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More Shots fired

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Yahoo! News – Rubber Bullets Used on War Protesters in Oakland

    OAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) – Oakland police fired rubber bullets to disperse about 750 anti-war demonstrators on Monday in what was believed to be the first use of the projectiles against U.S. protesters since the American-led war on Iraq began.

I wish there were less shooting going on in the world right now.

The photo of the lady who was shot in the face looks painful

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  • san

    This is deeply troubling. Rubber bullets, tear gas and the like are riot-control procedures. From the story, it doesn’t appear there was a riot in progress. Perhaps their assembly was unlawful, but not violent or riotous. Even in a riot, I’m against the use of projectiles. Rubber bullets are only non-lethal in theory: When the British police used them years ago, they killed at least one person. Tear gas is probably a more acceptable option for riot control. Although, you could make the argument that it might be lethal for those with asthma or other respiratory impairment. But I’ve been tear gassed — by Basque terrorists — and it wasn’t that bad. Or I should say it wasn’t that bad after we figured out it wasn’t mustard gas.

  • Erin Belcher

    The rubber bullets, even if they were necessary were supposed to be fired at the ground, not at the protesters. The officers present really screwed up.

  • Rob

    It would seem that the police response was excessive, especially as the longshoremen’s union said they would be off the docks rather than risk further injury.

    I still don’t approve of some of the protesters atitude or methods. Statements along the line of “We can’t let the worker bees go on with their daily lives” is a somewhat elitist tone for the antiwar organizers to take, as though the American public is too dumb to make its own decisions, and only the peace protesters know what is going on and need to wake everyone up.

  • san

    “‘When they hit you, it feels like a bee sting,’ [Oakland Deputy Police Chief Patrick] Haw said.”

    My, Oakland, what big bees you have.