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More White Stripes on Conan

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The second night of The White Stripes, and another good one. Not a song I would have expected, since I’ve never heard of it. I’m assuming it was a cover, since I can’t see Jack White writing a song about a Jolene to whom he says, “don’t take my man”. Nice threads, too.

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  • Lisa M.

    Wow – I can’t believe you’re not familiar with “Jolene”. But I guess I’m just old! Dolly Parton made this song famous years and years ago. The White Stripes did an awesome version of it, but you should check out the original sometime too.

  • Hey, weird, I’ve heard the original before. That’s a good song.

  • Chris

    Conan’s website: http://www.nbc.com/nbc/Late_Night_with_Conan_O'Brien/music/

    says “On Wednesday, April 23 The White Stripes performed the song “Jolene” It can be found on their album “Elephant” released in April, 2003.”

    The song “Jolene” isn’t listed on Elephant (unless it is a hidden track). I believe it is a Dolly Parton cover.

  • Alan

    I’m 16 and hate country and I know Jolene is a Dolly parton song *lol*

    Anyway it’s not on the album, it’s just something they do live sometimes 🙂

  • Aapeli

    Actually White Stripes have released Jolene as a b-side of the single Hello Operator.

  • Amy

    I didn’t know it was a Dolly Parton song, but Paula Cole also did a cover of it on an album.