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More PS3 Details Leaked: What This Could Mean For Gaming

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A seemingly harmless Playstation 3 forum post about the upcoming March issue of Playstation Magazine has sparked an internet frenzy.

Gamepro reports that just a few days ago (2/2) a major leak was dropped regarding previously unearthed details about Sony’s next-gen gaming system.

Most notably, the post suggests that the March issue of PSM will disclose info about the PS3 having DVR capabilities. This means that you will be able to use your Playstation 3 as a “TiVo” like device. This obviously hints at a large capacity hard drive bundled inside the PS3.

Even more drool-worthy is the notion that the PSP will be able to communicate with the PS3 using Sony’s LocationFree technology. Basically, you’ll be able to not only program your PS3’s DVR with your PSP, but you’ll be able to watch the recorded shows on your PS3 with your PSP (locally, or through the use of a high-speed internet connection).

The cat could be out of the bag with this one.

This will not only change the face of gaming, but shake up the portable video player market as well. If Sony can beat Apple in the “DVR to portable video player” race, Apple will have to win back their gamer demographic.

Other rumored details include the use of an “iTunes” like interface where users can download HD videos to their systems for use on the PS3 or PSP.

So it seems after all this time of silence from Sony, they may indeed have something up their sleeves to rival Microsoft in what is being called “an all-out war on Xbox Live”. If anything, it certainly entertains the idea of owning a PSP. I’m sure glad I’ve got one now.

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  • My biggest concern right now is the load times of games on Blu-ray discs. That and is the PS3 going to suffer the same fate as the PSP? To sum that console up nicely I repeat what I saw on Kotaku:

    PSP: Great Movie Device Also Plays Games

  • It does have the blu-ray technology integrated though. I was wondering if it does act like a Tivo and records HD programs, could it burn it to a blu-ray disc? I didn’t think that was a possibility really, but you never know these days.

  • Rob

    I don’t think Tivo like feature are any indication that the PS3 will be bundled with an HD.

  • Exactly. It’s probably why PS3’s will be like $1200.

  • I highly doubt being able to do that would be a feature. Doing something like that is a “giant leap” in technology introduced to the market at once.

  • I wonder if you’ll be able to record HD programs and then burn them onto a blu-ray disc.


  • PS3 is going to suck soo bad. HAHA. THe PSP is a waste of cash!


  • As in “Apple’s gaming demographic” I’m refering to gamers who want a portable media player.

    Being able to watch your DVR programs on your PSP is an extremely desirable feature. Why do you think so many people download TV shows off iTunes on to their iPods? Imagine being able to watch any show you’ve recorded on your PSP and program your DVR from your PSP from anywhere in the world!

    Sounds good to me…

  • [MR]Chip

    Apple has a gaming demographic?

    Why would you want to watch something on a PSP when you’ve got a PS3 nearby? (Why would anyone want to watch anything on a small portable?)

  • Yep you said it. Of course I would have been a smart ass about it:

    “You mean there is a reason I bought my PSP after all?”