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More PC BS from the left coast, where else!

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From KEZI in Oregon comes this piece of PC BS.

Pete Baker, a delivery driver for the University of Oregon, was told to remove his yellow “Support the Troops” stickers from his company vehicle that had been there for months. It all started when ONE person at the university complained and that’s how PC BS works. There only needs to be one voice of dissent and that makes what ever you happen to be talking about at the time a PC BS issue.

I understand that Oregon state law and university guidelines prohibit the use of public vehicles for the purpose of spreading a political message. The question then needs to be asked, is “Support the Troops” a political message? Or is it just what it seems to be, a way to show support for the troops, a way to show a little patriotism?

Mr. Baker says he’s not affiliated with any political party. He says that he believes the message of the stickers is a patriotic message, not a political message. I constantly hear from those opposed to the war in Iraq that they support the troops. Most can’t seem to stand the president but they love our fighting men and women. Statements like that tend to make me believe that most people believe that it is just a patriotic message.

One Oregon resident, Morgan Goulding of Eugene, says it comes down to whether or not state employees have the right to voice their opinions. Apparently, the answer is NO, at least not on the company vehicle! I wonder what they’d do if he got a tattoo?

I’d like to hear from the whiney little bitch that made the complaint in the first place. I’d like to know what it is about “Support the Troops” that bothers him/her so much that they felt that this PC BS complaint had to be made. Maybe, we just need to “understand” them. Like we keep being told we need to “understand” why the terrorists do what they do.

It should be interesting when I have to visit Oregon the beginning of next month. The one thing that makes me feel a little more comfortable is that red/blue map I keep seeing. It shows me that the area of Oregon I’ll be visiting is just a touch more red than places like the U of O!

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  • Andy, you state that if one person complains and we do anything about it, it’s PC BS.

    And here you are complaining, so if we were to do anything about it…..

  • Who are you kidding Steve, you wouldn’t do anything about it anyway!

  • of course not. Because if I did consider your concerns, that would be politically correct and you are against that.