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Please read this post first, in order to understand just what the hell I’m writing about…

1 – You’re swimming alone in a lake. You’re in deep water, and suddenly a severe cramp hits you. There is no way you can make it to shore…

As you gasp and struggle, an “angel” (or sorts) appears in front of you. “It” gives you two choices:

A) You are miraculously given (by the “angel”) the strength to swim back to shore. However, you must kill a homeless man in the next 72 hours, or else you will die of “natural causes” the next time you fall asleep after that seventy-two hour window has expired.


B) The “angel” leaves you to drown. You are belatedly rescued by some anonymous guy who does his best to save your life. And he does. However, by the time you are resuscitated and picked up by an ambulance and brought to a hospital, you have pretty serious brain damage. You can still eat solid food (with supervision) and kinda-sorta talk, but you will never hold a job beyond bag-boy at a grocery store for the rest of your life.

Is it A or B?

(If A, would you be able to go through with the killing of a homeless man to save your own ass, or would you choose to die in your sleep?)

2 – You are flying over the South Pacific heading towards a once-in-a-lifetime vacation destination when your plane suddenly goes down. You are the lone survivor.

After finding a piece of wreckage large enough to rest upon, you fall asleep. You awaken to a small island in the distance, and you paddle (with your bare hands) towards it.

You make it to the beach, and find it is a tiny island, just a few hundred meters across on each side. Food is scarce, and fresh water is pretty much non-existent.

For a few weeks, you struggle to survive while eating insects and the occasional raw fish, and quenching your thirst with captured rainwater.

Then, suddenly, a ship is in sight, and sees you on the beach, waving your arms frantically.

A small boat is sent to meet you there, and the ship’s Captain is on board.

Sadly, he is not too interested in learning of your plight. But he will take you aboard and drop you off at the nearest port (about 750 miles away) if you agree to be the official butt-boy for his sexually-deprived crew.

If you refuse, you are to be left on the tiny island, requiring regular rainfall and a menu of live insects just to survive. And there is no telling how long before another ship will be near enough to spot you on the beach.

Do you agree to be the ass-slave of countless depraved seamen? Or do you decline their offer, and hope a more humane bunch of sailors finds you (very) soon?

Please provide your own personal responses in the comments below…

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