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Mandy Moore recently released a new CD called Coverage

I had been meaning to write a review for it since last week, but I decided to give the CD further listening (and also because of laziness), before I made a judgment. Oh, heck, who am I fooling? I worship Mandy Moore, so another week of listening didn’t really change my mind at all. Frankly, I love the CD. As a result of my undying admiration of Mandy Moore, and by way of this, I feel I don’t have the necessary non-bias to provide you with an adequate review of this CD, but I’ll do so anyway.

Let me use a quote to help me out. An article at Rolling Stone states:

Coverage is something so special to me,” Moore said via Web post. “Something I could not be more proud of. A project that is full of passion like I’ve never experienced before. It is a compilation of some of the most incredible music I have ever heard in my life, and the fact that I got to record these songs is still unimaginable to me. This is a big step for me, this record.”

Upon listening to the songs, I could definitely sense her passion for the songs, which is what makes the album great. You can just imagine her singing in a club, giving her all into each and every song simply because she genuinely loves them. There’s one thing you don’t expect from a graduate of the Teeny Pop sensation (you know, Britney, Christina, Jessica), genuine passion for music.

Anyway, in case you didn’t realize, the album is made entirely of cover songs, songs from a generation before my time and her time (but I’ve actually heard a little less than half of the songs covered in its original form, which isn’t too shabby is it?). One of her goals in making the album was to introduce this music to an audience that would have no clue about it and in that sense she succeeded (I’m living proof). It’s quite a stretch from her teeny pop days, which may lead to alienation from her original fan base, but musically (and it is all about the music isn’t it?) she has definitely evolved from those times and is probably at a level beyond that of her other teeny pop peers.

Here are some other reviews of the CD.

Ole’ Fashion Written Reviews (Things I don’t have links for)

“These are big songs, and Moore’s voice fills them out spectacularly without turning [Coverage] into a retro stunt. Moore doesn’t write the songs that make the whole world sing but she knows EXACTLY what to do with them. And that is more than half the battle right there.” – Blender Magazine

“We’re just gonna put it out there: Mandy Moore’s new album, Coverage, is the best collection of other people’s songs since David Bowie’s 1973 classic, Pinups.” – Spin Magazine (November 2003)

Good Review

Bang It Out.Com Review by Arye Dworken – This is the review for all you skeptics.

Slant Magazine Review

Bad Review

Rolling Stone Review by Jon Caramanica

Here’s a tracklisting

1. Senses Working Overtime
2. The Whole Of The Moon
3. Can We Still Be Friends
4. I Feel The Earth Move
5. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
6. Drop The Pilot
7. Moonshadow
8. One Way Or Another
9. Breaking Us In Two
10. Anticipation
11. Help Me
12. Have A Little Faith In Me

If any of those songs sound familiar to you, I”d recommend you check out this CD, if not, check it out anyway.

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