactly what they’re doing, and many of the other like-minded patients read those rumors, and believe them without question. That’s the very essence of “morgellons disease”.

    In comment #188 you ordered me to, “Dig in, get your feet wet, investigate, then use your newfound knowledge to offer real help.”

    I don’t know who you think I am, or why you feel in a position to command me to do something I did years ago, with an expectation that I can “offer real help”. But, anyway, I think you’d benefit, greatly, by standing on your own without the false sense of security of a group of other misled and confused patients. “We” and “us” has no place in your personal lives, insofar as “morgellons disease” is concerned. You sound very ill, unable to appreciate your individuality, and the nature of your illness, but you certainly aren’t my responsibility. Entertaining the things in your life that are giving you so much distress is guaranteed to make it worse. Our government, yours and mine, is spending a lot of time and money working on solutions to this situation, but it will take time. Quite a few patients want the CDC to look at bizarre videos that they’ve sent to them, and want only to be told what they want to hear. There are only two types of people who will tell “morgellons disease” patients that.

    This patient movement has called attention to itself, and nobody can deny that. My issue is, that I can’t believe that there are so many people who don’t have anyone in their lives to take charge and get them the proper assistance.

  • rocco

    I too have Morgellons. I am really sick with it and first got sick about a month after my area started getting sprayed heavily in Oct. 05. My neighbor died from it just this past February 07 AAMAF. She was only 39 yrs old and a nurse and very sane.

    And by the way, tallcott## and SmileyK### are both paid disinfo ops who have posted thousands of these exact same type of negative and ridiculous posts on just about every board trying to lend a helping hand. Do not even bother with them. Take care when typing out their names and when going to any links they provide for a “honest debate”. This is simply a trap to log and trace your IP address and find out who you are with imbedded tracking softward on their pages. That is why they mention about 20 times to go to their links to “debate” even though they’ve spent months here and magically reply within minutes. Scroll through all the comments and who’s posted the most? And how coincidental that they post together almost every time. Noit only that, if they are so sure about their beliefs, why is it they’ve turned down every opportunity to state their case in mainstream media reports? They do not want their identities revealed is what I read.

    They use the same tactics as Jay Reynolds####, who’s been using the same all-day/every-day disinfo postings on dozens of CT boards to discredit chemtrails. This is how they spread this. Look into the research of Dr. Mike Castle at bariumblues.com. And let’s not forget, while tallcot### names fibers that are in the body, he fails to inform you about the fibers extracted from the body of multiple patients that would not burn at 1700 degrees. natural organic fibers that tallcot### names can be burned easily with a bic lighter at much lower temps. So that blows his argument out of the water. Wymore used the FBI database for fiber comparison. I think the FBI would have every fiber available for forensics, wouldn’t you?.

  • rocco

    Smileykit says she was diagnosed with DOP? I believe she still has it, not to mention obssesive compulsive behaviors. She is completely obssessed and has posted more anti-morg posts than probably all morg sufferes combined. One person t ook the time to document her posts at about a half-dozen sites and came to the conclusion that he is posting for 14-16 hrs a day. Now THAT is insane. Can you imagine omeone taking that much time to discredit anything they don’t have or don’t believe in but tens of thousands of others do? The posts made by morg sufferers are much more sane than his.

  • Smileykins

    Tell all the lies you desire to, Rocco. I understand, and know that it goes with this illness. The God’s honest truth about my concern is something that you will never see, and it’s something that you will never understand. This patient revolt against treatment called attention to themselves, and I’m real sorry it happened.

  • Anthony Simmons

    This tells a different story about “Morgellons Disease” than some are making it out to be. As you can see and read, EVERYTHING that is stated here and shown is in fact, “The Truth”

    #4) From the top: We do not know
    a) the cause of Morgellons,
    b) what the fibers, black specks, granules or other unusual “shed” material are made of, or
    c) any conclusively effective treatment.

    We do know that some samples of fibers associated with Morgellons Disease are not simple textiles of animal, plant or synthetic nature.

    6. There is no clear and simple diagnostic test yet to confirm or rule out Morgellons. Still, 100% of the patients, that were felt to genuinely have Morgellons Disease, have large microscopic-to small macroscopic fibers visible under their outer layer of skin. These fibers are not associated with scabs or open lesions, nor are they under scarred tissue. The idea that Morgellons fibers are mere fuzz and lint, simply sticking to the lesions and scabs, is not possible
    based on the observations that were just described. These fibers are under “normal-appearing” areas of skin. In contrast, such fibers have never been observed in even one person who does not claim to have Morgellons. Clearly, there is something different in the skin of purported Morgellons sufferers compared to the non-Morgellons population. The writing of manuscripts, for submission to scientific and medical journals, detailing our observations is a work in progress. Preliminary observations were presented at the annual Molecular Medicine TriConference during late January/ early February in San Francisco, with a title of: “Physical Evidence in Morgellons Disease”.

    7. This conference was attended by physicians and biomedical scientists from various universities, biotechnology companies and major pharmaceutical companies. Those scientists and physicians who viewed the presentation from the preliminary evidence through to the conclusions made no attempt to “debunk” the presentation. They asked the kind of rigorous questions that are expected from a highly trained, skeptical and critical audience. Their reactions tended to be surprise, shock and puzzlement. Not one single person tried to convince his/her colleagues, or me, that I was mistaken in the conclusion that Morgellons Disease is real physical pathology of unknown cause.

    8. Amateur debunkers carry no weight in academia and have no relevance in the discussion of Morgellons Disease in the scientific and medical community. Since the clinicians (both D.O. and M.D.) and scientists at the conference I mentioned above did not debunk a formal presentation on the topic of Morgellons Disease, why would an amateur think that they could?

    An amateurish debunking approach is often nothing more than a type argumentative arrogance. A person, or persons, manages to attract an audience that will participate in the argument and it gives the debunker a sense of power. What goes on at debunking sites is most definitely NOT scientific debate and critical inquiry. Critical scientific debate occurs at conferences (regional, national or international), during seminars and during the editorial review when scientific manuscripts are submitter.

    If an amateur debunker (unless the debunker is paid for the debunking services, in which case she/he would be a professional debunker) feels that they can compete in the professional scientific arena, let them submit an abstract to a conference or a manuscript to a scientific journal (a legitimate, peer-reviewed scientific journal). The results would be laughable; probably not to the debunker, but the reality of the world is that none of the mainstream journals that are peerreviewed would publish such a manuscript.

    The internet is a wonderful forum for discussions of all sorts and a place where information can be obtained on just about any subject imaginable. If a person, or group of people, wish to spend time deconstructing the words, comments and images of others, or to try to debunk what they view as unreal, then that is certainly their option in life. I personally do not find that it would be very personally satisfying. In my mind, such efforts are, at the very least, a waste of valuable time and at the worst, hurtful. What good can come of it? If the Morgellons community TRULY was delusional, then a debunking site would not convince them not to be delusional. Truly delusional behavior is a psychological condition; one cannot “cure” a delusion by simply arguing against the delusion on an internet site. The
    delusional person will not simply read the words and in near-miraculous form say, “Oh my, I really am delusional. Now that I know this I can give up my delusion. Thank you for pointing out the obvious and curing me.” Since that will not happen, then what good can come from the debunking site? It is difficult to use the word “good” when the main accomplishment of such a site is to cause consternation and further emotional pain to an already suffering population.

    Here is the first portion of the “Second Statement” which the Professor has given to MorgellonsUSA.com, Morgellons.org, as well as the NMO.org.

    This Document File is in behalf of Oklahoma State University:
    Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences Center for the Investigation of Morgellons Disease

    Morgellons is a multi-system disease of unknown etiology Morgellons disease is discounted by many public health officials and physicians
    Physical and neurological symptoms are often dismissed or ignored
    Sufferers are labeled with delusions of parasites or neurotic excoriations OSU-CHS physicians/researchers have physical evidence of Morgellons Disease
    Morgellons is not psychiatric in origin
    Morgellons is an emergent disease

    Once again, the words are not a personal attack, but in response DIRECTLY FROM OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY, regarding Debunking Sites, and the persons motives, and the effect that is brought about. I am only pointing out that Mary Barr/Smileyskins IS FROM THE DEBUNKING SITE, called “MorgellonsWatch.com”

    Also, is a fact that they spend their whole time debunking EVERY Scientist, researcher, Doctor, Specialist, patient and sufferer of “Morgellons Disease”

    It’s not an attack, just the sad truth.

  • Smileykins

    There are promodal signs associated with the development of psychosis, and, when addressed early on, treatments can lead to prevention.

    There is also something called agonosia, which means a lack of insight into one’s condition. When someone has agonosia, there is no self-recognition of the illness, whatsoever, due to the effects that certain disorders have on the frontal-lobe circuits necessary for complete self-awareness. Such individuals do not realize that things like hallucinations, delusions, paranoia and withdrawal are experiences that are in fact symptoms of their illness.

    It doesn’t matter what profession a person is in, or how many degrees they hold, anyone can become ill, and it certainly isn’t their fault. The brain is the same as any other organ, and not immune to disease processes.


    True or False

    From the “morgellons disease case defintion”…

    6. Cognitive dysfunction, includes frontal lobe processing signs interfering with logical thinking as well as short-term memory and attention deficit. All are measurable by Standard Psychometric Test batteries.

    7. Emotional effects are present in most patients. Character typically includes loss or limitation of boundary control (as in bipolar illness) and intermittent obsessional state. Degree varies greatly from virtually absent to seriously life altering.

    Noteworthy is the newfound strong possibility that emotional presentation does not precede “cause”, but rather that both emotional and physical effects stem from cytokine effects on neurotransmitter levels and receptor number (Buchsbaum, Schizoph. Bull. 1998)


    *That is noteworthy, sure, but, absolutely, not insofar as proving the existence of “morgellons disease”.

    There are a lot of general medical conditions that have secondary mental disorders

    There are a lot of conditions that compromise the frontal lobe’s abilities

    Naturally, medical care depends on the pathology present in an individual. Please refer to the treatment section in that link.

    If the “morgellons disease researchers and doctors” know number 6 and number 7 of the “case definition” — alone, even, without taking another, single, thing into account surrounding the history of the evolution of “morgellons disease” — why are they not referring patients for further tests and treatment, so they can stand a chance of recovering? They even know, through the patients’ confidential registration process, PRECISELY what their serious physical conditions are, that have led to the development of psychosis in many of them. Instead, they’re toying around with such patients, some even giving explicit online instructions concerning what to say & not say, to doctors, and how to try concealing certain behaviors. They call diagnoses of mental health conditions “labels”, too, just like the patients who hold them in high esteem, playing around just like they don’t know any better.

    In my opinion, the presentation of “morgellons disease” at the Molecular Medicine TriConference, that Professor Wymore cites as having received the particular type of response it did from those in attendance, was appropriate, and sounds like it was in accordance to the revelance of situation.

  • Anthony Simmons

    It’s very peculiar Smileyskins.

    That there are paragraphs and paragraphs of research. Even with the Case Definition File that all that you ever focus on is emotional and psychological aspects.

    It seems to me that you’re emotionally attached to such wording. I believe that you seem to have a certain peculiar hysteria regarding emotional and psychological aspects. This is all that you can think about. I’d really worry about yourself. It seems that you have a very serious case of agonosia, which means a lack of insight into one’s condition. When someone has agonosia, there is no self-recognition of the illness, whatsoever, due to the effects that certain disorders have on the frontal-lobe circuits necessary for complete self-awareness.

    Yes, it seems to me that you have an obsessive compulsive fetish with the emotional and psychological wellbeing of others while you completely overlook this fetish that you have within your very own self. You secondarilly completely overlook all of the physical findings and all of the other symptoms of the illness which you’re so emotionally involved in trying to discuss. But your agnosia makes you completely unaware of all of these things as well as your own self.

    This statement here in the Case Definition: Noteworthy is the newfound strong possibility that emotional presentation does not precede “cause”, but rather that both emotional and physical effects stem from cytokine effects on neurotransmitter levels and receptor number (Buchsbaum, Schizoph. Bull. 1998)

    It’s not speaking of the fibers that are found my dearypie. 3. “Filaments” are reported in and on skin lesions and at times extruding from intact-appearing skin.

    It speaks of other things also, like:
    Arthralgias, Acute changes in skin texture and pigment, Gastrointestinal symptoms, Numerous neurological symptoms and clinical findings, Shifting visual acuity, Aerobic limitation, Musculoskeletal Effect, Movement sensations, Skin lesions, and all of these aren’t produced by cytokines honey. I know that it’s hard “Mary” for you to be able to grasp all of this, but we’re trying.

    In the first few paragraphs it states this: The more recent findings listed below provide a far broader and more consistent evidence base, strongly supporting the likelihood that DP is a prematurely-assigned label to an organic, rather than purely psychiatric disease. (But with your agnosial fetish for an emotionally based illness you can’t understand or comprehend this fact.

    I know that it’s hard honey, but you’ll never be able to see this clearly or to think this out logically. I believe that you may need a better psychiatrist than the one that you’re seeing honeypie.

    Noteworthy is the newfound strong possibility that emotional, psychological and agnosial traits characterize your thinking honey, and it’s going to be very difficult to pull yourself out of this delusion “Mary” but maybe with really hard work I can help you to get through this. Give me your phone number and we can talk Ok??? (Perhaps I can help you)

    See the above again honeypie, I know that it hurts
    8. Amateur debunkers carry no weight in academia and have no relevance in the discussion of Morgellons Disease. So you obviously can’t understand these things because your agnosia makes it so very difficult to understand in a logical manner because of the fettish that you have, coupled with your obsessive/compulsive disorder for emotional tendencies. But it’s ok, I’ll call you and try to help you out. Just post your number and we can try to get some cousel for you, and hopefully I can find a good psychiatrist to help you.

    In your above statement: “Why are they not referring debunkers for further tests and treatment, so they can stand a chance of recovering?” I believe that this may very well be your problem cutie cutie: “There are a lot of conditions that compromise the frontal lobe’s abilities”

    Mary, never forget that sweet Michael Jackson song: “Just give me your number, and I’ll be there”

  • Hello Smiley,

    Are you saying that the Fibers which are being produced to grow within the tissues in these photos are caused by this Delusion, or that in fact they are the Delusion?

    If this is what you believe, then the problem is in fact, that “you are possessing a mental and psychological deficiency.”

    If you were to state that these were carpet fibers growing within the tissues, then I would have to believe that you are in an obvious state of denial.

    On the other hand, if you were to say that the Fibers are based upon a real physical disease, but that it is caused by “a combination of diseases” then which combination of diseases causes the fibers to grow? Or, which ONE causes the fibers to grow? Or what is the number of the physical conditions combined, and what are exactly the 2,3,4 or 5 Physical Diseases that when they are combined, would cause and produce the fibers to grow inside of the tissues?

    This is the root of the matter as far as I am concerned. I personally do not believe that 3 particular microbes combined together cause the fibers to grow, but rather it would seem that no matter what combinations of physical health impairments and infections that a person would possess, that only ONE type of organism most likely causes the fibers to grow, which has been temporarilly termed “Morgellons” until time that research would give it a scientific name.

    I have many photos myself, that I don’t know if some of them are of a black mold, (but they clearly grew in my tissues) because I took them out.

    Some of my Fibers appear different, but they are in fact “from my tissues, or my digestive tract” and they’re definately not of a psychological origin, but rather of a physical disease which produces fatigue, and neurological conditions.

    I don’t do much examinations with a microscope nowadays, but it has nothing to do with you telling me over a year ago to toss it, and to dispense of all of my filthy, germy samples, (as you would say) but rather I have established and proven that this is not a made up illness, so I don’t need my microscope so much nowadays.

    I don’t possess these psychological traits and components that you’re speaking of, and since I am, and have been seeing a group of physicians and specialists nowadays, who all of them know that there is a real physical disease component to this, and they all support my findings, have examined me thouroughly, have seen samples, and have treated me in various ways. NOT ONE of them believes that I am possessed with illnesses of the psyche.

    On the other hand, I do know that there are toxins/and or a part if this physical infection that may, and in most cases probably does induce an effect on the brain and on neurotransmitters, of which there are over 2,000 of them.

    I am aware that it is very easy for infected individuals to develope various types of phobias, and yes, some of them may be of the CDC, or of the Government, or that you are supported by the FBI, or many people have developed a fear of other people in general. (Yes, this is psychological, but then of course many people who aren’t infected have the same type of phobias of Government, CDC, FBI and other people in general) But this isn’t something that’s to be used as a tool to dismiss the illness as a whole, would you say?

    Also, some of the infected souls have developed brain symptoms that are similar to that of MS, and it has a profound effect upon their speach. I believe that this is one of the reasons that many physicians automatically believe that this person is in fact a drug addict. This is really all too bad, and very, very sad.

    Your Little Greggy booboo”

  • Smileykins

    Going mainstream means having to accept that patients, themselves, called attention to this serious situation. If being deceived, and tricked into doing what the MRF wanted from each one of them is what they’d meant to have happen, I hope the end result gives everybody what they were truly after, rather than being left wishing that they’d complied with the first one of those 10-40 doctors, on the average, that the MRF says 95% of this patient group has seen.

  • Kim

    The fact that the CDC is going to begin a study on this is a step in the right direction, although I believe Kaiser is a bad choice. My family (three children, my husband and myself) have been suffering for 5 years now.We have been to numerous doctors,some Kaiser, Alameda County doctors, private derms. and mds. All have diagnosed this with a variety of ridiculous things including being drug addicts and delusional. Funny because I have never seen a four year old drug addict! When I asked the doctor(this was the county doctor!)how my three children who at the time were 4,6 and 12 could be drug addicts as well he became angry and told us to leave the hospital!He also told us we were drug addicts right in front of my kids! This is an example of the ignorance in the medical community that we are dealing with. What is hard to believe is that these doctors are refusing to do what they have signed up for. The reason what they do is called “practicing medicine” is because their subjects (people) are always changing, evolving. New diseases, new treatments, constant studying, learning and seeking answers to keep the human race alive and healthy! For all the people with this infliction, they have failed! I have studied this for 5 years on the internet and by self examination of myself and family. I have a few theories on what it might be and what it is not! One theory: a mite, similar to scabies but one that has mutated to where it can get inside of the hair follicule and take over resembling hair when it actually is not. It may be carried by headlice and/or insect of some sort that bites. Three months or so prior to our first realization of our infection we had the worst headlice infestation in our household! My oldest son is from my first marraige and he goes back and forth between his fathers and my home. His father at the time had a wife and two children (she was a nurse) They also had headlice and the two houses could not get a grip on it! It took a year of washing, picking, shampooing and so on before both houses were louse free! Then my ex’s wife left him, took her two kids and next thing I know my ex is calling me complaining of this weird skin thing! At first I said ” you must be nuts!” I thought the stress from her leaving had sent him over the edge. But then my husband started having the same complaints – itchy, crawly skin, things under his skin, rashes and bumps and sores! I too began to have these same symptoms. I started examining my kids – which they HATED! We all had it! Today we are still experiencing these horrible symptoms but they change daily. Sometimes they are BAD and sometimes not so noticeable although that only lasts about 3 days! I KNOW it came from those lice somehow and is now resistant to any treatments we apply. Also compliance in our house is an issue. My kids know they have this but sometimes it just isn’t bad enough in their eyes to be compliant and follow through with whatever treatment I am trying on us! They hate the washing, scrubbing, lotions, medications and so on! They, like the doctors want to ignore it hoping it will just disappear! It can be seen on them although it is much more noticeable on myself and my husband! One day this will have a name, an answer and a cure. The people on this side (our side) will redeem themselves and rejoice in knowing that the battle although long was worth it. The disbelievers will hang their heads in shame, knowing that they turned their backs on fellow humans suffering from something that could have been stopped, if they only would have opened their minds. These same disbelievers don’t seem to realize, IT COULD BE THEM AT ANY MOMENT! THIS “THING” KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES!

  • Mike

    Immediate Relief!

    Strategy – Kill all parasites from the inside and the outside by eliminating their environment.

    Inside 1. Create alkaline environment with 1 teaspoon baking soda per day. 2. Kill with antibiotics using Cipro 500 mg every 12 hours.

    Outside 1. Bath in FRESH SQUEEZED orange juice – canned does not work. Stop the bath tub drain and using a cup or ladle continue to pour orange juice on your body while massaging it in. You will be surprised how easily the insects will die.
    Do this before going to bed

    2. Rub FRESH SQUEEZED lemon juice on your body and let dry. Apply vaseline all over your body to suffocate the insects.

    Orange juice is not as acidic as lemon juice. A bath in orange juice is very mild. Lemon juice is more effective in killing these insect but should not be used to bath in since it may cause irritations and burns.

    Using orange and lemon juice may seem unusual but they are used in dog flea treatments and aren´t poisoness and are cheap to buy.

  • Hello, Kim.

    You’ve said some really significant things…

    “We have been to numerous doctors,some Kaiser, Alameda County doctors, private derms. and mds. All have diagnosed this with a variety of ridiculous things including being drug addicts and delusional. Funny because I have never seen a four year old drug addict! When I asked the doctor(this was the county doctor!)how my three children who at the time were 4,6 and 12 could be drug addicts as well he became angry and told us to leave the hospital!He also told us we were drug addicts right in front of my kids! This is an example of the ignorance in the medical community that we are dealing with. What is hard to believe is that these doctors are refusing to do what they have signed up for.”

    Kim, there are many patients who believe they have “morgellons disease” who ask a very similar question to the one you posed to the doctor, concerning how your children could be drug addicts. They repeatedly ask how infants, children, and pets can be delusional. The people who are supposed to be taking care of their kids & pets are the ones who have been telling the world of their delusional diagnoses, and of their refusals to accept treatment.

    Now, please look at what you’d, later, said….

    “I started examining my kids – which they HATED!”

    “Also compliance in our house is an issue. My kids know they have this but sometimes it just isn’t bad enough in their eyes to be compliant and follow through with whatever treatment I am trying on us! They hate the washing, scrubbing, lotions, medications and so on! They, like the doctors want to ignore it hoping it will just disappear! It can be seen on them although it is much more noticeable on myself and my husband!”

    People who aren’t in the states of mind that any of you are, see the irreparable harm you’re inflicting on the helpless innocent ones who have no choice, and no voice, in the matter.

  • flicka

    I am embarrassed that I have this…..I was at the neighbor’s house cooking omelets when a few of these fiberous wonders popped out into eggs. The dog started barking at me and more and more started coming out. Some looked like plastic pieces and some looked like carpeting. My neighbor even pulled a few out of my face and then wanted to look at my back.
    I bath one or two times daily and have had this since July 2007.
    I have an ink-like fluid that comes out of one of the sores in my back if squeezed. Sometimes it has the fibers in it.
    My skin feels weird and I’m afraid to discuss it with my family. I’m afraid that they’ll think I’m crazy.



  • gofkurselfs

    Smileykins – tallcotton

  • Angela Flynn

    I am new to this forum and fairly new to studying Morgellon’s. An acquaintance brought it up today. He said that he has read that it is related to the virus that is used to insert genes when genetic engineering new species. Has anyone heard of this?

    Here is an article on the topic.

    One thing I have noticed is that some people are more sensitive and aware of things. Like I recently picked up a case of pinworms. I think it was from a neighbor’s cat. I knew right away that I was infested, but from my research I found that many people are infested and never even know it. I also knew immediately the first time I got lice. My boyfriend at the time was clueless.

    I think that it may be that many people have mild forms of Morgellon’s but never notice it. I met a woman at a party and she had very thin hair and was having a hard time with memory problems. The next day I felt like I had microscopic bugs on me. I went swimming in chlorine and got plenty of sun and this seemed to get rid of them.

    Another area I research is electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices and the health effects from this exposure. There are studies that indicate that worms and parasites thrive in the higher emr environment.

    I wonder if people here have tried eating all organic and/or minimizing their exposure to emr from cell phones, wireless internet, etc. It may help in your effort to rid yourselves of this parasitical infestation.

  • Angela Flynn

    I have to say, now that I have read back more on this forum, that the person who comes across as delusional is smileykins. I can’t even imagine why you post here. It seems that you enjoy attacking people who are terribly suffering. You come across as terribly cruel.

    Here is an organization to contact for more on Morgellon’s

  • Hugh Remember Me

    Smileykins, how are you old copulsive blogger? Great to see you still overflow with enough manic energy to propogate your fixed beliefs around the internet. I gotta hand it to you, what you lack in freshness you make up for with consistancy. The message never changes, the belief remains fixed.

    Given that you got your DoP diagnosis before Morgellons was even a twinkle in Mary L’s eye have you considered that, DoP and Morgellons might be different conditions? That your experience may be valid but not relevant to the Morgellons situation?

    In your messianic enthusiasm to save we Morgies from ourselves you obliquely put a very strong case for the perils of being one of those rare few who are indeed ‘cured’ of DoP.

    Just because doctors prefer mis-diagnosis to investigation and DoP has gone from a traditionally obscure diagnosis to a popular dermopsych one in less then a decade doesn’t mean your DoP has been belittled.

    Relax Smileykins, after your behaviour far and wide over the internet these last few years it could hardly surprise you that no one relishes the prospect of a ‘recovery’ like your own. Quite simply you are your own worst enemy. Please, keep up the good work! And Margs and Tallcotton – lift your game! Vexatious attackers like Morgellonswatch have done so much to keep the reprehensible treatment of Morgellons patients in the public eye.

    Love your work

    Hugh R Redundant

  • hps

    People who put unusual amounts of energy into attempting to convince total strangers on the internet that they are “crazy” are either crazy themselves, have a self-protective political agenda, or being PAID to do it. I see the same dynamic with ALL “professional debunkers,” regardless of the conspiracy.

    Normal unpaid bloggers would just ignore the so-called “crazies” and go on to live their own, presumably more interesting, lives. That these debunkers put so much time and energy into stirring up confusion/resentment/doubt says an awful lot about them.

    I am so far blessed in that I know not a single soul with Morgellon’s. However,my wild guess is that it’s nanotech run amok and that certain powerful government/medical entities are terrified of lawsuits, hence their refusal to even so much as address it. Same with the “chemtrails” phenomenon.

    Bottom line: If as much energy were put into solving these mysteries as is being put into denying their existence they probably would have been solved by now.

  • Barbara Hoekstra

    On March the 8th, 2008 until this date July 28th 2008, my whole life has changed. I no longer live in Montana, I no longer live with my husband, and my relationship with one of my daughters has changed drastically, I do not get to touch my grandchildren, all because I have Morgellons.

    Please, will someone listen to us. Please do something. This is not in our heads. This is real and it is destroying lives.

    Please, I want my life back. I want to be me again. I want this night mare to end once and for all.

    I thank those who have helped me on the lymebusters website. The many things they suggest doing has helped me tremendously.

    I was planning a way out. I could not take the pain any longer, until I was directed to the site.

    The people there are people just like me.

    I have done a lot of the things they suggest and in return, this has helped me to keep it under control. I thank you. If it where not for those people there at that site, I would not be writing this today.

    Thank you to those who believe me, and those who do not believe me, well I hope you never have to go through this….you might be one of those who can’t take the pain, and will find a way out, one way or another.


  • Terrence Clayton

    My Dad suffers with this problem. He has done for most of his life and then 15 years ago he beat it. He explained symptoms of vomiting profusely for hours on end, acid like liquid oozing from his head and burning his face amongst other things. He said his hair grew (he now believes his head shrunk which caused him to believe his hair had grown), his hair went black, he had black chest hairs appear for the first time in his life. He said he could think clearly, his “worried look” went from his face and he just felt invincible. This lasted for 3 years and then it came back. It took him another 18 months to fix it and lasted for 3 days. He’s now been house-bound for the last 12 years or so. It’s very sad. He’s been to many doctors, pshychiatrists, psychologists etc etc. and they all say the same thing, YOU’RE MAD!!! Now wouldn’t saying that to someone who’s already in this vulnerable state be the nail in the coffin for their mental health? These so called doctors should be locked up. Even worse, somehow be injected with this disease so they know what people like my Father are going through. My dad has many conspiracies for this disease. He’s definitely not mad. He’s tried just about everything there is to try but he seems to think that once they’ve been beaten and they come back, if you haven’t killed every egg in your body, they build up an immunity to what you were doing. Please, if there’s anyone who can shed some sensical answers to this, please get back to me. I don’t want to hear from people who will tell me what doctors have been telling my dad because you’re just plain wrong. I’ve seen these things on my dad.

  • Mr. Piano Man

    Well, I hope this works for everyone with this bizarre Morgellons Disease crazy alien type nanite nightmare and for people with lyme disease!! NUTRASILVER NUTRASILVER NUTRASILVER!!!

    It’s a Super Mineral…some people have said that it has helped or even has eradicated the disease…This is just what i have researched so far off of youtube.com

    Mr. Piano Man……….God Speed

  • Mr. Piano Man

    Hello Again…

    I have discovered that this Ultra silver product can take a toll on the pocket book if ordered, (hint) “Constant Current” Google it. Youtube this Morgellons Disease and find out in what dosages and how people are applying this supermineral…not only ingesting, but using as lotion as well…sounds korny but true…I know this will give all hope and relief…God Speed I’d love to hear anyones results!!!!

    Mr. Pianoman

    Mr. Pianoman

  • Mr. Piano Man

    Hello once more…this is to the conspiracy theorists and conspiracy hunters out there…

    This Disease is said to have originated at Los Alamos….if you think about…they have a national laboratory there…and…for those people who don’t know, 66 of our own highly trained troops were allegedly killed out there by 7 foot alien greys while in construction of a deep underground military base as noted by Bill Cooper and/or Phil Schneider (biologist and engineer) one of the only surviving victims who ran into these alien beings encamped underground…sounds korny?…well both of these men are have met their creator. kinda makes you wonder,… from where and or what caused this dreaded disease!!! Ignorance is Bliss but if your ready….it’s WAY DEEPER..it gets past biblical!

  • Mr. Piano Man

    Sorry, thought about what i had posted, maybe i shouldn’t have expelled all that.

    Mr. Pianoman

  • Lynne

    I did the SuperSilver protocol and continued maintanance for some time. It was pretty good, but I am more impressed with MMS. I have been dealing with morgellons for the past four years, but to look at me you would never guess it. Since doing the MMS protocol last March I have been getting stronger than I have been in four years. My energy level feels normal and I rarely get a lesion. And when I do, it heals fast. But I also want you to know about Xango mangosteen juice. I credit this for reduction of inflammation and pain as well as many of the symptoms of morgellons.

  • Dr. F

    This blog is VERY typical for discussions of certain “taboo” diseases, conditions and topics. And “hps” from above hits the nail on the head, and that is the internet is now a controlled medium like any other. Although it might be hard to believe (and certainly most sheeple experience “cognitive dissonance” immediately at the mere mention of any conspiracies), but there is a very big effort to infiltrate and misdirect a variety of internet sites and the corresponding blogs / discussion boards / chat rooms etc. Over the last 9 years, I’ve noticed this phenomina in the alternative cancer realm, the HIV/AIDS realm, chemtrails, Aspartame / neurotoxin realm, negative affects of cell phone realm, and many others including Morgellons.

    As a crazy example: I wrote a controversial review of a book on Amazon regarding all the problems / issues with the Apollo missions back in the late 60s and early 70s, and a “famous” NASA debunker starting posting long winded replies trying to convince the World that anybody that questioned the official version supplied by NASA was a wacko, loon, tin-foil hat type etc. This went on for a number of days, and I mean here is a suppossed NASA scientist who has been on the History / Discovery Channels blithering on to me trying to refute the huge pile of evidence showing that something is not quite right about the Apollo Missions. Sometimes he would even respond to me within 2 MINUTES of my posting at some random time, as if he somehow was monitoring my review comment page! This also happened when reviewing a book on Royal Rife: some infamous “expert” from Wikipedia was all over me for a week trying to convince the World that Rife was a quack and shut me up.

    And the point is this: in times of universal deceit, the truth becomes unimaginably dangerous to those criminal elite who seem to have their fingers in all the evil pies. And they will go to tremendous lengths to muddy the waters, so to speak. So yes, Morgellons exists; yes it was man-made; yes there is a relationship to the chemtrail spraying going on above our heads; yes, the medical profession has been gagged; yes, it seems to be contageous; and yes there are natural remedies (all poo-pooed by the medical cartel of course) that can rid you of it. Trying to label it Lyme disease is misdirection. Playing the “name game” in general is a waste of time. You will also not find the remedies for Morgellons in the pharmaceutical realm. Use natural “fighters” such as ionic/colloidal silver, strong hydrogen pyroxide (food grade), MMS drops, pine oil, tea tree oil, citric acid, Rife technology, and others. And don’t expect Oprah or any other puppet to champion your cause on TV.

    “hps” from above is correct to ask, “Why all the effort put in by certain people to control the discussion and debunk?” I think we now know the answer.

    So what are the implications of what I just claimed? Elements of certain governments know about Morgellons and many other nasty agendas; elements of the military branches know; some scientists at the CDC know; the top brass at the AMA know; the media has been gagged as per usual; and the top people at FEMA know. If you have this terrible condition, DO NOT EXPECT ANY HELP FROM ANY OF THESE AVENUES, AND IGNORE OR AVOID ANYONE WHO TRIES SO HARD TO DISCREDIT YOU. Normal people without agendas should believe you when presented with all the rational evidence, or they will AVOID YOU because they can’t deal with the implications. And this also applies to family members unfortunately. God’s speed and good luck.

  • Jane


    Read this it willl help.

    My mother contracted this disease 15 years ago.

    unhealing sores, black lesions, fibers, insomnia, ear ringing, crawling, muscles pain, etc.

    Anyway, like many of you, we tried everything. Enzyme baths, supplements, samento, permathrin (only topically), this list goes on and on.

    Anyway, of all the things we tried. The following is what worked.

    Last year, we went to a friend of mine who is an “alternative” health professional and he suggested that she take baths in essential oils.
    Oregano, Clove and Thyme(five drops of each). He said that is was very important to mix these oils with bath gel before putting them into the bath or they will really burn the skin. He said to use the Young Living brand (which is what he used in his office).

    We started using the three oils mixed in bath gel in her bath water 2 times a day.

    We also washed her clothes and linen in Bergamot (from young living).
    (No more throwing her clothing out!

    We sprinkled her carpet with Borax mixed with Bergamot.
    (No more pulling up the carpet and replacing it)

    We cleaned door handles, counters, computer keys, car sterring wheel, stick shift etc with Bergamot.

    And the wonderful thing is everything smelled so good!

    Well, her symptoms started to get better right away. After a few weeks her lesions were almost completely healed. The muscle spasms, pains, insomnia etc were almost gone as well. She has been using these oils for a year now and she has no lesions or muscle pains etc. The only symptom that is still bothering her is the crawling sensations in her feet. But only in her feet no where else.

    We didn’t get rid of it yet. But the good thing is, she has her life back. She lives a normal life now.

    We tried other essential oils to try and save money. But we were disappointed. They really didn’t work like the Young Living.

    I since then became a distributor. But I will not post my website, because then you will think that I am not sincere and that I am just trying to sell something.

    Just go online and go to any distributor. Try the young living oils.

    I am just a woman who has seen the horror of this condition and I want the people who are sufering from this condition to find the kind of relief my mother did.

  • Danser

    A Challenge to Celebrities Who Quietly Suffer From Morgellons Disease

    I have a challenge to Celebrities around the world that are silently and privately suffering from Morgellons Disease; when your symptoms have been reduced or eliminated, who among you will become the “Spokesperson for Morgellons?”

    Morgellons disease is just as real as HIV was 30 years ago. The only difference is 30 years of research and study by the medical community that has gone in HIV. This will only occur when Morgellons hits a certain ‘plateau’ of patients and research attention.

    What is truly needed now is a celebrity who has Morgellons and is willing to tell the world about this horrific disease. This will only work if the celebrity has Morgellons and has eliminated their symptoms to the point where they can really function in this capacity.

    Let’s tell the truth here; 99.99% of the medical profession has never even heard the word ‘Morgellons’ yet alone has been willing to open their minds to the possibility that it might even exist. Only those who have experienced Morgellons can truly ‘know’ what this is unless they are living with some one who suffers every waking moment of their lives with this terrible disease on their minds. How could they not? The feeling of biting and scratching 24/7 will certainly draw anyone’s attention.

    The author of this post deals with Morgellons victims daily, hundreds each month as this pandemic explodes across our planet. He hears their cries of pain and suffering, the loneliness and isolation they experience and most horrific is the way the medical community is quick to diagnose Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) without the benefit of an exam or lab tests (to date all known lab test result in nothing being found).

    What the MD’s have forgotten is that in order to have DOP, the patient must be schizophrenic because DOP is a sub-set of schizophrenia BEFORE they can be diagnosed with DOP. If their patient is not schizophrenic, DOP is not possible.

    What is missing here is public awareness. To date 40 US Senators have written to the US CDC requesting an investigation. It took 6 years for the CDC to begin their investigation into this new disease. It has now been nearly a year and a half since the CDC began the investigation and their conclusions are expected in May of 2009. The question to the reader is: What sort of conclusion might you expect if you funded such an investigation if you only funded it to the tune of $338,000? You decide.

    There is a safe and effective way for Morgellons victims to reduce or eliminate their Morgellons symptoms; Nutrasilver. This natural mineral has proven in thousands of cases to eliminate most, if not all cognitive and lesion symptoms within a few short weeks. Although not a cure, Nutrasilver has an amazing ability to push this disease out of the body from the inside rather than treating with lotions and potions. This can be very frightening, but the good news is that it is coming out of the body.

    I am aware of several Celebrities who have become “symptom-free” from Morgellons disease using Nutrasilver and I challenge them to step forward and become the “Poster-child” of this grass-roots movement of Morgellons suffers. There are obvious personal benefits to doing this, but the most important thing a Celebrity can do for the Morgellons movement is to step up and make the world aware of this life-stealing disease and let Morgellons victims know they can get their lives back using Nutrasilver.

    To see proof of how Nutrasilver affects Morgellons victims. Caution; this site is NOT for the faint-of-heart.

  • Danser

    Morgellons Economics; Who Wins and Who Looses?

    I have spoken to well over 1,000 Morgellons sufferers in the past 3 years during my direct involvement with Morgellons Disease. Most are ordinary people from every walk of life while some are medical professionals themselves infected with this disease or care for those who suffer.

    Morgellons Disease is characterized by these symptoms: non-healing lesions, ‘brain fog’, depression often leading to suicide, multi-colored fibers growing from their skin and most disconcerting, the relentless sensation of being bitten on and under their skin. The Morgellons Research Foundation, located on the campus of Oklahoma State University, states that there are approximately 93 typical symptoms and each individual with Morgellons has some but not all of these symptoms.

    Most Morgellons victims tell the same story; they are diagnosed with Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) and labeled permanently in their medical record as having ‘Mental Health Issues”. Most doctors will not even look at the lesions and tell their patients to “stop scratching yourself.” Those who are prescribed medication through misdiagnosis spend a great deal on medications that effectively do nothing for them. Many follow the message boards on the Internet and desperately chase lotions, potions, chemical and herbal remedies only to experience no improvement. Those who suffer the longest often tell me of how the medical profession takes their money and all they get is worse.

    Many Morgellons victims tell the story of how they have lost their jobs, homes, savings, and family and just about everything else trying to get relief. They feel alone and isolated and often ‘cocoon’ in their homes. I hear this far too often. Some call me crying out of desperation and loneliness; it breaks my heart.

    Most medical practitioners seem to be into Morgellons treatment just for the money. There is a PhD in Los Angeles who knows of an effective treatment but does not use it because she does not make any money on it. There is a Nurse-Practioner from Texas whose medical license was suspended by the Texas Medical Board for prescribing antibiotics too frequently who now commutes to San Francisco under a California license to treat Morgellons patients. She continues to administer antibiotics to Morgellons patients with no results. She charges $500 for the initial visit. All the Morgellons patients received for their hard-earned money is they get worse.

    Imagine, over 40 US Senators and Congresspersons have written to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) requesting them to conduct an investigation into Morgellons. It only took six years for them to begin their investigation in Oakland, California at Kaiser-Permanente Hospital with funding of a mere $338,000. That amount of money is barely enough money to begin an investigation yet alone complete one. Their investigative conclusions are due in May, 2009.

    As this infection continues to spread globally, little scientific attention is being paid to those who have Morgellons and suffer with no hope and no help from the established medical and scientific communities. Apparently, there are not enough people who suffer Morgellons for scientific research to make research financially beneficial to fund the research. Today, only a very small handful of individuals and small organizations have attempted to discover the cause(s) and methods of disease contraction and transmittal of this mysterious disease. When I ask a half dozen scientists what Morgellons is, I get 6 different answers suggesting that no one really knows very much about this horrific disease.

    Although every major US television network has reported on Morgellons, 99% of the medical profession and the general public have not heard of Morgellons.

    This is exactly what happened 30 years ago when patients presented with symptoms also classified as ‘Delusional’ but is now well-known as AIDS/HIV. Those early victims endured the same neglect and abuse as Morgellons victims do today; denial, labels of being delusional and general neglect. Until enough people were infected, they were ignored by the mainstream medical community.

    So what do Morgellons sufferers do to eliminate their suffering? They commit suicide as one of my friends did yesterday. We all have a responsibility to take care of each other. Until enough people suffer from Morgellons, it will remain “unprofitable” to conduct real scientific research into this horrible pandemic disease. Clearly, the Winners are the suppliers of medical goods and services and the Losers are the Morgellons sufferers.

  • sunshine23

    I am new and need some help dealing with Morgellons. I am 23 years old and horrified at what is happening to me. I can’t get rid of my lesions and I am very scarred. Please help me with any information that you may have that will help me. I am so exhausted all of the time and my life is falling apart. I feel so alone and nobody will help me. My family thinks that I am crazy. What do I do? I am not crazy.

  • Katie

    It could be that the disease is caused by bugs that lay eggs in living flesh. Or, maybe the ticks that carry lyme disease also carry the eggs of the Morgellons bug, and when they bite a person or animal, the eggs travel to the human, where they proceed to the next stage of their life. Once the bugs come out of the flesh, they search for ticks or mosquitoes to use as carriers of new eggs. The fibers might be part of the coccoon the bugs make. What kinds of bugs are they? can someone describe them or provide links to pictures for me? Maybe they are all the same type of bug. As we, humans, spread into areas of the world where we have not lived before, we ARE going to come into contact with parasites that have not encountered us before. Scientists h a v e recently discovered lots of new species of bugs and microbes in rainforests and other areas of the world not visited before by people that often. The differently colored fibers may be caused by different strains of the bug. The Morgellons bug might have nothing to do with GM foods after all… The first sympthoms have been recorded a long time ago (1690), WAY before the GM foods appeared, therefore ruling out any government conspiracies. I am adding this website to Favorites, and I will watch for links to pictures of the fibers, and especially, the bugs.

    If there are any scientists or doctors who are able to get a sample of the bugs, could they please get the genome of these bugs sequenced and entered into the NCBI database?


    P.S. If you are wondering who the h ell am I, I am a high school student, who is not affected by the disease, but who wants to figure out just what on in the world is going on here. During my free time, I study biology, including molecular biology.

  • tonya -26yrs.

    Hi to everyone with morgellons,I to have had morgellons for the last 6 mth,or so.I am all alone in this because my family thinks it’s in my head.my own husband calls me insane,and it’s frustrating and it hurts.Not just that I no my 3 kids have it too,also my husband,but he would never believe that.Matter how much proof I have showed him,he brushes it off as lint or debris.I even pulled a small noddle looking thing out of one of his pimple sores on his back,then showed it to his face.When it 1st started I had no idea of what was going on with my skin.I thought I had gotten scabies from my neighbor,because he told us his son had got it from his friend.2nd I thought we had bed bugs,stiff kinda do.I think it may all go together i don’t no.All i know is that i have pulled tiny,tiny black and brown bugs from my skin as well as my kids.I can also find what i believe a parasite crawling on my arm hair sometimes.I pull it off with tweezers,3rd i thought i had a parasite bug infestation on my body and in my home.Which i guess is true cause parasites are part of morgellons.4th I then believed i had lime disease,and again i still kinda due.as i have read lime disease is also a factor in morgellons.My family and i had these 1st signs.#1WE ALL FELT A CRAWLING SENSATION ON OUR ARMS AND ARM HAIR.#2 WE WERE ALL ITCHING IN THE BEGINNING,FOR ME IT WAS MOSTLY MY ARMS THAT ITCHED. #3 I WOULD FIND BLACK PEPPER LOOKING SPECKS ON MY BODY AND HUSBANDS\KIDS,THEN WHEN AWAKING IN THE MORNINGS I KEPT SEEING THE SAME BLACK SPECKS ALL OVER OUR SHEETS.#4WE HAVE FOUND FIBERS ON OUR BODIES,OF BLUE,BLACK,RED AND WHITE.THEY ARE STILL ON OUR BODIES THOUGH OUT THE DAY,AND THEY ARE NOT JUST FOUND IN OUR SORES.#5WE KEPT SEEING LINT ALL OVER OUR HOME AND OUR LINENS,LINT WAS EVEN ATTACHED TO OUR BATHROOM CEILING AND KITCHEN.I SPRAYED BLEACH ON BOTH CEILINGS AND OUR BATHROOM HAS NOW STARTED AGAIN HAVING LINT BALLS THAT SEEM TO GROW OUT OF IT.I HAVE SOME MILDREW PROBLEMS IN MY BATHROOM SO I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST DUE TO THAT,BUT THERE’S SOMETHING WEIRD ABOUT IT.THEY SEEM TO GET BIGGER IT YOU LOOK AT THEM DAILY AND THEN IT SEEMS AS IF THEY FALL TO THE GROUND LIKE HATCH OR SOMETHING.#5I ALSO THOUGHT I HAD MITES A FEW DIFFERENT KINDS,I WOULD FIND THE TINIEST RED BUGS ON OUR BED AND SHEETS AT THE START OF ALL OF THIS.#6 I WOULD NOTICE LOTS OF DEBRIS ALL OVER OUR FLOORS.#7 WE ALL FELT BITING,STINGING AND BURNING SENSATIONS.WE ALL STILL DUE BUT IT’S MILD NOW.#8I WOULD FIND THESE WHITE LOOKING STRINGS OR FUZZ IN MY KIDS HAIR ALL THE TIME AND MANY OF THEM,THEY STUCK TO THE HAIR AND ANYTHING IT TOUCHED.ALSO THE MOVEMENT OF THIS TYPE OF DEBRIS IN THERE HAIR IS VERY ODD.#9 MY HUSBAND AND I HAVE BEEN HAVING EXTREME FATIGUE\LAZINESS.#10MY HUSBAND AS BEEN HAVING PROBLEMS WITH HIS MEMORY,AS FOR ME I HAD ALREADY SUFFERED FROM YEARS OF MEMORY LOSS,BUT I CAN SAY IT HAS DIFFIDENTLY GOTTEN WORSE NOW.(These are the top 10 things i can remember at the begging of our morgellons problems.I need to add that i have not yet seen a doctor for morgellons,i have collected many samples for the doctor but found out throw internet that it is best not to bring in samples or they will think you are crazy.(I have been to 3 different doctors at the very beginning of all this,before i had found out about morgellons.)I had never even herd of it before looking on the internet,i just typed in my symptoms and i was lead to a morgellons web site.I read a bunch of stories from families and many people all over.Back when i seen 3 doctors the 1st DR.i went to said it may be scabies and gave me some cream,i showed her my samples of these white things off my arm hair that i felt crawling on me,and she told me to put the lid back on and did not even look at my sample.The next DR.i went to i told him that i was very stressed about bugs and i felt as if they were under my skin and i told him how long it would take me to prepare dinner for my kids or anything for that matter,because i would have to wash everything even if wash already.It took me 20min.to wash a plate that had already been wash and put away.I was so into getting these bugs and there debris off of everything,and i believed they were everywhere. I once stayed up for 3 nights in a roll cleaning and picking at my skin like i was on drugs or out of my mind.I think this morgellons has that kind of affect on some people,and i don’t know why and i do not even know for 100% that i have morgellons,i diagnosed myself and i will soon be seeing a doctor at a new clinic to be 1st tested for lime diseases.I am sorry this is long,but i wanted to give my detailed experiences to help others that are going though what i am going throw. I know that for me it has helped reading stories and comments by other who claim to have this disease. So many things i read are just like the things i have gone throw or are still going throw.Other thing i want to add is i believe that not just my family inside my home has morgellons,but i also notice signs on my grandma,which would stay over night every so often.Also my 2 sister in law that are only 4 and 7 yrs.They stay over all the time to play with my kids,and i baby sit them too.I now ask where or who did i catch this morgellons from?Did my mother in law and her kids give it to me and my family?Was it our neighbor across from us who has dealt in drugs in the past and it not the cleanest person? Not to mention him and and his kids did give my kids head lice and also possible scabies cause he told me to get my kids treated so that they would not catch it from his kids,then he told us his kids had pin worms and to check our kids for it in case they gave it to them so they could be treated.Well the only thing my kids did catch from them was head lice which they never had before,so even that upset me.Does anyone have any info on how to get morgellons?I believe it is contagious. Oh i to have pulled fibers out of sore and this strong rubber band like material that i can only get bits off of when i pull on it and it hurts badly.Is it possible that we are just crazy people?

  • Slovenia

    I am a Brit living in Europe and have experienced this since January 09. All doctors where I live in Slovenia have proved obstructive and totally unhelpful. I was collapsing in the street, having severe heart palpitations, terrible headaches etc etc and yet diagnosed with dermatitis. So I went to my previous country, Holland, in the hope of sympathetic treatment. Quite the opposite, one doctor I shall name because of her most disgusting and totally unprofessional manner: Dr Suzan Smeenk of Ritz and Smeenk, [Personal contact info deleted] Amsterdam. Please feel free to tell her exactly what you think of her. When I told her how awful I felt she actually told me to go and kill myself – shouted out in the public reception area too. Oh, and that she was too busy and had patients to see who were ill. And “why don’t you get back to your own country.” She even conned me (for a fee of 60 euros without even a proper receipt) into believing she was sending me to a “specialist” who turned out not to exist at the local hospital and who in reality was a junior doctor in accident and emergency. She had the audacity to email me a few days later saying I was not only fit and well but suffering from parasitiphobia. She is clearly very much a doctor to avoid if you have Lyme or Morgellons.
    Give these so called doctors a very wide berth if you think you have this disease. They not only do not understand but don’t want to understand. It absolutely vital you go and find an ILADS doc/clinic as most Morgellons sufferers have Lyme. Then mention the Morgellons. I am on long term treatment from a clinic in Augsburg Germany and so glad I found out about them.
    As for you Dr. Smeenk you have not heard the last of this. I don’t take your kind of attitude from anyone least of all from a doctor who supposedly has taken the oath.

  • penny smiley

    I have morgellons do you a doctor near ohio that treats morgellons

  • Jimmy

    Its certian now that I do have springtail.And I have saved the springtail as proof could even make out visually under magnifacation the foot used to jump or spring.Along with many fibers and moltings casings as well.The fibers are produced by the srpingtail.It captures thier food in the wild something like a spider spins a web.I have pictures of springtail and the fibers from a specialists web site.I started taking salt bathes of half a box twice a day and they practially pored out of me most dead some just crawled out of me and left.Must have been many hundreds of them in mostly my scalp.Not many on main body.They often feed on mite eggs.First I had scabbies and I now think thats what atracted the springtail to me.Used a lot of composted leaves last spring to mulch my garden.I think the springtail sensed I was infected with scabbie eggs and saw me as a host.Selsum Blue good lather on scalp then a handful of salt is working very well. Has almost cured me.I did 20 minute to 40 minute soaks.The salt on the scalped stung bad at first. Now it does not.About 20 bathes so far only a couple of stings almost no fibers now. Much hair loss.They proabally ate my folicals may be pernament. The salt baths work!

  • Lazarus

    Hi,I,like so many others that are suffering from this horrible dilemma, wish only to be rid of it and never have to deal with it again.As most know by now that is not going to be so easy to do.Yet,there are certain things that some of us,possibly by mere accident, have discovered help the suffering become more bearable.Through sharing of unbiased information,certain things have been proven to help tremendously with this disease.First,everyone needs to realize that the external component,the lesions,they are simply a mirror of an internal aspect that is just as horrible.The concerns about the skin are best approached with a daily regimen consisting of a “shower” using a bodywash containing 4% Benzoyl Peroxide.A family doctor or Dermatologist can have it prescribed.At the same time request that they also prescribe Silverdeen cream,the good stuff for burn victims.Baths are saved for softening the skin and scabs which with care can be removed in order to eject the larvae and eggs living underneath the scab.If disturbed by your hand the eggs will hatch elsewhere on your body,closeby or to some unknown new spot where a new lesion or nest wil develop.Other insects find the smell from the lesions irresistable.This smell tells them that you are ready to inhabit for purposes of reproduction.I have pics of many different life forms from these lesions.The primary life form I chooose not to discuss in this forum, for now.Back to the regimen,after the bath,shower,then pat dry so as not to spread any of the lesion matter.APPLY THE SILVERDEEN CREAM HEAVILY!You can wrap it with gauze and tape it securely, not tightly, as it may become uncomfortable.If wrapped for several hours or overnight,prepare to find something ugly and nasty looking.Being rough with the larvae may rupture them and cause their antigens to be released,which is very dangerous as it is like some horrible venom being injected into your bloodstream.The blood pressure rise is substantial,along with the ringing in ones head and a brain fog from the Twilight zone.The larvae extend downward towards the bone and have hooks on their exterior that keep them in place.Yes,they need to come out but please be cautious as removal could have dire results,or at least an inflammation that burns and lasts for days.These larvae are also under the swollen bluish rim of the lesion.A tough and dry scab allows the larvae to die and be reabsorbed back into the host body.A sharp stainless pair of medical tweezers can be used to flip them out at the right time,which is up to you.Just let the cream soften them for a long time,and please be patient.Thin latex gloves are a must.If lesions are being scratched at night then wear cotton gloves to bed.Wear silky night wear that is a little tight, along with socks and a long set of sleeves.Internally I use Equimax Horse dewormer that has two main ingredients,Ivermectin and Prazquantel.The dispenser is a hypo like plastic syringe that is weight adjustable,use twice your body weight on the scale setting.Do this once a week for 4 weeks.After each dose be sure and check your stool.Try not to faint as you will fall in.HaHa,Humor is also a great healer.I have some great pics to share and lots of tips to consider[personal contact info deleted].I know this approach is strange to most of you,but so is this disease.No one needs to commit suicide over this, as I’m willing to donate my time and knowledge to anyone in great stress and that is afraid.Please contact me and I will try to help. Much to consider,S.

  • Lazarus

    Is this site only collecting info and not helping to provide a mechanism where sufferers can obtain the real info on this dilemma?Why do you block the info that is suggested by the ones that know what’s happening?Time is the last thing that we want to be robbed of.The truth is out ,so please stop deleting the progess that needs to be provided,by not showing people how to contact each other and share the info that we all need so greatly.Why no pic showing as I have the mechanism isolated for all to view.What is the motive of this site?Surely it is not to help the progession of a cure as much info is being blocked!Whats Up with this forum?

  • Ajinkya

    *After initial pain,lonlyness can be bearable……

  • buddy

    smileykins, i have suffered from this condition for 4 years now. this affected me and my dog, and i believe i spread this condition to 3 of my close friends, i don’t think they create fiber like me, but i see the morg. fibers on them when they are around me, some started itch and scratch when i am around them, smileykins, you don’t really know what we are going through, and don’t say we are crazy people, i sincerely hope you will contract this desease, you need to have this morg. and you need to be called crazy when you are suffuring in hell

  • Betty Hyatt

    My daughter has had this for 3 yrs. I finally found something that is killing the parasites and healing the sores. It is BEDBUG SPRAY. She has used for 2 weeks and is drying up DEEP sores on her back,face arms and legs.She has suffered,Now the bugs die and fall out of the sores and scars are fading

  • jeannie joint

    I HAVE

  • jeannie joint

    I have had these same syptomes I did’nt know what was going on am so glade that I know there are other people to I thought I was the only one.
    [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Jan DuVall

    My son has suffered with what he is sure is Morgellon’s Disease for 7 years or more. He has been to some dermotologists and infective disease doctors who thought he was crazy. They do no testing whatsoever and don’t even take time to look at lesions on his body. He lives online to try and find cures and ways to relieve this horrible disease. I think people don’t listen or become aware until it hits someone they know or love.Even we were slow to take it seriously as you don’t know what to do or say. With all the stuff written by people that are afflicted with this and those who know others afflicted,I agree that this will some day be taken seriously like HIV. I feel so sorry for my son and all those suffering from this. Once you have it, it becomes your life! I’m sure you become consumed with it. I’m sure you can become suicidal. Who wouldn’t!!! Too many people reporting the same symptoms! Sure makes you have no respect for most medical doctors that would tell you it’s mental! If it’s mental how did all the lesions get on one’s body!??? If they would only take some time and do some testing or just plain looking at your body. An animal at the vets office is treated better….

  • Orion

    My mother has this and i was wondering if you read this please sign this petition for her i started it for her and if i get enough signatures im going to do my best to get it to the government for this to be known i dont want anyone to ever suffer through this again. So i would really appreciate the help

  • judy mitchell

    After my teeth started getting loose and getting sore in my mouth I started taking vitamin D-2000 to hopefully stop my teeth from getting any looser… also started taking vitamin B-100 complex 100 to help fight infection…
    I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks… amazingly my symptoms have improved a good 80%… hoping it continues to improve and hopefully someday be gone altogether…



  • Bill

    I am getting better. I moved from the house were I used to live. The water had a high metal content. I use cortizone 10 egzama cream, biocleans which is a soap, acene medison with benzysol peroxide,saline solotion with disodium phospate and monosodium phospate, aloe gel with sd 40 alcohole. The most important thing is your water must not have a great deal of metals in it or the fibers will grow every time you take a shower. The fibers are not alive they are a substrate which only grows in the presents of disolved metals. If you are not treating this start now. It takes months to get better, If it does not kill you first. My uncle died from it to weeks ago. None of his care takers knew what to do, and I did not know about his symptoms util 1 week before he died. Start a regiment of treatment clean care makes an acne kit which has three creams in it, and is very helpful. Banna boat makes a sprayable aloe gel with sd 40 alchole its great. Good luck.

  • Judy Whetsel

    This has been life saving information. I too am experiencing these problems and don’t know where to go. I think I must leave my apt. and move. My clothes, and everything I have is affected. The sores are never going to leave. Please help. How do you do the salt bath? Thank you for any help. Judy

  • tiptoe

    It is not limited to the U.S. Morgellons disease is world wide.

  • Rob Mite

    Drs get paid either way….. Mad pills sell so its cheap and saves their credibility to blame madness.

    That’s it.