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More Movies Like Inception ASAP!

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A few weeks ago, I went to see Christopher Nolan’s Inception for the first time and I left the cinema marveling at what I had just seen. Thus far this year, I can say that unless a real masterpiece gets released before the year finishes, Inception is the movie of 2010.

We need more movies like Inception. Hollywood should bet on more original and intelligent scripts rather than wanting too many remakes or second, third or whatever the number installments. As a cinema lover, I also enjoy this kind of movie but a story just like the one Nolan has written is really refreshing and attractive to the audience. I really don’t know if the studio would had given the okay to Nolan if he hadn’t already done The Dark Knight, especially in the current recession we are in, where every single dollar must be spent wisely. Thanks to Nolan’s rebirth of the Batman saga, the studio knew this was a high quality project that wouldn’t lead to box office failure. Smart choice, indeed!

I’m sure there are lots of original, enigmatic, and brainy stories waiting to be told on the big screen but for some reason, they’re kept closed in a drawer of a random studio office awaiting their lucky day. I know it is a bad time to take risks but I think Hollywood should give more opportunity to these kind of scripts, to young (or not), talented, but unknown scriptwriters with bright ideas that could lead to a restructuring of our present day cinema where franchises, comic adaptations, and remakes are our daily diet. This would be good news for people like me who enjoy easy entertainment but would also like to feel intellectually challenged.

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  • The Thinker

    Just to clarify something about this movie, Chris Nolan first pitched it right after he finished Insomnia in 2002. The studio loved the idea, and he told them he still needed to write the screenplay. He thought it would take him a couple of months and it ended up taking him 8 years. The studio approved in long before he revamped Batman.

  • But I think that quality could be improved. I mean, I’m enjoying TV series more than cinema these days. The script are so much better

  • …and have numerous scenes of exposition…

    What would be the point of a movie that didn’t have numerous scenes of exposition?

  • “I’m sure there are lots of original, enigmatic, and brainy stories waiting to be told on the big screen”

    Olga, as someone who has worked as a script reader for a couple of production companies I wouldn’t be to sure about there being “lots” of stories like that floating around Hollywood.

    The popularity of the film isn’t baffling at all.

  • Olga, I certainly agree with your desire to see better scripts and more talented writers being given the chance to shine. I would also say that this has been a mediocre year, with few outstanding movies so far.

    However, I’m going to risk the wrath of all those Inception zealots out there by saying that for me it’s an overblown turkey — albeit directed by the talented Christopher Nolan.

    The baffling popularity of this $160 million, incoherent, effects-driven nonsense doesn’t make me feel any more hopeful about the future of Hollywood. It just says to me that if you throw enough money at the screen and have numerous scenes of exposition, people will think it’s cinematic genius. It isn’t.