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More on Sharon’s fight

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from CMU

Sharon Osbourne appeared on US TV show ‘Celebrity Justice’ last night to
talk about the ‘altercation’ she had with talent agent Renee Tab. As reported in the Daily yesterday, Osbourne reportedly required hospital treatment after being allegedly hit by the talent agent in an LA restaurant. The incident relates to an ongoing feud between the two women which began when Renee won a raffle at the Osbourne’s New Years party even though she
hadn’t been officially invited.

“I honestly thought my jaw was broken,” Osbourne told the show. “After the
swing, the next thing I remember thinking was ‘my jaw is broken … my jaw
is broken.’ I have really bad pain here in the side of my jaw, and my neck

is still bad.”

In a statement given to the programme by Tab’s lawyer the agent claimed that
Osbourne had confronted her on the way back from the restroom, and that she
then spat in Tab’s face and hit her. Tab’s response, they argue, was in self

Draw from that what you will, though ‘Celebrity Justice’ producers did manage to find two witnesses who supported Osbourne’s claim that Tab was the
one who hit first.

Marty: Punching a woman who is recovering from chemo for cancer is not exactly the best move.

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  • Eric Olsen

    I am given an especially hard time EVERY time I punch a female cancer patient

  • The Theory

    yeah, that is fairly tasteless…


  • What is the world coming to when you have to worry about whether or not the woman you’re punching is recovering from cancer? Who can keep track of it all?


  • And imagine how confused I was to see what this post was about. I read it as Sharon‘s fight, with the emphasis on the wrong syllable, and then experienced momentary discomfort in trying to figure out why the Prime Minister of Israel was in the “Video” section… 8^)

  • Fuck cancer, I’d think more than twice about assaulting the daughter of Don Arden:

    The Small Faces would probably have remained under Arden’s aegis but for their concern over unaccounted revenue. News of their disenchantment spread through the back lanes of Tin Pan Alley, but Don convinced himself that all would be well. His countenance grimly altered when he heard a rumour that one of Robert Stigwood’s associates had expressed an interest in the group. Inflamed by proprietorial zeal and a sense that some unwritten code of entrepreneurial etiquette had been transgressed, Arden decided to teach the unfortunate Stigwood a lesson that he would never forget. Marshalling his forces, Arden enacted a remarkable scene which will live forever in the folk-lore of sixties pop management:

    I had to stop these overtures – and quickly. I contacted two well-muscled friends and hired two more equally hugh toughs. And we went along to nail this impressario to his chair with fright. There was a large ornate ashtray on his desk. I picked it up and smashed it down with such force that the desk cracked – giving a good impression of a man wild with rage. My friends and I had carefully rehearsed our next move. I pretended to go berserk, lifted the impressario bodily from his chair, dragged him on to the balcony and held him so he was looking down to the pavement four floors below. I asked my friends if I should drop him or forgive him. In unison they shouted: ‘Drop him’. He went rigid with shock and I thought he might have a heart attack. Immediately, I dragged him back into the room and warned him never to interfere with my groups again.

    The shaken Stigwood, who had never personally contacted the Small Faces, took heed of Arden’s advice, as did many other figures in the pop world.

  • Eric Olsen

    Jim, that is classic. Phillip, I thought the same thing when I saw the headline.