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Frehley on Kiss

“I don’t understand the reasoning behind Gene’s [Simmons] train of thought as being an opening act for a group that used to open for us.” – Ace Frehley on the news that Kiss are second on the bill to Aerosmith in America this Summer.

Kiss on Frehley

It seems as if guitarist Ace Frehley has permanently severed his links with Kiss. Talking to the ‘Queensland Courier Mail’, Paul Stanley insisted that the band’s current line-up – Stanley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss and Frehley’s replacement, Tommy Thayer – was stable, and that there was no chance of the Space Ace ever returning to the fold. Kiss are to release ‘Symphony’ through Sanctuary Visual Entertainment on September 8. Available in DVD and video, this was filmed on February 28 in Sydney, when the band played with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

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  • wohaney

    Could it be that Aerosmith do not need Kiss, but Kiss do need Aerosmith?

    Could it be that Aerosmith still rock and roll, but Kiss are stuck in the late 70’s? Have they put anything new out since 83???

  • Frank

    Kiss doesn’t need Aerosmith Wohaney. They sell out shows fine by themselves. Kiss has released about 10 Albums since 83. Now go back and listen to what the radio tells you to Wohaney.

  • M. Santy

    I dispute that last comment…

    kiss has not released 10 NEW albums since ’83…

    Thay have released the same &^%*ing album 10 times !!!!!

    Kiss my A$# -never had it.. never will!