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More Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions – Round Three

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On Sunday teams resume their quest for the drinking cup of Lord Stanley, thus entering the third round of the 2009 NHL Playoffs. With four remaning teams, this round decides the winners of the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl (winning team from the West) and the Prince of Wales Trophy (winning team from the East). All of the series are best-of-seven. The first two games are played at higher ranked team’s home, then two at the lower ranked team’s ice. After that, they alternate venues. Using my hard-gained and great NHL knowledge, the following are my predictions for the third round of the NHL playoffs.

For the first round of the 2009 NHL playoffs I was correct on 7 of 8 series which gave me an amazing 87.5% accuracy. For the second round, however, I was one of four. Overall, I am 8 of 12, which is still a respectable 75%.

Eastern Conference
4 Pittsburgh Penguins v. 6 Carolina Hurricanes
You know, I probably should just ignore the East entirely this time. Frankly, I am a West guy, with the Blue Jackets being my favorite team, and I clearly had no idea what I was talking about. I thought Boston would sweep Carolina and that the Penguins would fall in a hard fought battle to the Capitals. I was wrong, very, very wrong.

So, now I am stuck deciding between two teams that I have quickly learned about. The Hurricanes are a force to be reckoned with, as they have won two series as underdogs and seem to thrive when they should be down. However, they started falling against Boston after going up 3-1 in the series, so I am a bit skeptical of their staying power. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, went up against a very good Washington team, and dominated them in the 7th game in DC. Crosby and Malkin were a dangerous tandem and they can dominate anybody on the ice. Frankly, I have learned not to doubt these two, so I believe that…
Pittsburgh in 5
Western Conference
2 Detroit Red Wings v. 4. Chicago Blackhawks
Ahh the Red Wings, a team from up North and the defending Stanley Cup champs. After sweeping the Blue Jackets, the Wings found themselves up against the 8th seed in the West, but it took at a lot to beat them. Chris Osgood finally showed signs of cracking, and it might be time for the Red Wings to leave the playoffs. Chicago, on the other hand, Easily beat the Canucks and was the only team not to make it to a game 7. Having missed the playoffs for several years, and against their long-time original six rival, the Blackhawks are going to be searching for blood, and they will be looking for an early and easy win. This desire, along with the cracking Osgood, should result in…
Chicago in 5

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  • RJ

    “i hate anything from MI, so that just might be my bias”

    Oh, never mind.

  • RJ

    Chicago in 5???

    What do you have against the Red Wings? You haven’t picked them in a single series, I don’t think…

  • Jordan Richardson

    Whoops. I totally blew my Eastern Prediction. My Western Conference pick (Detroit in 5) could still come true though. Looks like it’ll be a repeat of last year’s finals.

  • okay, this sucks


    Detroit has a problem with forcheckign, which is something that Chicago is very good at. THey will turn it over often against a decent forecheck. Then, when they are behind, they often play sloppy. A decent early forecheck, followed by a goal, will probably mean a game for Chicago

    I worded it badly. I think that they played about evenly with the canucks until the third, when they dominated. Sure, the canucks were up in the first two, but based on the shot, chances, and htis, they were roughly equal

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    put this all together and it should work

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  • Try the following

  • LOL, nope. Ah well. I think I linked you to them last round or the round before that anyway.

  • My predictions and analysis are apparently at the link that didn’t show up when I posted that.

    Hopefully they’re

  • Well hell, I had a longer comment worked out but the damn Monster ate it.

    Anywho, Osgood might not be there (not sure I agree entirely, but that’s okay) like he was last year, but he still has one of the best teams in the NHL in front of him. They clear the puck hard every game and make minimal mistakes in their own end. With someone like Lidstrom leading the way, you’re not going to screw up much in front of Osgood. That minimizes chances, which Chicago will need because they don’t score much on initial shots (if any team does anymore). The real question will be if Byfuglien can get in Osgood’s way well enough like he did against Luongo towards the end of that series. If he can, Chicago has at least a chance. But they still won’t do well fighting off the Red Wings offense at the other end of the ice. Chi-town’s D is too young and inexperienced to know what to do with Zetterberg, Hossa, Datsyuk, Franzen, etc. No chance.

    As far as Chicago dominated Vancouver, it didn’t really happen that way. Vancouver got out front early and looked to have things wrapped, but they suffered when it came to closing the games out. Chicago sucked through the first two periods of most of the games, but pulled it out at the end when the Nucks inevitably got lazy. You could call that domination, but it wouldn’t be accurate. Vancouver sucked, Chicago took advantage. That’s really the tale of the series and Detroit, trust me, will not suck like Vancouver did.

    My predictions and analysis are

  • What is your site where you have the predictions Jordan?
    and, are you following ABCs or just keep finding me?

    Expierence is one thing, but Osgood isn’t there this year like he was last year. I think it will not be a blow over, but 5 close games
    Chicago is the only team that seems to listen to me

    I think they easily handled the Canucks, they were close games, but i think that Chicago dominated them (in terms of possesion and actual game play, they just couldn’t light it)
    Then again, i hate anything from MI, so that just might be my bias

    i hate the penguins, but they keep screwing me over, so i am picking them… granted, the canes were the only ones i got wrong in the first round

    good luck to you as well

  • Jordan Richardson

    Hmmm, interesting.

    I think you’re totally wrong in underestimating the experience factor in the Red Wings series. In fact, you didn’t even mention it in your analysis. The Wings get where they get because they are one of the deepest, most prepared teams in the NHL. There’s absolutely no way Chicago can blow over them, especially in five games, although I applaud you for your audacity in making that pick.

    I actually went with the Red Wings in 5 games. The young Chicago squad will learn a lesson, for sure, but nothing’s been easy for them in the post-season. They didn’t “easily” beat the Canucks, either, although that may be a bit of my hometown bias shining through.

    I went with Carolina in 7 for the Eastern Conference series. I think they’ll pull it out from unexpected places, plus it’s really hard to stop Cam Ward right now. The Pens are dynamite offensively and it’s going to be a tough series. Fleury’s stolen a few games in the post-season, too.

    Good luck with your picks, Robert!